Sometimes all you need is a change from the routine, a change from the usual. We all experience happiness one way or the other way, but it is the euphoric state that we don’t experience, and somehow, we do crave it.

With the market flooding with drugs, substances, and herbs causing euphoria, it becomes a confusion for us to identify the substances, the herbs that cause euphoria with minimal interaction with our body systems or alteration of our regular lives.

This article is written in an attempt to help the readers find the ten most euphoric herbs that can get you high. Let’s have a look at them, and let’s not forget that we do not want to indulge in anything illegal or that is related to the black market.

What Is Euphoria?

Basic things first. My definition of euphoria will differ from your definition of euphoria because it is an emotion. And, emotions can’t be defined; they can only be explained.

Euphoria is a state of emotion in which one is happy enough that he/she forgets all their worries and live in that perfect moment. One does experience euphoria without having any external aid, but such instances are a rarity.

This extreme state of happiness occurs as a result of the surge of a large number of substances from the neuronal ends in the brain.

These substances are basically called neurotransmitters, and they function as a relay between two neurons.

The neurotransmitters that are responsible for causing euphoria are serotonin and dopamine. The action of these neurotransmitters is fortified by the use of antidepressants and anxiolytics that include; Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors.

However, they came with a package of side effects, which is why we prohibit our readers from taking any medications just to cause euphoria.

With a large range of herbs that have negligible side effects profile, you do not need to go for such medicinal substances. Let’s have a look at these 10 top euphoric herbs.

1) Marijuana


Cannabis/Marijuana tops our list. A substance that is very potent and effective in causing euphoric states but with legality issues.

In the US, it is largely legalized in many states, but using it for recreational purposes is strictly regulated. Although it is known to have great efficacy and user-friendly, it tends to produce some serious side effects if overdosed.

Therefore, we ask our readers to be cautious while taking this herb. It is the herb commonly used to get high. However, its overdosing can cause lethal adverse effects. Overdosing on Marijuana requires immediate hospital management.

While laws and regulations regarding cannabis cultivation at home vary by location, it is generally possible for people to use THC seeds for growing at home. You can find reliable sellers of THC seeds at and choose the option that best suits your goals. THC seeds are cannabis seeds with high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for the “high” effect that comes from marijuana use. However, before starting to grow cannabis at home, people should investigate their local laws and regulations, as there may be restrictions on the number of plants that can be grown, the type of equipment that can be used, and other factors. Furthermore, growing cannabis can be a complex and time-consuming process that requires careful attention to detail as well as an investment in resources such as soil, fertilizer, lighting, and ventilation.

2) Kratom


Our favorite most and recommended most herb for causing euphoria includes Kratom. Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa is an herb that is grown in the damp, humid areas of Southeast Asia.

With a very safe side effects profile, Kratom is sought by millions from all across the world. Fake news and rumors spread about Kratom may disturb its profile. However, it remains one of the famous herbs.

Kratom comes in variants of White, Green, and Red Kratom. Each one differs in properties and composition.

Green Kratom is considered an amalgam of Red and White one.

Red Kratom is usually known for its stimulating properties, while White Kratom tends to produce relaxation.

Euphoria is produced by having all three strains of Kratom; however, Super Green Malay Kratom produces intense euphoria with minimal side effects.

Kratom at higher doses produces sedation. So try going for lower doses if you want to feel the euphoric effects.

Kratom legality is still a question in many parts of the world. The American Association of Kratom is trying hard to prove its case that Kratom is safe and can be even used for medicinal purposes.

You can take Kratom in the form of powder or capsules. Kratom is not a legal high in many states of the US and therefore, you can only purchase it from online store and not health stores.

Overdosing on Kratom requires emergency care, but very few cases of overdosing on Kratom to get high have been reported. Click here to unlock the best deals on kratom.

3) Kava Kava


Kava Kava or Kava is an herb that grows in the Western Pacific region, taken in the form of tincture or powder. Brewing kava kava tea is one of the most common methods of taking it.

It is known to have mild anxiolytic effects, which is why it is effective in producing euphoria. Though it may not be the strongest option in our list, yet it is one you can have easy access to.

Some reports state the adverse effects of Kava if consumed in large doses. It interferes with the multiple functions of the hepatic system causing hepatic disorders, yellowish discoloration of the skin, dystonia, and drowsiness.

