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For all the new readers and those still not sure about using Kratom, this section brings answers to all your questions. This section has the most recent information on new Kratom strains and their effects. Read about the latest updates on Kratom from all around the world, industrial and manufacturer’s updates, benefits of using specific Kratom products, myths and reviews on Kratom status here.

Traveling with Kratom

Flying With Kratom – Can You Take Mitragyna Speciosa On A Plane?

Users are often concerned about traveling with kratom due to unclear and false regulations about kratom. Kratom is the botanical substance used...
kratom in Canada

Buying Kratom In Canada? Is that Kratom legal In Canada?

Kratom has been in the news for quite some time. For those who are wondering what kratom is, here is a brief introduction? Kratom...
Kratom and CBD

Companies Selling Kratom And CBD/Hemp Products Online

We all know that CBD has flamed the market with its unique therapeutic and medicinal properties. Its increasing demand among individuals in the US...
DEA Kratom Ban

DEA Kratom Ban Update 2022

Ever since in 2016, DEA recommended the ban on Kratom on a national level; Kratom has been the talk of the town....
Arkansas Kratom Laws

Arkansas Kratom Laws: Reasons For The Ban & Updated Info

Kratom is quite a popular herbal drug these days, throughout the USA. On one side, people love this beneficial botanical because of its various...
kratom in New York

Where To Buy Kratom In New York And Is It Legal?

What is kratom? What are the advantages? What side effects can it cause? Is kratom legal in New York? Where to buy kratom in...
CBD Vs Kraom

6 Differences Between CBD vs Kratom

You have heard of CBD as a revolutionary discovery during recent years, well here’s news for you. CBD isn’t the only botanical substance that...
Kratom pricing

How Much Does An Ounce Of Kratom Cost?

Air, plants and water are the prestigious elements of earth. Today we may have medicines to cure or at least minimize the effects of...
myths about kratom

6 Most Common Myths About Kratom

Kratom is a South East Asian plant related to coffee, both are members of the Rubiaceae family. Kratom has been used for centuries in...
Indonesia Kratom Ban

Kratom Sale To Be Banned – Indonesian Health Authority Shocked The US Market

The Indonesian health authority has announced to ban kratom for both farming and exporting from the year 2024 so that the farmers get enough...