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For all the new readers and those still not sure about using Kratom, this section brings answers to all your questions. This section has the most recent information on new Kratom strains and their effects. Read about the latest updates on Kratom from all around the world, industrial and manufacturer’s updates, benefits of using specific Kratom products, myths and reviews on Kratom status here.

kratom burned in Nakhon Phanom Thailand

67.3 Tonnes of Kratom Burned in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

The Nakhon Phanom administration celebrated the International Day against Drug Abuse on 7 August 2019 by burning marijuana and kratom leaves in the province....
Indonesia Kratom Ban

Kratom Sale To Be Banned – Indonesian Health Authority Shocked The US Market

The Indonesian health authority has announced to ban kratom for both farming and exporting from the year 2024 so that the farmers get enough...
Regulating, Legalizing & Banning Kratom

Regulating, Legalizing & Banning Kratom: Calculation of Monetary Benefits

Kratom, known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is an evergreen tree from the same family as the coffee plant. It is commonly grown in wild, tropical...
CBD Vs Kraom

6 Differences Between CBD vs Kratom

You have heard of CBD as a revolutionary discovery during recent years, well here’s news for you. CBD isn’t the only botanical substance that...
Kratom Cost

How Much Does Kratom Cost at a Head Shop?

Kratom has caught the infancy of people all over the world. After a long-drawn struggle, legislators have acknowledged the positive effects of kratom on...
fda kratom heavy metal results

FDA Report Finds Heavy Metals in Kratom – Is It Really That Bad?

The FDA on April 3rd, 2019 released the laboratory test results of Kratom containing high levels of nickel and lead that are...
How To Market Kratom

How To Market Your Kratom Business Legally

Kratom is being treated like cannabis in the US and across the globe. Marketing kratom products are tough in 2019. The FDA...
kratom marijuana thailand

Kratom And Marijuana Is Legal in Thailand Now

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand has become the first ever country in entire Southeast Asia to officially legalize the medicinal use of Marijuana...
Kratom in Missouri

Kratom In Missouri: Legality And Where To Find Locally

Have you ever tried to buy Kratom in Missouri? Many of you may know Kratom by the name of Mitragyna speciosa. But both of...
Kratom Physical Shops

Are There Any Physical Shops That Sell Kratom?

You might have heard about kratom. It is a medicinal plant that has become famous in the drug addiction treatment and pain medication. Kratom...