With the many varieties of Kratom in the market, it’s advisable to take advantage of the free Kratom samples before peeling out a considerable sum of money from your pocket to buy a larger quantity.

These free Kratom samples would enable you to be a bit more precise with the type of Kratom that works best for you. It prevents you from falling into some common traps.

There are lots of vendors popping up here and there offering free Kratom samples. Finding the best Kratom vendor among the hundreds online can be a bit difficult.

The whole process of searching can be a bit overwhelming. Especially, as a newbie who does not know where to start from, or what to look for.

It can be tedious and time-consuming to order from a tonne of vendors out there just to weed out the garbage.

But we have put down a list of 8 top kratom vendors you can try out. The list of vendors below offers a free Kratom sample before purchasing, so check them out and go for the vendor that suits your need:

  1. Pur Kratom – http://purkratom.com/
  2. Kratora – http://buykratom.com/
  3. Super Natural Botanicals – http://supernaturalbotanicals.com/
  4. Kratom Wave – https://kratomwave.com/samples
  5. Kratom Spot – https://kratomspot.com/
  6. Legitimate Kratom – http://legitkratom.com/
  7. Kraoma – http://kraoma.com/
  8. Phytoextractum – http://phytoextractum.com/
  9. Top Extracts – http://topextracts.com/

What is Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree native to Southeast Asia which has opioid properties. It can be used as a stimulant.

Kratom is good for anxiety, pain, opiate, withdrawal, depression, energy and so on. But, its best to know the right Kratom that suits your particular need.

There are different types of Kratom like the Bali, Maeng Da, Red Vein Thai, Red Indo, and so on. These different types of Kratom are used for different purposes.

It is not clear as to when the use of Kratom started, but the practice is ancient.

The leaf from the plant can be used to numb pains and aches, soothe fevers, treat diarrhea, manage diabetes, and alleviate addictions. But the most popular use is chewing the leaves for energy.

The dosing of Kratom depends on several factors, such as the age of the individual, health issues, and several other conditions. But to know the right dosage, be sure to follow the relevant directions on the label of the product.

Note: Always consult your pharmacist or physician or health-care professional before using it.

Reasons Why You Should Try Free Kratom Samples

1) To Know You Are Getting the Right Kratom

Kratom, as you know, are of different types. So, when you have the free offer of Kratom, find out the right Kratom for your particular need.

If after trying out the free Kratom you get the required result you need, then you can push ahead and order for the quantity you need.

But if you do not understand the expected results you need from the free offer of Kratom, then it’s probably because you did not get the right Kratom for you need.

2) To Get to Know the Vendor that Sells Quality Kratom

When you order for a free Kratom from a certified vendor, it is best to always check for the quality of the Kratom.

When a Kratom is of very high quality, then it would work for your need.

But if the quality of the Kratom has already been tampered with, then it would not work for you.

3) To Ensure You are Getting the Right Kratom for the Right Price

Some vendors sell off low-quality Kratom at a low price just not to lose revenue.

Taking advantage of the free Kratom offered by some vendor is always right. Trying out the Kratom and knowing the price and having already seen the quality of the Kratom, then it would be easy to judge if the Kratom is worth the price it is being sold for.

4) To See the Kratom in Action First Before Purchasing

Some category of individuals is conscious about seeing the Kratom to solve one specific problem before they spend their money to buy the product.

If you fall under this category of people, then this free trial of Kratom before purchase is just for you.

Having to get a free trial before you purchase this product would enable you to develop absolute confidence in the vendor and the product that it works.

Sometimes, vendor uploads testimonial video online that their Kratom works best, often its usually a scam.

So, having a first-hand trial would raise your level of confidence that the Kratom really works for your needs.

5) To Know If Kratom is for You

Some individuals experience adverse effects when they consume Kratom. Some of these side effects include nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, constipation, aggression, hallucination, and delusion.

If Kratom consumed in large quantity, it could cause trouble breathing, brain swelling, seizure, liver damage, and death.

6) To Know the Stage at Which You Need an Upgrade

The free trial would enable individuals who are already using Kratom but might notice that they need to test a different type of Kratom, to know if that is the right upgrade they might need.

When they take advantage of this free trial, it will enable them to understand the right Kratom without having to spend a dime on the purchase.

When they try it out, and it works then they would know that is the Kratom that they need presently.

7) Special Precaution

People who are addicted to alcohol appear to have an increased risk of suicide, compared to those who are not addicted.

