Club 13 was launched in 1999 with initially only a single objective kept in mind: to link Kratom cultivators and harvesters with consumers of this botanical extract.

Sifting through hundreds of Kratom sellers online, it can firmly be believed without any contesting evidence that Club 13 easily makes it amongst the top best online sellers of the Kratom industry.

This information’s authenticity can be measured by the fact that it is coming from a Kratom veteran who has been trying out different vendors for the past 7 years.

What exactly is it that sets Club 13 apart from the rest?

It is easy to find sellers who might try to attract masses by offering flashy deals of free shipping, discounts at checking out and what not, but at the end of the day Club 13 beats out all of these measly attractions by offering what really matters.

Any sane person would offer and choose quality, consistency, and satisfaction over superficial things.

What is so special about Club13’s quality?

Now since we have been raving over and over about the Kratom quality offered by Club 13, you might be wondering that what is it exactly which makes it so special.

Kratom will only be of supreme quality if it is handled with royal care at the grass root level. Club 13 keeping this in mind only obtains Kratom from the leading harvesters around the world.

These harvesters make sure that they grow their Kratom in the specific location, climate, and soil that is the absolute best for nurturing this plant and ensuring that maximal potency of the plant remains intact.

Apart from this, the Kratom plant has several strains and obviously keeping the consumer’s needs in mind Club 13 only opts for the high-grade leaves.

But then what exactly is Club13’s role?

At this point you might be wondering if the harvesters have grown and harvested the Kratom leaves, then what exactly is Club 13 taking credit for? Well, we were just about to cover this part before you caught us.

Kratom is a plant that needs a very specific manufacturing method before it can be consumed. Compromising even a little on the manufacturing process will lead to the highly volatile active ingredient of Kratom being lost by decreasing in efficacy and potency.

Club 13 ensures that grade one Kratom products are supplied by being the finest at what they do and delivering quality with promise.

What kinds of Kratoms are offered?

Club13 Kratom ProductsThere are several different types of Kratoms doing rounds in the market. Club 13 has partaken on itself to provide the best strains which are known for its unique relaxing and analgesic properties.

Some of them include the Bali Red Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Indo White Kratom, Maeng da Green Kratom, Maeng da Red kratom, Maeng da white Kratom and to top it off a very special connoisseur blend of Kratom made of a select choice of a variety of Kratom manufactured by a special manufacturing process.

How does Club 13 package the Kratom products?

For each of its Kratom strains, Club 13 provides packaging in powdered forms and in the form of capsules. The capsule form is obviously a little bit pricier than the powdered form.

This extra increase in price makes sense due to the extra labor involved in capping Kratom capsules. To be very honest for a consumer who is looking to save a few bucks, the powdered form is a better deal as one can get the capsules from Amazon and measure, scoop and cap them by your own self.

This is a rather tedious process, but you would not be complaining after feeling your heavy pocket. But for consumers who have an issue with portability and would rather carry around capsules than go around measuring and scooping, the powdered form makes for a better choice.

What measures exactly are taken by Club 13 to ensure high-quality Kratom?

Keeping in mind the prevailing environmental and biological hazards, Club 13 regularly tests out its products against pesticides, microbiological contamination such as fungus and molds, and heavy metals.

Vendors who do not take particular care about these frisky little enemies of Kratom do lose customers at a significant rate as the Kratom used does not reach the required level of effects needed by the user.

How can a consumer figure out their Kratom requirements?

Club 13 has descriptions available on their website which might make it more helpful for a buyer to select and stick to a Kratom type.

Kratom powders and capsules are sold at different dosages (15 gms, 30gms, 90 gms, and 150gms) and different strengths (regular and extra strength) which makes it easier for the customer to assess their requirements before ordering.

A customer support agent is reachable by email who can guide the consumers as to what strain to choose and solve any difficulties faced during the ordering process.

Unfortunate events occurring with Club 13 Kratom

Club 13 faced an unfortunate event when a potential salmonella epidemic broke out amongst its products. Mostly the Maeng da Red Kratom powder was under suspicion of having being contaminated by the bug.

FDA recalled all of the products in bulk order which were distributed throughout the country through shipping, courier and mail.

Salmonella gets into the bloodstream of an affected individual and weakens the immune system causing nausea, pain, and diarrhea. After the suspension of Kratom orders, no symptoms or illness in any of the users were recorded.

Are there any side effects of Club 13 products?

Club 13 products have no additional side effects other than the standard previously known ones for Kratom itself. Usage of this product should be tested and started off in low amounts and then built towards a suitable level.

It should also be kept in mind that every individual reacts differently to different substances. What might have worked for someone might not necessarily work for you.

Final Thoughts

It is common knowledge that Kratom is used for its analgesic and relaxing properties. Satisfied customers have been religiously buying from Club 13 which has contributed to its huge fan base. This proves that its quality has not diminished since 1999.

Apart from online orders, many shopkeepers have also been stocking up on Club13 Kratom products due to the good feedback received from other customers.



  1. This is my 2nd time buying Club 13 Kratom. If I have to buy from a smoke shop. Club 13 or Boosted is the only 2 brands I will buy. Club 13 tastes fresh. It seems to be very good. I have only been taking kratom for a year now I have tried about 14 company’s out of that only 4 I keep buying from. I am thrilled with club 13

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