As now known by every kratom and herb enthusiast in general, Kratom is native to the countries found in Southeast Asia. Those majorly include Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, and even Cambodia. It is also a commonly known fact that it is found in different strains. The strains include green, yellow, white, and red strains, each with distinct properties and effects.

Each of the strains is also used for different purposes. Along with other strains, a new strain of Kratom is getting popular in the market nowadays due to its strong and rapid effect. The Cambodian Kratom strain is a blend of several locally grown strains all over the Cambodian mainland.

If you are a Kratom enthusiast looking to get more information about this exotic strain, the article is written only for you. Read on to know more!

What Is Cambodian Kratom

Not every Kratom enthusiast is familiar with the tricky and careful method by which Kratom is grown, hand-picked, and prepared to give you the finest experience.

Therefore, although the tourists and locals can see Kratom growing like wild plants commonly in Cambodian forests, it is not the best until it is not carefully selected from the most mature leaves. It consequently requires keen eyes and discerning taste on the part of the vendor or the one responsible for getting it on behalf of the vendor.

The best Cambodian Kratom is known to grow in an ecologically contained environment because the workers are well aware of the plant and its habitat and conditions. Experienced farmers take rounds of the field to carefully pick only the best leaves; such as with thick and engorged veins and bright green shade.

Those leaves or plants that are considered immature or inappropriate in any way are immediately set aside. Cambodian Kratom trees are also known to get the best nourishment since the soil is said to be extremely suitable for growing the herb.

Types/Strains of Cambodian Kratom

Cambodian land produces the finest of green, red and white kratom strains in its three million hectares of land densely covered with forests. As mentioned above, different Kratom strains are known for different effects and are therefore used for

different purposes.

Such as, let’s take the example of the green Cambodian kratom strain which is found to be extremely effective in soothing anxiety. Just a cup of green kratom tea leaves will leave you with a feeling of calm, having a duration window of no less than 5-6 hours.

Similarly, Red Cambodian Kratom is known to work wonders for those suffering from acute or normal insomnia. Therefore, it should be taken at night time to give you a peaceful night’s sleep.

A detailed review of different Kratom strains and their effects is given below, starting with white Kratom since we already introduced others a little.  

White Cambodian Kratom

Looking for something to lift your mood? White Kratom is just the thing to get you in the groove. Prepared carefully by a balanced blend of white indo and white Bali, the mix is the strongest of the bunch. It lifts the soul and is a source of joy and merriment for the ones able to brew it.

However, like every other medicinal herb, the effects and strength of those effects depend on the dosage of the plant. Since it is known to be the strongest of all the other strains, first-time users are not recommended to take more than 1-2 grams while taking their very first dose. This will be enough for them to experience a mild aroma and a lightness that will carry them through the day.

To get significant vitality and motivation, one would have to increase the dosage from 2.5 to 4 grams which will last them 4-5 hours roughly. These are generally considered moderate effects of the herb, while seasoned users can safely take anywhere between 4-7 grams per dose.

Red Cambodian Kratom

The red strain of Cambodian Kratom is on the rather expensive side since it is banned by the Cambodian government and is therefore hard to find. Red strain is known to alleviate pain and muscle tension and induce euphoria. It is energizing if a light dose is administered but has sedating effects if taken in a large amount.

Interestingly, the red strain contains 7-hydroxy mitragynine in a rather high concentration. This makes it a potent supplement to fight insomnia and relieve pain. However, one can change the dose to get different effects.

Such as, for mild relaxation, only 1-3 grams of the red strain would be sufficient. It is the best strain to choose if you are looking for a light boost of energy only.

Kratom for pain relief, and to deal with your insomnia, you would have to take at least 6-10 grams of the herb as in this quantity, the analgesic effects of the strain kick in. One should be careful to take it during the day; however, it can be too strong for some people. It is, therefore, best to be taken before bed.     

Green Cambodian Kratom


Calming you down, boosting your mood, and keeping your spirits high is the specialty that the green strain offers. It may not be as strong or potent as the white or red strain, but it is still a great source of mood enhancement and re-energizing the user.

Since energy-boosting and relaxation is the property of white strain, which implies that in terms of its makeup, it leans more towards the white strain.   

Talking about the dosage of the green strain is not harmful or as addictive as the other strains even if taken in high amounts since it is very mild compared to the other strains. However, you are still suggested, to begin with, not more than 2 or 3 grams to save yourself from harm or discomfort.

Similar Strains

The kratom strains obtained from nearby areas of Cambodia, such as green indo, would have similar properties and effects. And since Cambodian Kratom is a combination of different strains, you could also turn to the strains that are used to make Cambodian Kratom. Those may include Borneo and Malay. However, they may have similar effects, but no other strain can match the top-notch experience you would enjoy by having Cambodian Kratom. 

Precautions To Be Taken While Buying Kratom

The vendor you can trust to get a fresh lot is all you want while buying Kratom in any form. A herb like Kratom is fun only when consumed fresh. Stale kratom powder or any other form of it may taste bitter and smell foul, eventually destroying the whole experience of consuming your favorite drug. 

One should also carefully test the product upon receiving it before consuming it. Sometimes the packaging may tear up in the delivery process, spoiling the quality of your kratom dose. A foul smell or bitter taste indicates an expired product. 

Side Effects of Cambodian Kratom

Since Cambodian Kratom offers a very potent and comparatively more exotic combination of strains with strong effects, it also increases users’ chance to experience the side effects. Some of the common side effects may include severe or mild nausea, dizziness, diarrhea or, in an extreme case, may result in short- or long-term memory loss.

Having and dealing with addiction is a side effect one should fear the most. Thus, it is not recommended to consume Kratom on regular bases to avoid getting addicted. 

Closing Words

Cambodian Kratom contains potent strains to give you a serious punch. It is said to give you one of the best experiences you can have from consuming Kratom and is therefore challenging to find. The legal roadblocks in Cambodia make it an even harder task to obtain and consume pure Cambodian Kratom. 

Fortunately, one can go for similar strains, such as Malay and Borneo. However, no matter which strain you choose, being careful in consumption matters the most.



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