Kratom Strains

The Ultimate Guide To Different Kratom Strains

Have you ever heard of Kratom? It's a miraculous plant native to Southeast Asia that has the potential to transform your life!...
Red Malay Kratom

Red Malay Kratom: Benefits, How To Use & User Reviews

Mitragyna speciosa (Rubiaceae), or more commonly known as kratom, is a type of tree that grows in Southeast Asia and Africa. Typically brewed into...
Yellow Maeng da kratom

Yellow Maeng da Kratom Review: Origin, Benefits and Side Effects

One of the strongest strains of Kratom is Maeng Da. It comes in various strains depending on the color of the central vein of...
Kratom for Camping

The Best Kratom for Camping and Backpacking

It sure must have been a life-changing moment to find that you can take Kratom while camping. Kratom is a medicinal drug...
top kratom strains

The 4 Most Popular Kratom Strains To Relieve Stress

Most people outside of Southeast Asia do not have the requisite knowledge or information pertaining to kratom. This is because it is only recently...
Kalimantan Kratom

Kalimantan Kratom: Types, Effects, & How To Purchase

The popular Kratom varieties that consumers talk about include the Kalimantan Kratom. Named after the island where it grows, the Kalimantan or Kali strain...
enhanced kratom super kratom preminum kratom

What is Enhanced Kratom? How is that Different from Super and Premium Kratom?

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Kratom is known to be a potent plant with medicinal properties. Also known as Mitragyna speciosa in scientific terms, Kratom...
Kratom Kombucha

Kratom Kombucha – Why Should You Try This Unique Combination?

Over time, people have realized the true harmful effects of the many medicines available over the counter today. More and more people...
Sunda Islands Kratom

Sunda Kratom: Abundance of Strains In Islands

Have you heard of a small place that is divided into four countries? It is an archipelago of small islands in Southeast...
White Bali Kratom

White Bali Kratom – Review, Dosage, Benefits, and Effects

White Bali Kratom, as the name indicates comes from Bali Island, Indonesia. All Kratom users who want relaxation, stimulation and mood uplift with energy,...