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Overview Of The Company

Nature has blessed humanity by providing various herbs and plants that have a considerable amount of benefits. One such plant is kratom. The plant is being used by people all over the world.

Even though the FDA has strict regulations in place where kratom is concerned, the rules have only served to increase the attention that the plant is getting.

Because of this situation, many vendors started to crowd the market. Not all of these sellers were providing the customers with quality kratom.

More often than not, these vendors were exploiting the customers by making false claims and selling substandard Mitragyna. When a customer purchases and uses such kratom, they have to face medical complications and health problems.

These vendors malign the names of kratom vendors in general, therefore give a bad image of the industry.

When buying kratom, selecting a proper reliable vendor is the first step. Of you have a reliable vendor by your side, a lot of your problems can be solved quickly.

For this purpose, we have compiled reviews of major kratom vendors for you. We look at every feature of a particular brand to separate the good brands from the brand ones.

One such kratom vendor is Carolina Kratom. The company itself has been operational and has been selling kratom products to the residents of Augusta, GA. Other than that, the company also ships kratom to various states of the U.S.

Most kratom vendors in the market claim to have the best quality Mitragyna, but Carolina Kratom invites customers to try their kratom and decide for themselves. This feature shows the confidence that the company has on its products.

Carolina Kratom is focused on bringing a good quality of kratom to its customers at reasonable prices.

Everything from the website design to the product range depicts an extreme carefulness of customer satisfaction and comfort. The brand leaves no stones unturned in making sure that the customers have the best shopping experience with the brand.

We have gone through every feature of the brand. Doing this has allowed us to come up with an unbiased and detailed review for the people. This way, they can better understand the difference between substandard sellers and reliable vendors.

Key Features Of Carolina Kratom

1) Aim Of The Company

Carolina Kratom aims to facilitate the customers. Although they have a retail shop, most of the customer pool of the brand is because of its website. The company aims to provide excellent quality kratom to the customers at reasonable prices.

They consider every factor that makes a Mitragyna strain great and stress on all of those factors. From website design to customer services and approachability, the vendor ensures that their brand is on the top.

Although they are a new brand, the company aspires to lead the kratom industry based on its fantastic quality products.

The brand has been working towards that goal for the past two years. They strive to be the most reliable and safe kratom brand in the market that is currently available.

2) Sourcing Of Kratom

Kratom is a plant that is indigenous to the Southeast Asian regions, mostly including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, etc. The plant has gained a lot of attention over the past few years.

Although other countries have tried to replicate the quality of kratom being harvested in these regions, they have more or less failed.

Carolina Kratom sources its Mitragyna from the best and trusted harvesters of the Southeast Asian regions. The brand does not compromise when it comes to the quality of their products. This is another reason of their vast popularity.

3) Forms Of Kratom

Mitragyna is a magical plant and can be used in a variety of different forms. It can be chewed on fresh and can be used in the dry and crushed form, as well.

Many customers prefer to buy kratom powders while others lean towards capsules and tinctures instead. A good brand needs to have a variety of different kratom forms on sale so that it can cater to the needs of a vaster customer pool.

Carolina Kratom makes sure that they are doing all they can to guarantee customer satisfaction. They have Mitragyna available in the form of powders, capsules, powdered and liquid extracts, as well as in the form of extracted kratom tablets and pills.

This product range is a unique feature of the vendor because many brands simply have the traditional powdered or capsules forms on sale only.

All of these forms are categorized in an accessible manner. The brand has made sure that it is catering to the palate of every customer.

They aim to provide the best kratom at relatively low prices so that everyone can benefit from the fantastic benefits the plant has to offer. The brand also has CBD products and various other botanicals on sale.

4) Strains On Sale

When it comes to kratom, there are a variety of different strains that are sold to the customers.

All of these strains have their associated benefits that allow a customer to choose their strains better. Based on their needs, a buyer decides on a particular strain taking the advantages associated with it into account.

