It’s careless not to be aware of what’s best for your body. Self-medication without having any medical knowledge will cost you! Many Kratom-users complain it upsets their stomach on different levels. The plant is not to blame, though; it’s those who didn’t do their homework!

Kratom can upset your stomach, no doubt, but only in set circumstances, we’re going to share with you today. We’ve done the homework for you — just go through our brew of knowledge and learn everything about Kratom consumption.

Herbal Supplements: Magic Or Myth?

Herbal Medicine is a natural cure for everything- or is it? Most of us would pick a good-looking herbal remedy over store pharmaceuticals any day. Herbal magic isn’t as real as the myth we’ve carried with ourselves for centuries. There are remedies and ingredients used in herbal supplements that, if not used properly, can cause a world of problems.

This is becoming increasingly apparent with Kratom, as some studies claim. This strange plant from the coffee family is an ingredient used a lot in herbal treatments. A seemingly magical nature’s produce with stimulant properties that can help relieve pain and relax you – sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Media fascination with the plant-based supplement speaks volumes about its effectiveness. We can’t overlook that it has done wonders for people experiencing chronic pain.

However, recently, it seems that the supplement has received bad press due to some studies that have cropped up about its side effects. Upsetting the stomach happens to be one of the major ones.

These studies throw significant facts at you, but they don’t tell you how to deal with your problems. How do we know what’s causing the stomach pain? How exactly should you deal with it? What causes it? This thread will answer all that’s been boiling up inside you.

What Is Kratom Used For?

Before we move on to specific questions, let’s start with the basics. It is of utmost importance that we ask ourselves – why and how do we use the stimulant? To better understand the nature of the problems we face, contemplation is the first step to take.

People use Kratom in different ways. The most common way to use the plant is as herbal medicine. Studies show that it can be useful in relieving skeletal and muscle-related pain due to its pain-relieving qualities.

The unique plant comes from the same family of species as coffee. It contains some components similar to it, including increased energy and appetite. The plant can also be used as an anesthetic, and it has been used to cure many other diseases.

Please note that studies have shown no correlation between Kratom and drug withdrawal. Anyhow, people are still bent on taking it to treat themselves for it. Scientists believe that there’s no benefit to this practice.

If worse comes to worst, it might aggravate your withdrawal symptoms. Self-medication is silly, especially if you have no biochemical knowledge. Herbal or not, we recommend you never experiment on your body – it’s a temple.

People mostly use plant-based supplements for recreational purposes. Young people are especially fond of using it – it’s like their chill pill. This can be a factor at play because herbal medicine often makes you feel light-headed. Always remember – moderation is key!

What Problems Can Kratom Cause?

Whether you use the polarizing plant ingredient to treat chronic pain or for recreational purposes, it is chemical in nature and can cause problems if not used properly. Kratom-induced problems include negative physical symptoms, as well as mental issues. We’ve heard of a list of side effects, like mild nausea, weight loss, and a dry mouth.

The extreme cases are usually combined with other factors like heavy dosage and questionable medical history, giving rise to liver damage, hallucinations, depression, and yes, Stomach aches. Go check out some recent studies if you want more in-depth research. Meanwhile, let’s discuss the causes of your stomach aches.

Common Causes Of An Upset Stomach

Kratom is generally hard to digest. It can disturb the digestive system if you’re a regular, heavy consumer. Scientists report that the plant strain has over 20 Alkaloids, out of which 5-7 play primary roles in affecting the stomach. It’s an evident fact – most long-term plant-drug users have reported dealing with either diarrhea or constipation.

Other causes of stomach ache include nausea, abdominal pain, and flatulence. It has alkaloids, which our body has to absorb upon consumption. It’s during this stage that you might cause stomach aches and digestion problems.

Short-term use of the stimulant is no big deal. However, it doesn’t take long for the short-term use to become long-term. Hence, it is advised by medical experts across the board to use the stimulant with great care. You can see this post to find out more about its causes.

Alkaloids That May Upset Your Stomach

Kratom is not the only Alkaloid mixture that has a link with a stomach ache. Any Alkaloid, including coffee, morphine, quinine, and more, can upset your stomach in a plethora of different ways. It’s hard for your stomach to process Alkaloids.

You should know your body before you try out a concentrated supplement or plant tea routine. Constipation or loose bowels – Alkaloid affects different bodies in different ways, making them unpredictable.

