Kratom is now available online for purchase. One of the confusing element which comes across frequent buyers is a confusion between Kratom types.

There are so many options available, the forms and potency of each one has further divisions. In such a case, it can baffle the new customer.

Most of these users are unsure on what do they require. Initial Kratom purchases are experimental, and it takes so much time to decide the best strains for a person.

Too many characteristic differences are already here for a mix-up, and then there is strain division by effects.

Depending on what a person is looking for, there are plenty of options to buy.

This article is an informative guide based on user experiences to categorize the strains by their effects.

A broad labeling is slow, moderate and fast acting Kratom strains. Here are the details for each one of them.

Why does Kratom have so many varieties?

Mitragyna speciosa is one species which has multiple sub strains. It bewilders the new users that what does this strain mean and why does

Kratom has so many of them.

To answer this question, the simplest explanation can be that Kratom is effect sensitive.

The properties of Kratom are only due to the biologically active compounds in it.

These compounds are called alkaloids and are abundantly present inside the Kratom leaves.

They are 25 in number inclusive of the 40 compounds discovered inside the Kratom leaves.

What are types of Kratom by region?

Kratom grows in a definite area that is Southeast Asia. It more specifically nurtures in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and adjoining areas.

To your surprise, the Kratom plants growing in all these regions are not identically same.

They have same alkaloids in them, but the concentration of each one is different in the different area.

It determines an assumption that Kratom from various localities has a different pharmacology.

The alkaloids are responsible for initiating the therapeutic and recreational effects for which the user consumes it.

When the chemical composition of each area’s Kratom differs, it influences on the user benefits too.

For this reason, some strains have more medicinal properties, some of them have recreational, and a few have both in moderate amount.

All these factors explain why does Kratom has so many varieties.

When a person searches for online Kratom options, all these variations either by area of growth or by effect comes in front of him.

What are types of Kratom by leaf vein type?

An interesting category of Kratom is by vein type. The leaves of Kratom are like normal leaves. Sometimes the leaves show a difference which is evident by the naked eye.

Typically, the leaves have a web of veins which is called venation.

These veins follow a particular pattern and color which is characteristic of that particular Kratom.

There are three colors that Kratom veins show, they include red, green and white.

The different colors of Kratom leave induce different properties which are also a basis of slow, moderate, and fast Kratom strains.

What are different forms of Kratom available for the user?

Kratom strains are available in more than one forms. Commonly it’s the leaves which have the properties of Kratom.

The next product in line was a fine powder which is nothing but a powder of dry Kratom leaves.

With modern techniques, the Kratom cultivation and processing is taking a new turn.

It is now offering unique forms of Kratom such as Kratom oils, Kratom tinctures, Kratom tea, and Kratom supplements.

Each one of these has its particular properties. A user can select any of these for personal use.

What are the types of Kratom by “effects speed”?

One thing which directly explains the interest of the buyer is “effects.” Every selection of a Kratom strain in mainly by “effects speed” which it will produce benefits.

The categories of area of growth, type and form of Kratom all are secondary to this.

By effect rate, the following are three broad classes of Kratom.

  1. Slow strains
  2. Moderate strains
  3. Fast strains
  • Slow strains of Kratom

Slow Kratom strains are relaxing and sedating type. Slow doesn’t mean that the Kratom has fewer effects.

Rather they represent strains which are not really for a particular cause and are helpful for overall well-being.

Who should try these?

They are ideal to use when there is not much to do in the user’s daily manual.

Using such strains will induce a soothing effect which is sometimes sleepy.

The feeling of being good and an active mind is what brings maximum productivity as a follow-up effect.

It is also an excellent sleeping aid for the people which face trouble in sleep.

Being herbal, Kratom is better than all such supplements which are for improving the quality of life.

There are no side effects, and such strains offer multiple benefits i.e. mood lifting, stress relief, calming nerves, confidence building and much more.

  • Moderate Strains of Kratom

Moderate strains are again, not facilitated by the speed of effects but for the overall achievements.

They are ideal for reducing the stress and improving the social interactions.

