Dog trends and wellness websites have talked about cannabidiol or CBD extracts, often the leader in supplements. They have exploded in popularity, especially in the pet niche.

The studies about this market have shown that the products derived from hemp plants are currently a million-dollar industry. It’s estimated to reach more than $120 million in 2022 alone, and this is one of the fastest-growing products out there.

The owners are starting to realize the benefits of cannabidiol and how it can address various needs, from anxiety to chronic pain in their pets. CBD oil is one of the best ways to try towards a more holistic path. This is according to the Animal Natural Healing Center’s holistic veterinarian, Dr. Fallek.

Knowing More about the Various Products in the Market

When you’re starting to shop for these products, you’ll discover a wide range of them in the market. However, hempseed oil is much cheaper than cannabidiol. They came from the same cannabis plant and were made by pressing the plant matter to extract the liquid parts. However, the two came from different parts.

Know that the cannabidiol comes from the flowers, leaves, and stalks where they have the highest concentration of the compound. This CBD oil for dogs can relieve pain, anxiety, stress, and others for your pets. They are usually derived from Cannabis sativa plants from local farmers in the US. Cannabidiol is known to have therapeutic properties in humans and animals, and it tends to affect their endocannabinoid systems.

On the other hand, the hempseed extracts come from the seeds, but they are not effective in producing stress-relieving effects. According to research, the seeds may only contain about thirty different compounds, while the flowers may yield over a hundred. This is why you can typically find the bottles to be less expensive than the ones containing CBD.

Know that both extracts may contain phenols, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds that are beneficial to the health of your canine. If the pet parents have concerns about CBD but want to benefit from cannabis, then it’s ideal for them to start with the hemp seed oil because it has lower or even zero concentrations of THC.

What to Know about THC?

THC is a compound usually found in marijuana and other related products, and it produces a psychoactive effect that makes the users high. There’s at least 30% THC in some cannabis varieties. However, in hemp plants that are locally grown and sourced in the US, the farmers ensure that the CBD extracts do not contain more than 0.3% of THC.

Tetrahydrocannabinol is toxic to both dogs and humans, and this is why you should first research the companies that produce pure extracts of cannabidiol that do not contain other impurities. Some of these manufacturers can give you a certificate of analysis that shows the THC content of a given oil bottle. This way, you’ll have an idea about whether you’re buying something safe or not for your pets.

Benefits of CBD Oil to Canines

Various studies and clinical trials are done today to know more about the effects of cannabidiol oil. However, there’s still a need to verify the claims scientifically, and there are still no peer-reviewed journals published about the findings. Fortunately, scientists and medical communities are working on more studies to know more about the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

In the meantime, here are some of the potential benefits of the extracts to our pets:

  • Reduce seizures and epileptic episodes
  • Get more comfortable even if they have osteoarthritis
  • Improve the overall quality of their lives
  • More mobility for older dogs
  • Lesser anxiety during thunderstorms and fireworks

To control some symptoms of arthritis and seizures, it’s best to use CBD products at least twice a day. In acute anxiety that’s triggered by traveling or rolling thunder, it’s best if you could offer the products on an as-needed basis. You can check with your groomer or vet and make sure to plan before giving anything to your furry friend. Know that the effects can take at least an hour before you can see them, so observe your pet’s behavior.

Is the Product Safe for Canines?

Generally, most of the hemp products that have THC below 0.3% are safe for dogs. They won’t feel any high, and they are very effective in combating some of the pain that your pet may be feeling.

It’s always best to check the label and make sure to start with minimal doses to make your pet more comfortable. Read the ingredients and check the feedback of other pet owners. The legitimate companies have repeat buyers and excellent reviews on their websites, so be sure to learn about them as well.

Although the oil is generally safe, there are still reported side effects, especially for those pets that are first-timers. They may experience dry mouth, nausea, and fatigue for the first few days, but all of them don’t require any veterinary intervention. Just start with the minimum dose and gradually increase if they show improvements in their health and overall wellbeing. If they take some form of medication, check with the doctor to ensure that there won’t be adverse interactions. You can also get your vet’s opinions about CBD and begin your research as soon as possible to know more about the product.



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