In the past couple of weeks, we have tried and tested Kratom from a plethora of vendors and compiled reviews from users who experiment with different vendors.

At this point, if you have not been following our past reviews you might be wondering what exactly happens if we take Kratom; you can be as strong as Hercules, as invincible as Achilles and as sharp as Jason- or not.

Kratom can certainly heighten your sense but do not expect to become a God of the Olympus. Today we will be reviewing Kratom from Etha Natural Botanicals and look at some of its properties:


Etha Natural Botanicals is a joint partnership of two entrepreneurs; Alexander and Victor Chung. Alexander suffered from the degenerative spinal disease since childhood which caused him a lot of physical pain.

Similarly, Victor Chung was an ardent Martial arts student and suffered quite some injuries due to it. They found solace in a medicinal herb called Kratom, after which they decided to make it more common and provide it as a mass product.

All the buzz about Etha natural botanicals

Before buying Kratom from any vendor, customers want to be absolutely sure that their money goes into the right business and they get the right product in return. After several stories of online vendors turning out to be a scam, most customers get disheartened and scared to try out new vendors.

Due to this reason, we will list down a few reasons as to why you should consider Etha Natural Botanicals without any hesitation:

1) Outstanding Quality

Etha Natural Botanicals ensures premium quality Kratom leaves by importing it from harvesters in Indonesia. They manufacture it themselves, without any third party intervention which ensures no tampering of the product which might result in substandard products.

Their products are lab tested, and the results are posted publically online to ensure transparency.

2) Shipping and Delivery

Etha Natural Botanicals offers fast shipping in under 2 days, and the option to track your order after placing it. Unfortunately, Etha Botanicals is unable to ship their products to a few states and a few countries presently. They are working towards expanding their reach in the future.

3) Human touch in the form of Customer Service

Some sort of interaction with another human assures customers that they are being taken seriously and given importance to. If the customer services department performs its job correctly, the customers would feel more secure while placing orders and making transactions.

Etha Botanicals has taken care of this problem by placing an energetic team which response in a prompt manner.

4) Discounts and Deals

Honestly, who doesn’t love shopping and saving a few bucks. Etha Botanicals provides coupons with 10% off, discounts while paying with Green Money echeck or physical money, and a few loyalty programs for their consistent customers.

What is inside these products?

Kratom is known to contain many active alkaloids, some of which are:

  • Mitragynine: The existence of this alkaloid is common knowledge amongst Kratom users. It is a three-molecule structure and is highly potent. 7-hydroxymitragynine is also similar in effects to mitragynine and an important ingredient of Etha Botanicals Kratom.
  • Speciociliantine & speciogynine: These ingredients are very much similar in structure in nature and structure to mitragynine and very less talked about, even though they make up for an integral ingredient.
  • Raubasine: Raubasine is one such ingredient of Kratom, which studies claim might help in slowing down cognitive impairments and cerebral disorders.

Etha Botanicals Best-selling products

Some of the top selling products of Etha Natural Botanicals are discussed as follows:

1) Etha Pure Vein

This product is available in the white, green, yellow and red strains. They have a significant role in pain relief, muscle relaxation, and sedation.

The powdered forms are available in 75grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams for $34.99, $114, and $159 respectively. The pressed tablet forms are available in 7.5 grams, 75 grams, and 500 grams for $10, $54.99, and $239 respectively.

2) Etha Premium Botanical Blend- Maeng da

This blend is a concoction of Etha Botanical’s pure white and Green Vein whole leaf strains. They are available in both powdered and pressed tablets form and the price ranges from $10 to a whopping $276 depending upon the weight in grams.

3) Etha Premium Botanicals Blend- SunRise

This premium blend is a mixture of Green Vein, and White Vein whole leaf strains with a dash of Red Vein added to it for an extra boost. It uplifts mood, alerts and sharpens the cognitive part of the brain, and works against fatigue and exhaustion. It is available at rates of $10 to $276 depending on weight in grams.

4) Etha Botanicals -Travel Pack Tablets

The travel packs are available in pure, premium and full travel packs containing pressed tablets of either 4 or 8 different blends. They are available at rates of $10 to $55 and are perfect for traveling purposes as they are easy to carry and portable.

How to beat the competition?:

It is a realized fact that perfection does not exist, but in any case, it should always be strived for.

While Etha Botanicals enjoys a fairly excellent reputation, there are still some factors which need to be worked on in order to stand out from the crowd. We will be pointing out some tarnished areas for the company to rectify and work on.

1) Inventory with less variety

While it is understood that Etha Botanicals provides only 8 different products of high-quality, their inventory still looks a bit empty. With other vendors selling up to 50 different strains and products, 8 seem very less in terms of quantity.

While this suggestion should be worked upon, it should also be ensured that quality not be compromised during the expansion project.

2) Slash the prices

The prices were very obviously in the higher range according to their weights. The premium blends being a luxury item were somewhat worth the price, but the pure strain should have been made a bit more affordable and accessible to more consumers.

3) Delivery Restrictions

Etha Natural Botanicals does not ship to states including Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington D.C., Wisconsin, San Diego California, Denver Colorado, and Sarasota County Florida.

This is a huge drawback as these areas remain deprived of the products Etha Natural Botanicals are providing. If the company finds out a way to start delivering to these areas, they will experience a huge boost in their business.


With thousands of Kratom vendors popping up every month, Etha Natural Botanicals has made quite a name for itself in this saturated market. If Etha Botanicals works on a few more aspects and brings in some more innovative products, it can easily stand out as one of the most elite Kratom vendors in the industry.



  1. I have had many issues with customer service and was wondering if anyone else has had problems as well?? I cannot see to reach anyone except auto-generated responses, and when they do respond with an actual person, they ignore the problem or say they cannot help with there being any recourse! I think the product is, but the service has been awful so far. Has anyone found a comparable product with better service?

    • I have used them for over two years and there customer service is non-existent now. My orders are quite large ($800) and the last two were completely messed up and it was impossible to get a customer service to respond. Now they have mysteriously deactivated my account, including my loyalty points. To say I’m upset with them is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Such a bummer because their product is the most superior on the market.

    • Shelly–My friend has had the same problem and they charged her twice for her order then never sent it out. She called and spoke to someone who never credited her charge account so she had to call her bank to contest the charges….horrible service. Thanks for your input!

  2. This company Etha Naturals has NO customer service. My friend ordered the product and they charged her for a double order that was never sent out……the product is great but the service is crap. Don’t buy from Etha!

  3. They are sketchy, lack ethics and good customer service. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! Ordered the day and night bundle, their computer system glitched and I only got the day kratom. I wrote them to get it fixed. They admit it was their mistake, but refused to do anything but give a coupon code. They send out coupons weekly. Low and behold that week was the week of Thanksgiving. Oddly I did not get the coupons sent to the email I was using to write them (only my other email) when they were worth more than the one they sent me. Awful company. I have chronic pain and limited money and when you spend 170 dollars and the company screws up then get told to purchase more to fix their mistake!!!


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