The effects of mild strains are more than the slow strains.

They offer in between effects of fast and slow strains.

It doesn’t leave a space for lethargic or stressful feeling.

Who should use it?

They are usually the best selling strains because of their nature of effects. There is not any one particular effect which is a highlight of moderate strain.

Rather, moderate Kratom strains offer many benefits and none of them has a partially higher effect.

All the results are equal to potency and the user interest.

It means it is perfect for a major portion of the users which need Kratom as a well-being an herbal supplement.

  • Fast Kratom strains

Fast strains of Kratom offer striking benefits to the user. They are very sensitive to the effects and are equally powder as their name.

Fast strains allow the user to enjoy the benefits of high social compatibility, mood enhancement, energy elevation, a productivity of mind, easing the opiate withdrawal, pain control and much more.

If the user has some particular thing or event in mind, it is the best to use a fast strain for it.

Who should use it?

Fast strains of Kratom are best for a person who has a busy routine to follow. Using such types of Kratom strain will make the user more sociable, confident and mentally alert.

It is of extreme importance if the user faces stress or anxiety. Some individual strains i.e. red vein Kratom are helpful for this particular effect.

Fast strains are better for any apparent cause of Kratom use. It includes the use of Kratom for opiate withdrawal, use of Kratom as a painkiller or use of Kratom for euphoria.

Kratom fast strains help in all such situations without inducing any feeling of lethargy.

They contribute to increasing the mental capacity and motivation.

Universal difference between all these strains

Generally speaking, fast, moderate and slow Kratom strains are only the categories to help the user for selecting a suitable strain. These divisions are high usage sensitive.

For example, fast strains are best for persons who want to try Kratom for one particular cause.

Slow strains are better for people who need an everyday boost.

Moderate strains are more productive but less distinct strains which offer multiple benefits.

That is why the mostly used strains are moderate effect producing.

Examples of fast, moderate and fast strains

By region of growth

  • Moderate Kratom strains- Borneo, Bali, Indo
  • Slow Kratom strains- Malay, Kalimantan
  • Fast Kratom strains- Thai strains

By leaf vein type

Concluding thoughts on Kratom types

There are three types of Kratom strains by their mechanism and speed. They can be fast, moderate or slow acting strains.

Each one of these offers different effects which are as per user requirements.

There are two ways to categorize fast, moderate and slow strains. One is the area of its growth and second is the color of the leaf veins.

Although all three of these i.e. fast, moderate and slow acting Kratom strains offer a different type of effects, they all are beneficial.

The intensity of effects may vary with the quality of strain.

Kratom is helpful to improve mood, provide energy, stimulate, boost social confidence, sedates, provides relief from stress.

It assists as a nootropic, kills the pain, suppresses appetite, helps against opiates and induces euphoria.

It depends on the requirement of the user that which strain and strain type do he select.



  1. As a one-year kratom user, that made little sense to me. In most cases, it seems people tend to refer to fast as uplifting (whites), slow being more relaxing (many reds) and moderate being in the middle (like most greens). This article suggests that is not exactly the case, so I still wonder, after a few hundred doses of various types. What is meant when referring to terms used for speed in describing Kratom?

  2. I represent a small Kratom demographic of high-anxiety individuals who are prone to panic when a stimulant is introduced to the body. I feel like this is very important to include when introducing people to Kratom.

    Some people even find decaf green tea, containing a very small of caffeine, to cause a bad headspace, elevated heart rate and anxiety. Same thing with ADHD stimulant medications such as Adderall, vyvanse, and ESPECIALLY, for me, Wellbutrin and Cannabis.

    If you’re wired like me, a white vein is not the first thing to try. I have had very stimulating white veins have sent me into an anxiety episode, but I’ve also had white veins that put me in a very good place mentally and helped social anxiety tremendously.

    Also, one thing to consider before deciding Kratom isn’t for you, say, if you try a red as your first dose and don’t like it: reds tend to lack the mood boost and can be groggy. But they’re also amazing for pain . A lot of people mix white and red to help with pain but have energy through the fog.

    Green is perfect for newbies.


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