Doing drugs or drinking and driving is a big no-no- that’s a no-brainer. But, is driving on kratom in the same category as drinking?

Some people who use kratom state they drive and feel completely in control.

Kratom is considered a health supplement, and some folks believe kratom is closer compared to consuming coffee and driving rather than alcohol.

To save you time and spare your eyeballs from scanning your screen, I’ve searched the internet to find relevant and educational answers to your top questions about driving on kratom.

No need to thank me, this is an important topic.

Moving on! The wobbles is a term for using too much kratom or taking a bigger dose then your body is accustomed to.

I’ll get more in depth about it as we dig deeper into the most common questions I’ve dug up about driving on kratom.

Is it Safe to Drive on Kratom?

The answer is not black and white. Most kratom users will say: yes, you can drive while using kratom.

Other users suggest waiting until you know your dosage range and avoid driving on kratom if you are still experimenting with dose sizes.

Supplements affect the body differently. My body may react in a completely different way than yours. There are kratom users who proclaim kratom can make you a better driver because you are focused and alert.

Some people say it depends on the strain. Almost everyone who uses kratom agrees that if you feel impaired, don’t drive, but that goes without saying, right?

Unfortunately, the majority of kratom users are former opioid addicts who used prescription pain medication like benzodiazepines, Percocet, and hydrocodone, and they believe that just because they functioned on drugs like these in the past, that driving on kratom is a walk in the park- I highly disagree.

This study looks at the (worst case scenario) adverse effects of a driver who has abused mitragynine

This brings us to question number two regarding getting a DUI.

Can You Get a DUI on Kratom?

Kratom is a very popular health supplement in North America, so it is reasonable to wonder if you can get a DUI or a possession charge.

The thing with a DUI charge is ( generally speaking, of course, I am no lawyer) you can be charged if whatever you’ve consumed makes you a dangerous driver.

Yes, kratom is a legal substance, but if the police feel you are an unsafe driver, they may charge you with a DUI.

Legal substance or illegal substance, you can be charged with a DUI if the arresting officer believes you are under the influence.

Another common query is: okay, but will I get caught? Does kratom show up on a blood test? Again, I am not a medical professional nor am I a legal professional, but for the most part, police ordered blood test will screen for alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, etc.

There is a possibility your DUI case will be lacking sufficient evidence if your tox-screen comes back negative for drugs and alcohol.

That being said, don’t risk it especially if you are new to using kratom and are still in the experimental stage of finding your optimal dose.

How Does Kratom Affect the Body?

Because we are all unique, kratom will affect us differently. Smaller doses of kratom will act more as a stimulant whereas a larger dose may give you a sedating feeling of drowsiness.

Again, our bodies, conditions, reasons for use, and other factors all play a role in how a substance like a kratom will affect us.

Consuming a microdose ( a dose smaller than the recommended size) is the safest way to use kratom and drive.

But! And this is a big butt (with two T’s) I do not condone operating heavy equipment or machinery while under the influence.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages of using supplements like mitragynine (kratom), and the effects of kratom tend to be mild when you are consuming the correct dose. The most important fact is this: kratoms effects become more intense the more you consume.

When you reach a higher dose, you may experience palpitations, blurry vision, nausea, and respiratory depression.

Your reaction time and mental processing will be highly impaired which makes you unable to remain awake. If you get behind the wheel of a vehicle too tired but completely sober, you may receive a DUI.

Remember it is important that nobody gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in any state that is unsafe to yourself and others.

If you are a responsible person (with empathy) you will consume only a responsible dose of any supplement (including kratom) when you drive.

One wrong move could land you in jail, or even worse, in a casket. Be safe friends, and always remember: stay lifted!



  1. Heather, I’ve read all 5 of your articles appearing on, and I want to thank you.

    Your objective, funny, and straightforward writing style is refreshing, especially in an area of the interwebs usually reserved for unabashed and shameless plugging of whichever product one might assume the writer would be pushing.

    I appreciate what you write because it incorporates all sides, and errs on the side of caution.
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