One of the integral and irreplaceable elements for growing cannabis is considered special lamps. Growers specializing in hydroponics are especially careful when selecting lighting devices because hemp is a light-loving crop. Its growth, development, and quality largely depend on the lighting. It is essential to pick the appropriate lamp on the advice of more experienced hemp growers and determine how many of them to install. So, let’s study the possible options together in this article.

Which lamps to select for the indoor method?

Phytolamps are specialized lamps for plants. They are different from ordinary household lighting as the color temperature is taken into account (various lamps are designed for various stages of growth), and you can choose the type of lamp depending on the size of the room or grow box, price, the needs of the grower, etc. So, if you have already arranged the lightning, you can visit The Seed Fair to buy pot seeds. Alternatively, follow the below instructions.

When growing cannabis indoors, the grower’s efforts are aimed at recreating indoor conditions as close as possible to the natural growing environment of cannabis. If modern climate technology allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the temperature and humidity, and create air movement, then lighting is not so simple. No modern lamp can recreate the richness of the solar radiation spectrum. So, the question is: which lamp to pick for growing cannabis?

Spectrum influence on the Cannabis growth

From the school physics course, we know that light is not the same. It consists of waves of various lengths. Some parts of the spectrum are completely invisible to the human eye. But for cannabis, the nature of the light sometimes means no less than its intensity. In its natural environment, cannabis receives a large amount of blue light with a wavelength of 430-470 nm. It is most actively involved in photosynthesis, turning carbon dioxide and water into the simplest sugars.

Another spectral range that favorably affects plant development is red light with a wavelength of 629-700 nm. It is also involved in photosynthesis and impacts the rate of bush development, its structure, and the yield of cannabis in general. The best cannabis lamps should combine these two spectrums of radiation so that the plant can actively develop and bloom.

The most popular types of lamps for Growing Cannabis

There are a huge number of lamps on the shelves of lighting stores, but based on the basic needs of hemp, three key types of light sources are suitable for growing Cannabis:

1)    Fluorescent lamps

These are the very famous energy-saving lamps that can look like a long bulb or spiral. Such a light source is great for cannabis seedlings. Their light is soft, and during operation, they almost do not emit heat and do not overdry the air. They are especially convenient in the case of subsequent planting of seedlings in open ground. But the light from such lamps is not too bright and is only suitable for stealth growing Cannabis. It will be problematic to illuminate even a medium-sized box with them because the lower tiers of the bushes will be darkened.

If you still select a fluorescent lamp for growing cannabis, then for the vegetative stage, it is better to purchase the one with a color temperature of 6500K and for flowering – 2700K. Pros of fluorescent lamps:

  • low power consumption,
  • low price,
  • almost do not heat up during operation,
  • great for seedlings,
  • have different variations of the emission spectrum,
  • can be placed just a few inches from the top of the plants, making them ideal for stealth growing.

2)    HID lamps

This grow box lighting option can probably be called a classic. They emit a powerful stream of light, which, according to the spectrum, is more suitable for flowering but is quite effective at the vegetation stage of the bushes. In addition, the light from HID lamps has high penetrating power. Even in high-growing rooms, its rays will pass through the dense crown of plants and reach the lowest shoots. Advantages of HID lamps:

  • high penetrating power;
  • possibility of application at any stage of the life cycle;
  • suitable for large rooms;
  • perfect value for money.

3)    LED lamps

To date, LED lamps are the best choice for growing cannabis. The technology for producing LED lamps and fixtures allows you to recreate a variety of emission spectra. Thus, you can choose the right light source power and the desired color temperature for your room. There are three main types of LED Phyto lamps:

  1. bicolor (emitting blue and red light);
  2. multicolor (blue and red light is complemented by other colors),
  3. full spectrum (they emit white light, including all parts of the spectrum).

For grow boxes, it is better to use multicolor or full spectrum lamps, as they will be able to provide ideal conditions for growing cannabis. Bicolor can be used only as a pre-light. Advantages of LED lamps for hemp:

  • high efficiency,
  • saving electricity,
  • no overheating during operation,
  • compact size,
  • ease of installation,
  • no need to install additional hardware,
  • long service life,
  • many different variations in light and power of lamps,
  • can be used at all stages of growing cannabis.


Finally, grow box lamps should be height-adjustable. To realize the full potential of the light source, it should be as close as possible to the top of the bush. At the same time, the lamp should not be placed close to the plant because this may cause a light or thermal burn. As the plant grows and develops, the grower must constantly adjust the height of the lamp to maintain that delicate balance.



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