What is kratom? What are the advantages? What side effects can it cause? Is kratom legal in New York? Where to buy kratom in New York if it is legal? What are the countries that banned it? Which states have legalized kratom after knowing it is good for people?

Read till the end to find answers for all the above-placed questions.

If we dig deep into the study of plants, we can find a cure for almost every single disease. Before the medicinal advancements, ever wondered how people lived for many years without a single problem?

Actually, they faced the issues but used suitable herbs to counteract the diseases. It took many years for research though, but plants are nature’s way of solving diseases.

Kratom is one such plant species that has the capability of doing miraculous cures and provide relief from many diseases. It has lots of uses but still considered as one of the dangerous drugs because of lack of information, due to which, still many countries have banned it from usage.

One point to note is that truth can be buried but not forever. Slowly, the administrations realize the productive uses of kratom. Few countries have lifted the ban on kratom, but still, it is banned in many countries.

What Is Kratom?

what is kratomThe scientific name of Kratom is MitragynaSpeciosa. It can be found in south-east Asia.

There are many advantages of using this natural herbal medicine. People have been using the leaves of this tree for curing many diseases.

Advantages of Kratom

It helps in relieving pain. They also play an active role in improving the sexual energy for both sexes. Anxiety can be controlled using Kratom.

Anxiety is a severe problem as it leads to wrong decisions and in worst cases leads to heart attack. There have many reports indicating that many people are less anxious than before the usage of the kratom.

Stress is reduced to minimum levels. Avoiding stress will help people to take effective and optimized decisions for any situation. Kratom will also help in better sleep. It is a fact that body cures itself during sleep, and so is the reason for 9 hours sleep. It also helps in boosting metabolism.

Side Effects of Kratom

There are reports as kratom causes adverse side effects for the body. But it is not entirely correct. It only causes side-effects, which are still not proven, if taken in overdoses. Kratom should be taken when it is needed. The advantages are as explained above.

But the main problem is, kratom might have some severe effects if the user consumes it while taking other drugs. This is because the study is still going on, regarding the use of kratom with other drugs and no have shown any proven evidence about the adverse effects of kratom.

If kratom is legalized, people can easily buy and use it to get over the withdrawal symptoms of opioids. But using it with other drugs might be a problem, there one must consult with the expert before doing that.

The fear has ignited since there was a case where deaths were reported amongst the users who were using kratom with other drugs. Thus, the real cause of death was not found, and the officials like FDA blamed kratom along with other opioids.

But when we look at the reports of post-mortem, kratom was never the sole reason for his/her deaths. The increasing support for kratom has made the way to lift ban and research in depth on the plant.

History of Kratom

One of the income sources for government is through tax. Back in the year 1940, Phinbun was holding power. (As a note, kratom origins in Thailand and we are speaking about the issues that happened in Thailand)

So Phinbun was in power and controls the people. He followed the exact techniques used by Mussolini and Hitler for building a higher political power.

Opium trade has been there from that time. It is a profitable trade for the government since they apply taxes on it.

So, they passed laws which indicate that taxes must be collected from the manufacturers, distributors, and even the consumers. This made the opium a bit costly, but still, people wanted it so badly that government collected lots of money in the form of duties and taxes.

But the effects were severe too, the use of opium cause psychotic behavior and let the user feel high.

Poor people like farmers and daily wage workers couldn’t afford it. The locals soon identified kratom. Consuming few leaves of kratom increases the energy of individuals to do work.

The pain with 16 hours daily works minimized to a greater extent after the intake of this wonder plant. In general, people will be stressed with labor work due to physical pains. But due to consuming kratom, people don’t feel any pain, instead, have a calm feeling.

This news has passed to many regions within days and several people started to consume kratom and opium consumption is decreased drastically. This is because using kratom doesn’t have any psychotic property, neither let the people feel high. People loved kratom for few reasons.

  1. It gives that pleasure feeling to the body like that of opium but is not that harmful and addictive.
  2. Many health benefits can be observed using kratom.
  3. It is readily available as Thailand is the origins of this plant.

In 1942, the East Asian war took place, and government lost most of its income earned through taxes.

They wanted more salary at that moment. Kratom has come to their notice that most of their people were using it instead of opium. After several discussions, they issued an act in 1943 where consuming kratom was illegal and considered criminal.

In 1979, it was included in the act along with the cannabis and other dangerous drugs. Kratom is illegal in Thailand even now. The false allegations and news are widespread across many countries which led to the ban.

It is true that over-dosage of kratom is bad for health, but it doesn’t result in deaths. It is banned from Thailand so that people start using opium products again. Doing this will generate revenue for the government.

Back at that time, there was no equipment to medically test and prove the benefits or side effects of kratom. So all countries believed the false news and banned kratom from their states.

Realizations are happening across the world due to continuous protests from people and medical reports that prove kratom is not solely responsible for killing people. Few have lifted the ban, and many other countries are in the process.

