When people in the west were beginning to think all-natural supplements are to be consumed like a pill with water, Candid Kratom entered the scene to change this mindset! A new twist in Speciosa Mitragyna products and that too sweet and tangy!

Candid Kratom offers flavored ketum products to tantalize and entice users to have a refreshing experience like never before!

Did you also feel that your morning kratom dose was getting boring? Not anymore! The fruity flavors at Candid Kratom will perk you up, and no doubt, you will be looking forward to the next dose. Let’s dive deeper into the fruity fun and see what Candid Kratom offers.

If you are new to Kratom, you reached just the right place to set the first step, right! Starting with Candid Kratom means welcoming freshness and energy that will improve your daily life and make you the master of your game!

The Kratom Experience

Kratom is a perennial tree native to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. This organic substance remained a part of traditional medicines in the region, and now, centuries later, it made its way to the west.

People of that region would chew on ketum leaves to liberate the extract and ingest it. However, with time and creativity, we have reached the point where companies like Candid Kratom have innovated consumption, adding value to every experience!

Since the health regulatory bodies in Europe and the FDA in the United States do not recognize any medicinal properties of Speciosa Mitragyna, it is not a well-researched substance. Reluctant yet interested people want to know more about the benefits of ketum, but there is very little scientific evidence.

However, current users are a great resource as they share their experiences of various kratom types and enlighten potential users about the benefits and side effects of this substance.

Candid Kratom realized that Kratom’s alkaloids’ energy and positivity are an excellent addition to your day. However, the bitter flavor could be a deterrent for many people. If the taste was your reason to avoid Kratom, now you can try Candid Kratom and pique your senses to enjoy your day with energy, fervor, stimulation, and motivation!

The alkaloids in kratom leaves interact with the receptors in our brain, and resultantly, the body organs work well to give you a feeling of well-being. This feeling is precious for everyone who goes through the stressful ordeals of livelihood, personal challenges, and fast-paced daily routines. Now that Candid Kratom has added a fruity punch to Kratom, you will feel sunny bright, and ready for any challenge throughout the day!

Candid Kratom: The new product in Europe

When we look at the Mitragyna market in the west, there are few but reliable online shops in Europe. Rising from Ireland, Candid Kratom is headquartered in Down, Northern Ireland. The online shop has a huge fan following in such a brief time that one can quickly get convinced about its quality, consumer service, and authenticity.

If you are out of Europe, there is no reason to fret! Candid Kratom ships to foreign destinations while ensuring that the product remains fresh, potent, and refreshing in addition to your mundane daily routines!

What you will find on Candid Kratom?

When you log on to the website, the vibrant colors are enough to keep you engaged! The colorful fruits look inviting, and the assurance that you will no more need to taste Kratom is enough to get anyone probing!

The products available on Candid Kratom are not an expansive album of colors but only a fruity drink infused with orange flavor that has a substantial amount of ketum. The 45% ketum product ensures a refreshing and stimulating effect, which is what all users want.

The product mainly is stick packs of kratom extract that can be dissolved in a glass of water to enjoy the fruity flavor and the stimulation and energy boost you need for the day! Zesty orange can be an excellent glass to wake you up and take you into the realm of positivity and motivation!

Each stick pack contains 45% Mitragyna extract, which provides a surge of alkaloids without botanical bitterness. You can use this stick pack in numerous ways:

Full Shot: A powerful boost means a smaller dose in terms of quantity but never compromising the goodness of nature! Users can add half or a full stick pack to half a water cup and drink it up without a bitter aftertaste.

Micro: When you use a stick pack for a bottle full of water, the dose gets diluted, but the goodness of ketum kicks in when you consume the whole amount! This water bottle, infused with the stick pack, will give a light fruity taste but will never lighten the energy and refreshing experience!

The 6-gram sachet of Candid Kratom Orange is a single product that has taken the Mitragyna industry by storm!

What to expect from a 6-gram pack?

When you hold the sachet of Candid Kratom orange-infused extract, you will have the high-quality kratom extract in your hand that gives two servings per pack. Here are all the features of the product:

  • 155mg of Mitragyna per serving
  • 2 servings per package
  • Easy to consume with a refreshing flavor
  • Soluble in cold water

If you like two doses of Kratom in a day, a single sachet will suffice as the recommended dosage is three grams, which means there are two servings per pack. This makes the product economical for all those who love quality but want some fun with their daily dose of Mitragyna.