A good brand needs to have a selection of different strains on sale. This range allows a buyer to be more particular about what they require.

Caroline Kratom has different strains in powdered, encapsulated as well as extracted forms. The brand has separate categories for the red, white, and green strains. The red strains include Red Malay, Red Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Hulu, Red Bali, and Red Jungle.

Some of the green and white strains being sold on the online store include Green Maeng Da, Green Hulu, Green Jongkonk, White Asia, White Maeng Da, and White Hulu, etc.

All of these strains are displayed on the website of the brand. There is extensive information available about each strain on the site. This detailed information guarantees fantastic quality, as well as the reliability of a brand.

For beginners and novices, the attached information, along with every strain, is highly advantageous because it provides clarity to the customer.

5) Lab Testing

This is perhaps one of the essential pre-requisites of buying any botanical or herbal product online. These substances can get contaminated exceptionally easily.

For this reason, it is crucial to be vigilant about the lab testing and reports of kratom leaf and the products derived from it. Carolina Kratom test all of their products.

They have a different category on their website dedicated to the lab tests and results of the products being sold by the brand. The brand does its biological testing on every batch that it receives.

The company has been performing lab testing on their products ever since the company came to be. This testing is a fantastic feature when we compare the vendor with a variety of other traditional sellers of the market. The brand tests its products against salmonella, E. coli, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and pesticides, etc.

All in all, the company makes sure that they have done their all in providing the best, most reliable, and safest kratom currently being sold in the market.

6) Is The Brand Making False Medical Claims?

The FDA has strict rules in place when it comes to kratom. The FDA does not yet regulate the substance, and the medical claims about the product are prohibited.

Although there are multiple user reviews about the substance having wide-ranging benefits, no brand can have health or medical claims on their website.

Carolina Kratom understands these rules, and they depend on user reviews to speak for their kratom. The brand does not make health claims about their kratom.

They attach their lab results with each product so that the customers feel more at ease when buying their kratom.

7) Shipping and Payment

When shopping online, these two factors come significantly into play. The shipping and payment of a reliable brand are safe and quick.

Carolina Kratom ships using UPS and USPS services. They dispatch their product within 12-36 hours of the confirmation of the order. The brand also has another shipping option known as the Super Saver’s shipping. It is free shipping that is available on different products.

The only drawback is that this shipping is slower than the USPS or UPS methods. The brand understands the privacy of its customers and therefore has discreet packaging for all its products. The brand assigns a tracking number to every order as soon as it is dispatched.

The customer can check the status of their order after regular intervals using that tracking number.

There are many different payment methods available when it comes to Carolina Kratom. You can pay using your credit card, which is a big plus as compared to several other top brands. Other than the credit card method, you can also pay for your kratom using the COD method.

The company gives gifts if a customer selects the Zelle or Apple Pay method of payment. All of the payments are secure and encrypted, and none of the customer information can get leaked.

8) Transparency

For any kratom brand to become completely reliable, transparency is a must. A brand that is not honest with its customers cannot expect to be successful in an industry as vocal as Mitragyna. Carolina Kratom ensures complete honesty with its customers. They have all the cards on the table and nothing to hide.

The brand displays its lab results with Wonderland Lab. Other than that, they have an extensive FAQ page to answer the most asked queries of the customers. This vendor has worked relentlessly to ensure the quality of its kratom and other botanicals.

9) Customer Service

This feature is significant in online shopping/ no customer wants to hear someone snapping at them. The brand intends to lead the kratom industry based on its unique customer service practices, as well as its lab-tested kratom.

The brand has a customer support agent present on the website. They answer any query that a customer may have within a minute. This feature is extremely important because of several reasons.

The customer support serves to increase the confidence that a customer has on the products that they are buying. Furthermore, it expels any doubt from a buyer’s mind about the reliability of a brand.

10) Approachability

An excellent reliable kratom brand is always approachable. There are myriads of substandard brands in the market with false contact information on display that makes it near impossible to contact them.

