So have you been on the lookout to purchase some high-quality Kratom? We know that these days it is quite hard to get hold of something that really works for you and gives you the needed effect. For that purpose we did a bit of headwork and tried out kratom from the vendor EZ Kratom, to get the facts to your table.

Keep on reading the rest of this article to get your facts straight: Why did I start using Kratom?

Well since you are on this page, you might have a pretty good idea about the magical effects of this psychoactive drug. It works as a relaxant and an analgesic. I became a habitual user of Kratom around 5 years ago when during my young adult days. I began suffering from chronic back and neck pain.

Used in the right amounts and more importantly using the right product helped me overcome my problem after which I started testing out more and more online vendors.

About EZ Kratom

What exactly do you need to know about EZ Kratom? EZ Kratom is a venture based in Florida started by two guys willing to go the extra length to deliver bulk Kratom products right to your doorstep.

They offer the usual popular Kratom strains such as; White Horn powder, Red Bali powder, Red Maeng da powder, Green Raiu powder, Yellow Maeng da powder, Green Maeng da, White Maeng da, Green Malaysian powder, and the Green Borneo powder at the set price of 250 grams for $45.

Apart from the standard packages, they have some ultra enhanced versions of this product selling at $77.60 for 75 grams.

Does it offer any special product other than the standard and enhanced strength products?

Well yes, it does for that matter, EZ Kratom has introduced a 25x GOLD Full spectrum Kratom powdered extract. This powder is extracted through a special process in Indonesia.

The leaves are precisely picked, finely ground and made sure not to be dried in the sun after which it is extracted into a particularly concentrated form.

It sells at a whopping price of $106.80 for 25 grams. This extract stands out in comparison from the other vendors selling expensive extracts.

How to use Kratom with correct dosages?

I started off with 2 grams per day which took around a week to finally let my back pain subside. I soon built it up to a dosage of 7-9 grams which is supposed to be the ideal dosage. It should be made sure that to reach the required dosage you have to break it into smaller dosages throughout the day.

What were my favorite products from EZ Kratom?

1) Green Maeng da Powder

Ez KratomI started off by using the Green Maeng da powder which gave me a real sense of motivation and energy. The effect shot off in 15 minutes and lasted for over 2 hours.

I was relatively happy with it other than a few side effects which I had to go through, especially if I used the toss and wash method. The side effects were mostly gastrointestinal in nature including a bit of nausea and diarrhea.

2) Red Bali powder

Ez Kratom Red BaliThe other product I used was the Red Bali 250 grams for $45 and paid for it through PayPal. This product worked as a relaxing analgesic and even as a sedative. The effect started off in 20 mins and lasted for around 3 hours.

This time I used it to make tea by using 2 grams of the powder and filtering out the dregs. This method of ingestion made sure that I went through zero side effects.

What do you think about EZ Kratom’s prices?

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned prices, I would say that the cost is not as low as one would expect. There are a few other companies such as Kraken Kratom offering 28 grams of Kratom for $8.45, and Wicked Kratom offers 3 ounces for $24.99. While the costs are another story, the pricing is not at all that bad as you get the quality you pay for.

How is their shipping process?

As per the information provided on their website they do offer a free priority shipping for which one has to wait until after you receive a confirmation mail. I did opt for the fast shipping process for $20.

They also send you tracking details for your order. Be sure to keep it in your mind that the shipping process begins after 5 business days of placing your order.

What would my package look like?

As per my experience of ordering from EZ Kratom, the package after shipping arrived without any mention or information of Kratom on the outside of the box. They had a pouch inside another bigger pouch which was probably just to make sure that the Kratom remains sealed to hold and preserve its freshness.

Are there any special precautions I should be mindful of?

The only thing one should really keep in mind is the addictive potential of this drug. Dividing it into small doses throughout the day helps in keeping your daily dose in check.

It has a few side effects particularly GI effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches or dizziness.

While under the influence of Kratom it should be ensured that you steer clear of alcohol as Kratom tends to interact with alcohol-producing unpleasant and dangerous effects.

Final Verdict

I would surely suggest EZ kratom to anyone willing to pay a few extra bucks to get a good quality Kratom product. The quality was not extraordinary but moreover decent.

The shipping and payment process was a breeze, though they have stopped accepting payments through PayPal after PayPal found out that this company sold Kratom and now have moved onto e-payments.

The customer service was really good and highly responsive which was a huge plus for me as I tend to get really frustrated if I don’t hear from customer services agents.

Finally, the verdict comes down to the fact that they were consistent in quality on each occasion which means that their excellent service was a habit for them.