One can notice that the product does not contain Mitragyna powder but has extract, which means that this product’s alkaloid content is higher than three grams of any other kratom powder or pills available widely at other online shops.

Kratom extracts are made by soaking ketum leaves in a solvent, which liberates the alkaloids. Gradually, the leaves become fibrous solids, while the components of the ketum plant become a part of the solvent. This solvent also becomes dark in color with the richness of nature and potent with alkaloids. Extracts are a much-concentrated form of ketum and provide a surge of alkaloids that will energize and refresh you like never before!

The price tag

Candid Kratom offers bulk sales and caters to individuals who want a monthly or weekly dose of ketum. If you buy the product in bulk, you will receive a discount; however, if you decide to purchase monthly stock, the price tag is justified!

The 30-pack deal of the orange-infused pack of potent kratom extract will cost you $540. While this may seem excessive, one must also value the experience that this product offers. Instead of tasting a spoonful of bitter powder in a tea or with water, a zesty, fruity drink will always be more pleasant!

Moreover, the 30-pack deal is for two months, which reduces the cost to only $270 per month! This is reasonable for any kratom extract, as it is more potent and powerful than korth powders that are widely available on numerous websites.

Social media presence of Candid Kratom

More than the website, you will find the Instagram page exciting as users from various places share their photos with the product in hand! Moreover, the interactive direct message option will keep you informed in case you have any queries.

The link on social media takes you back to the website from where you can order any quantity of this exciting product! The company ensures all users that they will get used to nature’s goodness without any bitterness to enjoy a positive outlook towards their daily routine.

Apart from the Instagram page and website, you may also lookup the online shop on Facebook, which is a great way to meet and share reviews. You will benefit from the experiences other users share so that you can maximize the benefits and avoid any side effects!

Customer Service

Candid Kratom is a different and innovative online shopping model, as it offers interaction on several levels. You can reach out to the shop on their website, but you can also turn to social media. Users can easily follow the website and order Candid Kratom easily.

In case you have any queries, reach out to cooperative and helpful representatives through email. You can subscribe for news and the latest developments or offers by leaving your email address on the website!

Good customer service also includes a fast and wide shipping service. Users all over Europe can avail of this service by placing an order. The fast shipping ensures delivery within three working days.

Payment methods and order booking

As we mentioned earlier, the booking order is easy on the website. You can avail of deals and discounts if you buy in bulk as well. The payment methods of any kratom website add a lot to the value of your shopping experience. Candid Kratom accepts Visa and Mastercard transactions, making it convenient for users to book an order and pay for it securely.

No false claims: pure experience

One of the biggest tricks of online shops is to attract consumers by making false claims. Many online shops unethically claim that Kratom can transform lives and reduce pain. However, Candid Kratom, being true to its name, remains clear and truthful to customers.

The website mentions that the organic substance must not be used by individuals less than 21 years of age. Moreover, Kratom’s quality is guaranteed, even though the website expresses the dangers of overdose and unsuitability for individuals.

All customers of Candid Kratom are aware that Mitragyna is stimulating and refreshing, but an overdose may bring unwanted, temporary effects. The website also creates awareness about Kratom and its uses. The blog on the website shares information related to korth and how it can benefit users.

Natural substances often face a lot of ambiguity as there is no fixed result that all users observe. The results of various natural substances vary with individuals, and the personal experiences of people can only help a potential user decide whether they are ready to try it or not.

If a website takes the responsibility of spreading awareness, it means that they are ethical and will not indulge in false publicity or sale of subpar korth products. Candid Kratom demonstrates all these qualities, which is why we recommend all users to try this website and feel the excitement of orange-flavored ketum!

Final Words

Candid Kratom is a new experience for all those who dislike the bitter aftertaste of Kratom. People have used Mitragyna for centuries, but the way Candid Kratom introduces it makes it a new and adventurous substance to try!

The easy website orders and good customer service are coupled with excellent shipping service to provide a wholesome ketum experience. You can order from Candid Kratom and feel the brightness of the orange, tangy drink that will refresh you all day long!



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