Also, it is best for a pregnant woman or breastfeeding mother not to use Kratom unless it is being prescribed to her by a doctor after due testing.

People with a history of mental disorder, in theory, Kratom might worsen the existing mental disorder.

Also, people who are currently having a mental disorder, after using Kratom, might increase their risk of suicide, compared to those who use Kratom but do not have any mental disorder.

Beware of Free Kratom Samples Common Traps

While taking advantage of the offers these vendors are offering, it is also best to take note that not all offering free Kratom samples before purchasing are legit.

So, below are some of the common traps people fall into when trying to get free Kratom samples before buying:

1) Subscription Service With Free Samples Scam

High-quality Kratom is expensive, so it’s only natural to want to perform a test before shelling out a huge sum of money for an actual purchase.

With the increasing number of vendors of Kratom, some vendor offers to sell a sample of Kratom for the price of shipping alone. In other words, you receive the Kratom for free. Such offers can then be offered on social media platforms like Facebook, or Twitter.

After accepting such an offer, the scam company would have access to your personal information, by asking you to pay for shipping fee. Sometimes, you may receive the sample, but many times people complain of not getting it.

Now after they might have gotten your personal information, what you don’t know is that the scam vendor will continue to charge you for a subscription service without your permission. The next thing you know is a huge sum of the bill to pay.

In a case like this, what would likely best help is you getting in touch with your bank or credit or debit card provider and dispute such bill as fast as you can.

You can also get in touch with the vendor and demand a refund. And you can make it clear to them that you will file a fraud charge-back with your card number and speak with a state attorney. Such scam vendors do change their names and location frequently to avoid detection.

2) Vendors Who Want to Sell Damp/Old Kratom Powder

When Kratom powder gets damped, it begins to grow mold. Mold is a type of fungus that forms multi-cellular threadlike structure, and they do not have chlorophyll, but feed on organic materials, causing it to decay.

They are ubiquitous in the biosphere and so when Kratom get exposed to moisture, mold would germinate on the Kratom.

Mold also reproduces with spore formation which has a very high resistance to heat, which when consumed can be very dangerous.

All that mold needs to grow on any material is just moisture and sunlight. Mold isn’t good for our health.

When Kratom starts to grow mold, it is a sign that the Kratom has begun to decay. It is always best to avoid any Kratom that had already started to grow mold especially if you have a respiratory allergy to mold.

When mold starts to grow on Kratom, it would have a very undesirable taste and texture and may have green or white fuzzy spots.

It is best to discard. It can cause throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, cough, and wheezing, as well as skin irritation in some cases.

People who are atopic (sensitive) already suffering from allergies and asthma or compromised immune system are easily in the risk of health problems. These problems are inflammation and toxic response to mold spore, metabolites, and other components.

3) Some Vendors are Trying to Sell off Salmonella Infected Kratom

When a vendor notice that their Kratom is infected with Salmonella, they decide to discard it by selling it out to people to not run into any loss.

Salmonella is a bacteria that causes food-borne disease commonly called food poisoning. Consuming salmonella infected Kratom can create a common bacterial infection that affects the intestinal tract.

When salmonella gets into the human body, they live in the intestine and usually shed through feces.

Typically, when an individual is infected with a salmonella-contaminated Kratom, there is often a common symptom of diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain, while some people do not experience any sign at all.

Most healthy people recover from salmonella infection within a few days without any specific treatment.

When you discover that the Kratom you got is infected with salmonella, it is best to discard the whole Kratom and discontinue the use of that particular Kratom.

Some people would think that it might be the Kratom that is causing a side effect when they start witnessing diarrhea, fever, and abdominal pain.

But what they are witnessing, is salmonella infection or food poisoning. It is best to go for a test when you experience such symptom to be sure it is not the Kratom you are reacting to and that it is just food poisoning.

Final Thoughts on Free Kratom Samples

In conclusion, the free trial of Kratom is needed to help the individual who is desperate for guidance. Getting the right Kratom without being scammed can solve their problems. Being addicted or being dependent on a drug … suck.

It is not all that much pleasant, having a piece of knowledge that Kratom can create a kind of desperation which make such individual vulnerable to being scammed.

The vendors offering free Kratom samples is also a way of helping the customers to find out how reliable and quality of products a vendor is offering.

The free trial would enable the buyers to test the Kratom and know that it works and would allow the buyers to refer such vendor to other individuals that need Kratom. This would enable the stores to sell more Kratom because people would have confidence that they sell quality.



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