On the other hand, Carolina Kratom encourages customers to reach out in case of any complaints or queries. They have a separate “contact” page where they have their number, address as well as email mentioned.

The brand has separate emails for their customer queries regarding online shopping and store shopping. This feature makes the entire process of contacting the brand much more accessible.

How Does Carolina Kratom Compare With Other Brands?

Carolina Kratom stands out from the run of the mill kratom brands present in the market. The first feature that is specific to the brand is the fantastic layout of their website. Moreover, the brand has its lab results displayed on their website.

Even a lot of leading kratom companies do not have their lab results on display. As far as pricing is concerned, the products being sold at Carolina Kratom are much cheaper than many other brands.

The company also has regular sales and discounts in place on its website. Even without the discounts, the prices are not sky-high. Thirty grams of their Red Maeng Da is available for just 12 $ without any discounts added.

The brand also has coupon codes that come out after regular intervals. This vendor aims to be the best kratom seller, and they have been relentlessly working towards that goal for the last two years.

What do people have to say about the brand?

When it comes to Mitragyna, word of mouth travels like wildfire. The industry itself is extremely vocal, and customers have no qualms in voicing their opinions about a specific product or vendor. The customer reviews about Carolina Kratom are mostly positive.

People are satisfied with the quality of the kratom being sold by the brand. There are, however, some negative reviews as well. Some users have complained about the potency of the Carolina Kratom products.

Others have reported headaches and nausea after the use of their strains. Most of the users, however, have had a positive experience with the brand, and this is apparent from the reviews present on the brand’s site as well.

All of these reviews are genuine, and the brand relies on its customers to speak for the products that it is selling.

Social Media Presence

In the current day and age, an excellent online brand must have a strong social media presence and following. This factor works to increase and maximize the customer pool. Moreover, it makes people more familiar with a particular brand.

Carolina Kratom does not have a strong presence on the internet. The lack of social media activity on leading platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

This absence is a drawback because a brand loses customers as well as reliability when they do not have active social accounts.

  • Customer service

The brand has stellar customer services. They have a correspondent available to guide a customer throughout the entire shopping process with the brand. A customer gets a reply within a minute of asking a question. They also have teams to deal with the emails and complaints of the customer. The reliability of a brand increases due to these factors. A customer prefers to reach out to the brand with their concern rather than posting it online.

  • Amazing website

The layout of the website of Carolina Kratom is exceptionally user-friendly. Even a person that has no prior history of buying kratom can easily find his way around the online store. They have separate categories for their various products. Moreover, the company has an extensive FAQ page for the customers to get information about the ordering process and other things. They have a complete transparency policy, which is evident from the design of the website.

  • Beginner and starter packs

More often than not, it takes a lot of tries of different strains before you can decide on your favorite. Every customer resonates with a different strain. For this reason, Carolina Kratom is selling several beginner and starter packs. These packs have different strains that are being sold as part of a bundle. This feature helps new customers to decide which strain they want to continue with. The brand also sells several different blends.

  • Lab tests displayed

Wonderland labs are responsible for a lot of the lab tests being done on Carolina Kratom products. The brand does not simply claim that they have lab-tested products, but they also prove it by displaying their lab reports on their website. The kratom being sold by the brand has been thoroughly tested for signs of contamination or adulteration. If a particular batch is not up to the standards set by the labs, the batch is not sold to the customers.

There are not a lot of drawbacks present where Carolina Kratom is concerned. The brand is selling quality kratom at an extremely reasonable price. They are reliable and approachable. The only negative point with the brand is its absence on social media platforms. The brand can grow exponentially by being more active on these platforms and attracting customers.

Our Verdict

Carolina Kratom is easily one of the safest and most reliable vendors currently present in the market. They have a wide range of products to choose from, and the quality of their kratom is impeccable. For new customers trying out the brand, it is suggested to start with a blend or a beginner’s starter pack to get a taste of what the brand has to offer.



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