Many natural health enthusiasts are interested to mix Cannabis and Kratom; however, they are unsure whether it is safe to do this or the potential benefits of this combination. In this post, we will be exploring some of the things that need to be considered before mixing these substances. We will also take a look at the research that has been done on the topic and discuss the benefits of combining these two substances.

Remember that everyone has different body chemistry, so it is vital to do independent research and experiment with different combinations to find one that works best for you.

What is cannabis, and how does it work?

Cannabis is a very popular healing plant. There are two main active ingredients in the cannabis plant: THC and CBD. THC is the component that causes psychoactive effects, so when users consume this substance, they can expect to experience a high. This makes THC very popular for recreational use. Some health benefits can be received from THC, such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and induced sleep; however, CBD is the active ingredient famed for its many medical benefits.

CBD is non-psychoactive and treats a long list of health conditions ranging from moderate pain to severe cancer symptoms. Cannabinoids regulate how cells communicate when their produced effects interact with specific receptors located in various parts of the nervous system. This influences how messages are sent, received, and processed. You will also find different strains of cannabis, with the main strains being indica and sativa. Indica is known to have a calming effect on the consumer, making it a popular go-to anxiety treatment and a strain ideal for those struggling to sleep. On the other hand, Sativa increases energy levels and gives a feeling of motivation, which is ideal for daytime use.

The most popular ways to consume cannabis are through inhalation methods such as joints and vaporizers, oral consumption in edibles, and water filtration devices such as the popular glass bongs offered by Molino Glass. Although cannabis and Kratom have similarities, they are vastly different; both work through different mechanisms in the body, and Kratom has a different safety profile, origin, and legality. 

What is Kratom, and how does it work?

Kratom, a slightly better herb, is related to the coffee plant and is a species of shrub. The traditional way to consume Kratom is to either chew the leaves from the tree or make tea out of them. The effects produced are similar to coffee which resulted in this plant being used to boost energy and productivity.

High doses of Kratom leaf (7 grams or higher) result in Alkaloids targeting opioid pain receptors. The result is a potent analgesic and a feeling of euphoria. High doses can also produce sedative effects. It is common for Kratom to be used as an alternative to coffee in lower doses. Cannabis is better for long-term pain, while Kratom is better for short-term pain. Kratom benefits include stress relief, relaxation, increased focus, analgesia, stimulation, sedation, euphoria, pain relief, increased energy, etc.

How to safely use these two herbs together?

Both Cannabis and Kratom contain many different strains. Because of the similar effects of cannabis and Kratom, many people choose to combine the two for greater benefits. Caution is advised because the overlap of effects can boost the chances of experiencing side effects, especially higher doses.

You can use both herbs in different forms like powder, edibles, extracts, capsules, tea, etc. But when you consume Kratom, kindly wait for 5 minutes to two hours before consuming Cannabis.

With regard to the dose, you should decide it for yourself. Different factors, age, weight, gender, can better determine the dose for you. If you are not new to Cannabis and Kratom, you will know the dose that works best for you. There is a need to follow the same dose when combining the two herbs. You may experiment with different doses to figure out the best dose. It is advisable to start with low and make your way up.

If you want to mix the two safely, it is best to combine low doses of Kratom for the energizing effects and low to moderate doses of cannabis for the anxiety-relieving effects. The effects produced will be similar to mixing cannabis and coffee. An example of a Cannabis and Kratom combination might be combining 4 grams of Kratom powder with 20 milligrams of CBD oil in water. Consume both together and then wait roughly 60 minutes before consuming more. It is important not to consume any coffee or supplements alongside this mixture and never mix high doses of Cannabis and Kratom.

Based on my research, I would like to share four basic combinations of Cannabis and Kratom for specific outcomes. These are some commonly used combinations. However, you may mix different flavors and strains to create a unique combination that suits you the best.

  1. Small dose of Kratom + high energy cannabis strain = full focus & energy;
  2. Higher dose of Kratom + downer cannabis strain = sleepiness and pain relief;
  3. Small dose of Kratom + downer cannabis strain = a short relaxing high, followed by an alertness kick;
  4. Higher dose of Kratom + high energy cannabis strain = a nice bit of focus giving way to calmness; 


It is always useful to consult your doctor before taking any medical product. Cannabis and Kratom are two superb herbs that have great effects on how the medical world operates. There is very little research on the combined effects of Kratom and Cannabis. It is a great feeling to know that many researchers are currently working to highlight that the advantages of these two herbs are further discovered. We hope to get a complete understanding of what Cannabis and Kratom can provide in the coming days.



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