Kratom Legality In New York

It is legal to buy Kratom in New York as compared to other states of the USA. Many bills are under process to proceed with its buy and sell. The first one is Ny A08787 which is same as NY S06924 in the year 2017-18. Asm. Joseph Morelle, with their co-sponsors, introduced the first one in which he emphasized on Kratom ban to under 18 individual. 

NY So6924 also have the same motive. In the year 2017-2018, another bill A00231 introduced. This bill was demanding the complete ban on its sale. It was because of the death rate due to Kratom overdose in the same year, referred to the committee by Mr Asm. Edward Braunstein and Asm. Rebecca Seawright. Three bills in total allow purchasing of this herb if you are above 18 years and have a verified I.D. card. 

The third one is Ny S00168 introduced in 2019 that is still in process by Sen. Pamela Helming and her co-sponsors Sen. Christopher Jacobs,Sen. Andrew Lanza,Sen. Joseph Robach,Sen. Diane Savino.

They proposed the legalization of Kratom sale above 18 and fine of 500$ to anyone if found selling to minors. It was accepted warmly by Kratom advocates. It’s better to have an age restriction rather than a complete ban. 

Despite the efforts made by Kratom advocates, this drug is not FDA approved yet. If you tell your doctor that you are using Kratom for pain management, then I think it is probably a bad idea. There is not much research about it, and the FDA has not received enough reports about Kratom safety. It was identified as an import alert for not approved drugs for the year of 2014. Despite having the bill passed for its purchase, we are not at liberty to use it freely for a different purpose, including medicine.

Why There Is An Age Restriction?

Drugs like these are not safe for kids. There are no cases that citizens under 18 will get affected badly. But still, they are restricted for a sole reason. Kratom affects brain receptors in the same way as other drugs like heroin. But the effects are not extreme, and that is the reason why people support to lift the ban on it.

Individuals under 18 will not have any control over their addictive behaviors. This is also one of the reasons why they are not even allowed to smoke or drink. These activities result in the release of brain happy hormones like dopamine. Individuals will feel pleasure and happiness for life.

Adults have better control over their feelings, but people below 18 are not. They want more and more of it, and overdosage or mixed usage of kratom with other things might affect the body.

So, it is better if only people of 18 years and above can consume kratom. After the laws are passed, individuals must show a valid ID to take kratom from shops.

Where To Buy Kratom In New York?

Just like any other items, kratom is found in shops and online. You can find it in smoke shops. It is better to go for reputed smoke shops. It is because they will have high-quality kratom. It is not to say that few shops consist of low quality or duplicate kratom. It is hard to believe anyone these days.

You can buy kratom from online websites also. There is no complexity and once booked online; it will reach your doorstep. Pricing is less online as compared to buying it from the retail shops.

But we are not sure that kratom is of less quality in online rather than shops and vice versa. One thing to note is that people can check it before buying in the case of buying from smoke shops.

Some of the reputed smoke shops from where you can have a try on kratom are as follows:

  1. BB smoke shop
  2. Smoking culture
  3. Fulton smoke
  4. Das smoke shops
  5. Rawling smoke shop
  6. E smoke shop
  7. Midtown smoke shop
  8. City smoke shop
  9. Jubilee smoke & Vape shop
  10. Classic smoke shop

What Types Of Kratom Products Can You Legally Buy In New York?

Kratom is a natural and no habit-forming drug. It is used for numerous purposes. It helps in relieving depression, giving a soothing effect to an individual. In New York, it is available in powder form, capsules, tablets, etc. Kratom tea and strains are huge in demands in New York City. One of the local shops of New York City provides products like yellow kratom, 10x Kratom extract powder, Red dragon Kratom, Bentuangie Red Vein Kratom.

How Much An Ounce of Kratom Cost You in New York?

We can buy Kratom from different places in New York both locally and online. We have a wide variety of quality and types of this herb. The price range is also diverse from high to low. Locally we can buy from vape or smoke shops with a 100% money-back guarantee. We also have online stores like Ketum Superior, where Red dragon Kratom is of 12.95$/Oz, white vein Kratom cost 11.95$/Oz, etc.

These local sellers buy in bulk from online sellers, so the rate of per once is often triple high or even higher. For example, an online store named Supernatural Botanicals sale the herb Maeng da per ounce of 11.95$.

Unfortunately, the same strain at the local vendor will cost between 25$ to 40$. Online stores have great offers and competitive prices. So it is favourable to buy online in bulk deals.


It is legal to buy kratom in New York. One rule to follow is that individuals should be 18 years and above to get the product (this bill is due to be passed). Kratom was never hazardous. Excess dosage may lead to side effects. But mild usage of it has lots of benefits that would boost the confidence of people.

It was banned due to course of events happened in the past. Yet many countries realized the potential of this miracle plant and lifted the ban. Hope all countries lift the ban on Kratom in near future.



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