Kratom is a pleasurable plant which is leading discussion panels online. Many of the people confuse it with addictive opiates. However, that is not true. It was initially famous as a medicinal plant only.

Kratom is now popular worldwide for its miraculous benefits for stress, pain, energy elevation and social benefits.

Despite the fact that Kratom is reaching international markets, there are many people who are afraid of its long-term after effects.

The popular myths regarding all medicinal plants including Kratom make it an attractive choice for random false facts. It is necessary to remove all the ambiguities regarding Kratom before selecting it for personal use.

For the long-term negative impacts of Kratom, it could be any random factor which can initiate a side effect.

The green world is gossiping about Kratom to prove it a controversial herb.

All the criticism for Kratom is two way.

There are many things which you should know before believing either way.

Why is kratom popular?

Kratom is a medicinal plant of Southeast Asia. It can work as a powerful stimulant. Many users report it to be energy providing and making them more active.

Kratom is also famous because it sometimes acts as a sedative. The sedative part is only observed in higher dosage. It cover comes emotional pressure and causes euphoria.

Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymintragynine are two important alkaloids of Kratom plant. These alkaloids are responsible for giving distinct properties to the plant parts. Some of these properties include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, relaxant, and sedation.

People prefer to use Kratom as a self-help method. It is a green alternative to medicines.

But its production and business have no proper regulation.

For this reason, many people doubt its character and value. Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) has two strikingly prominent features.

  1. Kratom as a stimulator

The stimulatory effects of Kratom start in the lower dosage which starts from 1 gram. They effects appear in less than 15 minutes and last for 2-4 hours. The dose is repeated for making the results longer. Some of the major benefits are;

  1. Mild analgesic
  2. Social confidence
  3. Activeness
  4. Alertness
  5. Confidence
  6. Energetic

2. Kratom as a sedative

Higher doses of Kratom extract initiates sedative and euphoric effects. The high dose depends upon respective strain. Usually, any dose of 8 grams is considered high dose. Many users require more than 20g for one treatment which causes euphoria and strong pain killer.

Legal status of kratom

Kratom is legal in many countries including the USA. It has its name in Drug Enforcement Agency USA’s online list of approved products. Although it is a part of traditional medicines there is no official status of its medical role. Which is why people use it personally without any prescription from the doctor.

Initially, DEA was going to ban Kratom naming it as a threat to public safety. Members of Congress and public polls didn’t let that happen.

142,000 people put their effort by signing the online petition for Kratom.

Many researchers also support the Kratom as the right plant because of its medicinal value. The status of Kratom is now legal.

Is kratom dangerous to use?

The controversy with Kratom is that there is no scientific study for its medical use. Historically it is evident that Kratom was a part of traditional medicine.

But people want proof of it. This was the reason that Kratom was once illegal in many countries including Europe.

Regular users of high dosage were patients of many diseases after a particular time which include following.

  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney Problems
  • Liver damage
  • Addiction

The important thing is that these side effects are rare. Also, these are only common in users of extremely high dosage which is not advisable to anyone.

Addiction of Kratom also has same reason that only regular extreme high dosage takers become the addict of it. In minor and mild quantity, there is no addiction.

Other side effects

Some of the minor side effects include the following.

  • Constipation
  • Rashes
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Pigmentation on skin

Short term side effects linked with kratom

The effects of Kratom extract are of two types. One is short term side effects which are common.

Within a few minutes, any disturbance inside or outside the body (on the skin) is a side effect. Such type of side effects may or may not be common.

These effects are mild and go on their own. There is no requirement of any medical help.

Long term side effects linked with kratom

There are no as such long term effects of Kratom.

One of the common side effects is the addiction. Kratom may cause addiction in many people only to a great quantity. It takes lots of time to develop addiction even in higher amounts.

  • Another long term side effect can be tolerance. It means after a period of time; the same regular dose will not induce same effects. You will need to increase the dose or find an alternative.
  • Kratom after long years may cause the disturbance in ideas. It can induce a state of confusion in the user which prompts him for delusional thinking.
  • Loss of appetite is common only among a few users. This side effect is also dependent on many other factors such as eating habits. If a person is fearful of eating, Kratom after long term use will reduce his appetite. In extreme conditions, it may cause an eating disorder.
  • Withdrawal feeling is a rare side effect. Withdrawal is so common that even our daily life drinks such as tea and coffee can also induce them in some people. That is why it is technically not a side effect but an after effect.

Kratom abuse – Is it real?

Kratom is a new herbal remedy in many countries. It is of historical importance in Asia. The usage of Kratom is increasing day by day which has arisen a debate on its future aspects.

Kratom abuse is the most common side effect which fears people. Not many of us know if it’s real of not.

The online polls suggest the best dose for every strain to avoid the chance of Kratom abuse. A general dosage is written below.

2-6g = Stimulatory effect

7-10g= Stimulatory, Strong Analgesic, and Sedative (Only for few)

11-20g= Strong Sedative and Euphoric effect

21g and more= adamant effect causing hallucination and illusions

The dosage clearly tells what is a suitable range for an individual. The choice to get benefits from Kratom or to get side effects is personal. A user must only select the most suitable dosage. Otherwise, the side effects may prevail.

Guidelines for effective dosage

In Us, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has all the instructions available for general use. It is available online too. Anyone can approach and act upon them before using Kratom. It will save the user from long term side effects and after effects.

The Final Word

Kratom has an uncertain status for many viewers. The critics call it poisonous plant. It is often bashed for its long term effects which can be dangerous. The conservative administration of dosage can avoid this situation, As explained above, it is dosage which determines the fate of a user. If a user is consistent with standard dose, there will be no side effects for him.

Long-term effects of Kratom are only shared among users of extremely high dosage. Otherwise, use of Kratom is the legal, safe and side-effect free plant.



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