However, this only happens if you continue using any of these alkaloids in large doses over a long period. The real question is: Can you resist temptations and make wise, informed decisions? Or do you plan on being a reckless consumer? As long as you’re being responsible and have an expert medical help you navigate your journey; you’re good to go!

The supplement contains over 20 Alkaloids, but only a fraction of them are known to cause discomfort. You can find out more about Alkaloids and their structure if you want to understand their functionalities. We’re going to move on and discuss how you can deal with your stomach pains!

How to Enjoy Kratom Without Hurting Your Stomach?

If you’re using plant supplements for one reason or another, there is a chance you have suffered from stomach pains. Let’s discuss how to avoid getting pains in the first place before anything else. Remember: prevention is better than cure!

We’ve told you before, we’ll say it again: contemplation is the first step. You have to ask yourself a few questions; are you taking the leaf on an empty stomach? Are you taking it in high doses? Is it a long-term use? And finally, are you consuming plant extracts directly, without diluting them? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then my dear friend, these troubles shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

If you insist on being a consumer, know that there is no harm in doing so as long as you follow a few conditions.

  • Don’t ever take it on an empty stomach, no matter how tempting the idea may seem. People deliberately consume the drug on an empty stomach to fasten the process and get the drug’s effects early. Increased intake in this manner is bound to cause stomach problems. So, try to eat something before your next dosage.
  • Do not consume in large doses. Yes, we’ve reiterated the point plenty; we just can’t emphasize it enough! Consuming the plant in large quantities is going to cause stomach aches and many other problems as well.
  • Try to avoid becoming a long-term user. Limit yourself – you must learn how to resist temptation, not just as a supplement user but as an informed individual. Don’t let it become an everyday thing!
  • Learn and worship dilution. Use a less concentrated form. You can try using the tea version, which has stimulant extracts, along with other ingredients. Doing this can help tone the effects down.

One last tip is to consume food enriched in fibers and probiotics. These two properties in food are known to help with digestive problems. You can read more on how these two properties can go a long way in avoiding stomach aches here.

What To Do If You Have Stomach Aches

Suppose you’ve taken concentrated stimulants in large doses, and now you’re experiencing unbearable stomach aches. What do you do about it? Here are some remedies that’ll help you make it through the day.

1) Treat yourself with probiotics

You can walk up to the refrigerator, grab some yogurt and eat a few spoonfuls of it. Yogurt has the good bacteria to fight off harmful bacteria, which is exactly what you need for a happy and healthy digestive system.

2) Deal with tummy troubles

Another way to treat constipation is by taking a teaspoon of olive oil to ease everything down the digestive system. In case of diarrhea, you can try peppermint oil. You can also try ginger, which we believe is a super-ingredient when treating any sort of stomach infection.

3) Douse and Drench

Plant-based supplements are rich in fiber. They should actually prevent you from becoming constipated. The reason you’re in pain instead of relief is that you’re dehydrated! Go chug down a few glasses of water if you have a stomach-ache, and it will slowly reside.

Fibers absorb the existing water in your body to carry out their job. If you’re a stimulant plant-user, you should be drinking the recommended amount of water every day.

4) Scrutinize the Seller

There’s a chance that your vendor mixes Kratom extracts with other chemicals. Be sure that you’re aware of the formula you’re using. Who knows, these stomach aches may be the result of something completely different! You’ll need different remedies according to the chemicals going inside of you. Be a skeptic when it comes to buying plant-based supplements.

Consumers Beware

If your vendor uses strains with a high Alkaloid content, you are more prone to facing bodily issues processing your dosage. Consumers have to do their homework before purchasing any relaxants. The best way to do so is by reading the latest lab testing reports. They’re mostly available on vendor websites if you buy your supplements online.

If you don’t have access to a lab testing report, steer clear from your current vendor. Demand the report from them, and stop dealing with the manufacturer if you are denied the scientific facts. Your body deserves to be dealt with care!

The Takeaway

Kratom is a versatile item used in so many different ways for many purposes. You can use the plant to help treat pain or for simple recreational use.

However, it is due to the versatile nature that makes it dangerous. With all the misinformation surrounding the drug-slash-herbal-medicine, it becomes even harder to separate the truth from myth.

One thing is for sure, though; the right way is moderation. We have provided you with wisdom and hope it helps you use the drug more responsibly. Now, it is up to you to make the best out of your Kratom experience!



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