What is Canopy Botanicals?

Canopy Botanicals is an online vendor based at the East Coast. The joint efforts of a few individuals invested into this one mission of launching a line of botanicals have given birth to this huge range of organic products.

This range is certainly a treat for most of those who are sick and tired of the scams the masses are being sold in the guise of herbal and organic products.

Canopy botanicals have taken responsibility for manufacturing its own botanical products and providing itself with the raw materials on its own.

What Is The Idea Behind Canopy Botanicals?

Canopy botanicals believe that plants are a man’s best friend. For this reason alone, they have adopted a holistic approach, investing and creating plant-based recipes while encouraging and cultivating outdoor gardening and organic farming practices.

What Products Can I Get At Canopy Botanicals?

Canopy Botanicals

While there are endless options when it comes to organic farming and using herbal products for your day to day activities, Canopy Botanicals have taken care of a few select products for now.

These products though not numerous but have been selected and developed as they are quite popular in demand and used routinely instead of a few times a week. Some of the products stocked up by Canopy Botanicals are:

1) Tea

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world. Apart from the conventional tea that is consumed due to its energizing properties, there are now many other aromatic versions derived from other plants and herbs that are used for their soothing properties.

Canopy botanicals provide cured leaves of many different plant species that can be prepared by pouring in boiling water and then enjoyed.

These tea varieties include; Ambrosia tea, Chai tea, Chamomile flowers, Earl Grey tea, English Breakfast tea, Oolong tea, Peach Passion tea, Rose Black, Sencha green, spearmint, Yerba mate, and Damiana leaf tea.

2) Handmade Soaps

You will always come across that one person who is a sucker for handmade soaps. This product makes for an extremely thoughtful gift for such people.

It is made by infusing a soap base with ingredients that will give it a soothing aroma, and a squeaky clean feeling at the same time.

Banana berry almond, Brown sugar fig, Eucalyptus spearmint, Honey almond, oatmeal lavender, Patchouli sandalwood, Pear redwood, and Peppermint Tea tree & activated charcoal are the few herbal ingredients concocted together to produce some fine specimens of soaps.

3) Spices and Seasonings

To be honest, however cliched it might sound, everyone does need some spice in their life. Canopy Botanicals will get rid of the blandness in your life by the help of its impressive variety of spices and seasonings which includes: Akuamma whole seeds, Applewood smoked sea salt, Cayenne powder, Four peppercorn blend, and sea salts.

4) Apparel

Canopy Botanicals also has an apparel range which comes as a surprise. The snapback hat and beanies also feature as some of their best selling products.

5) Miscellaneous

Canopy Botanicals has been working on its range of random yet useful objects which go well with the products they have already been selling. For instance, their reusable teabag infuser is a handy device to pair up with one of your orders for tea.

How Affordable Are The Products?

Since these items are mostly nifty little everyday must-haves, they should be made affordable for all. Canopy has considered this point and steered clear of posing as a luxury herbal brand.

Their teas are sold at a range of $4 to $7.50 depending on the variety, the spices, and seasonings at $2 to $7.50, and the handmade soaps for $4. I can say with plumped out confidence that you would not get a better deal than what is being offered by this vendor.

Why Choose Canopy Botanicals Over Other Vendors?

If you need to be convinced for longer to start dealing with Canopy Botanicals as a vendor, we will continue with a discussion of their traits that proves that they have a professional attitude that is far superior to that of other vendors.

1) Shipping Policy

Canopy Botanicals has a shipping policy that is well ahead of many vendors. It ships all of its orders in 24-48 hours with the majority of them being shipped in less than 24 hours. Orders having been placed before 2 PM have higher chances of being shipped the same the day.

2) Packaging

Though these products are not produced on a grand commercial scale that does not mean that their packaging or presentation is substandard. The handmade artisan soaps are carefully packed into handwoven bags to make them more presentable.

3) Product Quality and Craftsmanship

Canopy Botanicals takes all measures to make sure that the products are of supreme quality from cultivation level to manufacturing level. The stage which sets them apart is their craftsmanship and ability to fashion soaps and other products from the raw materials provided.


Canopy Botanicals makes for an excellent option to switch over due to its ability to retain its grace and professionalism.

Most companies will either sell you impure and substandard products or handover you raw materials in the name of herbal products while you are left to figure them and sort them out by yourself.

Canopy Botanicals takes these herbal products and fashion it into something appropriate and convenient enough to use, without laboring over it to shape it into something which can be handled.



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