Use it carefully to avoid any serious interactions with the liver and other organ systems of the body.

4) Nutmeg


Nutmeg is the herb that you will find in your kitchen cabinet; thus, for sure, it is legal. Although it doesn’t produce much of euphoric effects, it does get you high.

The effects vary from person to person, and thus for some euphoria like the state is achieved at small doses while others may need to take as much as an entire tablespoon.

The side effects are mild; one may experience nausea and vomiting after ingesting nutmeg.

5) Damiana


It is an aromatic shrub-like plant that is taken along with tea to have a relaxing feeling followed by euphoria. It is said that the aroma of this plant also evokes euphoric like state along with calmness.

It is also used as a spice and can be bought from grocery and health shops. It can also help with depressive states as well as digestive issues. It has minimal side effects. Damiana is known to cause dependence and addiction.

6) Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum

The leaves of the Salvia plant are usually achieved to attain euphoria for around 20 to 25 minutes. They are available online. It contains Salvinorin, which is responsible for inducing euphoria.

The effects last from up to half an hour to four hours. The more you take, the longer the effects will last. It is also known as sage.

7) Ayahuasca


This plant is known for producing extreme euphoric effects. It is grown in the forests of Amazon. When taken, the effects of Ayahuasca may last for six hours or even more.

It is known to cause the alteration of your mind and consciousness as it causes mild hallucinations; therefore, we recommend that you take it in small doses. You can either take it with tea or consume it by brewing it.

8) Channa


It is a natural high that reduces your stress level and makes one happy. It removes all worries from your mind and helps you relax.

It is taken in the form of capsules now, but previously it was chewed. It is one of those highs that produces quick effects with minimal side effects.

9) Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus

It is an herb that is grown in various regions of Southern Africa, originating from the Nile River. It has a blue spiked petal, which is why it is called Blue Lotus. The effects of this herb fall in the relaxing and calming range.

It reduces all the stressors and worries from one’s life, thus causing a state of contentment and euphoria. It can be taken in the form of gel capsules or tea extracts.

10) Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning glory can be taken in the form of cigarettes, tea, or the seeds can even be chewed. The effects last for more than six hours. It induces happiness and causes one to experience euphoria.

If taken in large doses, it causes nausea and vomiting. It is associated with liver damage when used for prolonged periods. The seeds of Morning Glory are legal.

What Are The Legal Highs? What Do They Mean?

These are psychoactive substances that are legal to buy and sell, but some of them produce effects that are similar to illegal substances like cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy.

They are often seen to be marketed as a plant or food products or even bath salts as they are not allowed to be taken for human consumption. They produce stimulating effects, including euphoria and hallucination.

The problem with these substances is that they are not tested in research trials on human beings, so one isn’t sure about the outcome of consuming these substances.

If taken with other substances or alcohol, and if injected, they may cause severe adverse side effects; therefore, we advise you not to mix them with any substance.

Be very careful with the dosage; avoid overdosing. In case you notice any side effects, please immediately seek help from a doctor.

What To Do If You Overdose On Herbs For High Mood?

It is important to recognize the symptoms of overdosing on euphoria causing herbs. The symptoms are different for each of the herb that have been discussed here, so it is necessary that you do a little homework before purchasing or consuming any of these herbs.

Mostly, you will feel intense tachycardia, enough that you would be able to feel your palpitations. This generally happens when you take any stimulant. However, overdosing makes it intense and exaggerated.

Also, you might faint due to respiratory arrest. Or you might feel shortness of breath. Considering these symptoms in mind, immediately seek help. Inform someone who can reach you as quickly as possible. Avoid driving. Contact your doctor immediately.

Try to have large amounts of water to avoid dehydration and to help the kidneys in the excretion of the substance. Do not take any medicine on your own. You can also try puking the substance from your stomach by eliciting the gag reflex.



  1. This article is bullshit and factually incorrect in a number of areas….lethal side effects from marijuana? Really? There’s also a line saying these herbs are sold as bath salts? Absolutely not “bath salts” that get you high are an extremely dangerous synthetic chemical. The fact that a “kratom guide” website mixes up what red and white strains do says a lot about you guys.

  2. Yes and white Kratom is stimulating and red is relaxing. Everything is repeated in every description , “ relaxing and euphoric “ , without giving any real incite. Who writes this garbage


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