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Kratom, with its diverse effects on the body, has a medicinal approach towards the body and has been popular amongst masses since the nineteenth century.

Kratom, in its crushed or powdered form, is believed to work wonders on your body and mind in several ways.

It is believed to contain a strong chemical called mitragynine which works well in relieving pain and stress and providing a relaxing and soothing effect.

There might be many vendors to choose from when shopping Kratom, but what you need to keep in mind is what they are offering and on top of all, is the Kratom that I’m buying worth the price?

Overview Of Botanical Boulevard

Botanical Boulevard is another Kratom vendor in town trying to get into the market with their wholesale selling of Kratom in the form of powders, capsules and oil tinctures.

Botanical Boulevard, with its promising website and dedicated customer service, has been able to create a space for itself in the platform of online selling of Kratom.

Botanical Boulevard and partners recently finished construction on a brand new, 8,000 sq. ft cGMP facility. Equipped with a capsule machine, automated filling machines, and a liquid/extract filling machine, they offer a full range of kratom products that are sure to impress.

An additional 4,000 sq. ft is currently under construction to be completed in April 2020 to make room for their fully compliant White Label Program that will launch in 3q20.

Located in the sunny state of Colorado, Botanical Boulevard has become a globally recognized brand with their premium blends not only available in the U.S., but on shelves in the Netherlands and across Europe.

All Botanical Boulevard products are held to the highest industry standards including Third Party Lab Testing for bacteria, pathogens, and heavy metals.

Newly designed packaging in May 2020 will be equipped with not on only each product’s Mitragynine %, but labels will include QR codes that validate each Batch Number’s Lab Test Results/COA’s on the website.

Providing crazy discounts on its products almost all the time and a 5% cashback every time you place an order, Botanical Boulevard compels its customers to keep coming back for more and more.

Let’s dig in to find out more about this vendor!

What Products Do They Offer?

Botanical Boulevard 1

This vendor provides it’s customers with different options to choose from not only restricting them to buy Kratom in powder form, which is a plus.

They offer a comprehensive product line of kratom including, but not limited to single strains, speciality strains, and the 3 top-selling Premium Blends. All options are available in powder & capsule form, and they’ve recently introduced several Kratom Extract solutions.

Their 3 bestsellers, however, are the Botanical Boulevard premium blends. “We wanted to introduce a solution that would raise the standard across the industry.

We formulated 3 unique premium blends, each consisting of 3 handpicked strains, all selected for their unique alkaloid profile.

Short of adding extract, we’re confident that our ‘all-natural’ premium kratom blends are among the highest quality/potency available on the market today.”

With next-level customer service, deep discounts, and a 3% reward credit offered on all purchases sitewide for VIP accounts, Botanical Boulevard has successfully created a one-stop-shop for all of your kratom needs.

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Let’s take a look at their top-selling products, one by one.

1) Premium Kratom Blends

Offered in high quality, wide mouth jars, the premium blends come in 60g and 200g, and just recently became available in 1kg resealable food grade bags. Jars are essential for maintaining freshness and easy access. We’ve included the product descriptions from the Botanical Boulevard website below to show what separates this vendor from the rest.

2) Ultimate Green Maeng Da Blend

‘Ultimate Green Maeng Da Powder Blend’ is a top-shelf blend consisting of 3 potent strains to create a unique alkaloid profile that is guaranteed to turn heads. With the ability to hit all ends of the full spectrum, our Green Maeng Da Blend is one of our most popular requests.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve fine-tuned what was originally an experiment into a work of art; one that consistently earns our customers’ absolute satisfaction. If BALANCE is what you’re seeking on your hunt for the perfect blend of green, look no further!

3) Supreme Red Bali Blend

‘Supreme Red Bali Blend’ is comprised of 3 exotic strains sourced from the finest leaves in Bali, Borneo, and Sumatra to deliver our highest alkaloid profile to date.

Recognizable by its dark red color, this unique blend produces an intensely strong, but balanced aroma. Developed for the Red Vein connoisseurs who require something on the stronger side, it is sure not to disappoint.

4) Electrobuzz White Blend

‘ELECTROBUZZ Premium White Blend’ consists of 3 unique strains, all sourced from the same Indonesian farm since its official launch in early 2017. This one-of-a-kind blend is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Electrobuzz is a Botanical Boulevard #1 request with a proven track record, and is notorious for converting a curious ‘first time purchase’ into a ‘loyal customer for life.’

5) Specialty Kratom Strains

Created as perfect substitutes for their premium blends, Botanical Boulevard offers the 3 Specialty Strains below and will be introducing more options in 2020.

a) Green Elephant Powder

Green Elephant gets its name after its unusually large leaves, which closely resemble Elephant Ears. If you’re looking for that perfect BALANCE associated with Green Vein Kratom, or an alternative to our Premium Kratom BLEND, Ultimate Maeng Da, our uniquely rare Green Elephant speciality strain is for YOU!

b) Red Borneo Powder

Our Red Borneo Specialty Kratom Strain delivers all of the relaxing benefits you’d expect from Red Vein Kratom and MORE.

Red Borneo is a great substitute to our Supreme Red Bali Blend. Used by many to combat anxiety and insomnia, our top-notch Red Borneo powder is our customers’ “Go-To” for a good night’s sleep.

c) White Kapuas Hulu Powder

Our White Kapuas Hulu Strain is sure to STIMULATE. Experience a top-performing White Vein Specialty Strain that is guaranteed to deliver clean & focused energy; perfect for any morning, or boost throughout the day. This Specialty Strain is a great substitute for customers of our Electrobuzz White Blend.

6) Single Strain Kratom

If you’re looking for bulk rates on single strain kratom, take advantage of their $99/kilo offer while supplies last.

What Is The Cost Of An Ounce Of Kratom Purchased?

Since this is a wholesale retailer, the prices are generally expensive as compared to other vendors. But the quantity compensates for the price if you’re interested in bulk.

The price for Green Elephant Powder, Red Borneo Powder and White Kapas Hulu powder start from $44.95 per 250g and go up to $109.95 per 1kg.

With their crazy sale going on right now, their White Blend Powder, Red Bali Powder and Green Maeng Da powder can be purchased in $17 instead of $29.

Payment Methods

All payment methods are handled and told about via telephone call after you’ve made an order. The team at Botanical Boulevard will contact you directly after you’ve submitted your details.

Return Back Guarantee

This vendor does offer a return back guarantee with a full refund after 30 days of delivery with receipt excluding shipping and handling charges. The product cannot be refunded at any cost if it is damaged, opened or used.

Additional charges will be applied if the product is not in its original condition.

Points To Be Noted Before Making A Purchase

Even though Botanical Boulevard goes an extra mile for its customers to make sure that they are satisfied with their purchase, this might not be an ideal vendor that you’re looking for.

First off, Botanical Boulevard does not provide an extensive range of products on their official website which makes it difficult for customers to shop from a diverse range of Kratom under one site.

Even though the pictures provided with each product are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, there still isn’t enough description in the description box provided for easy purchase.

This means that customers, especially people who are new to the Kratom world, need to do enough research before buying to know which type is suitable for them.

There is no information provided about the products undergoing lab tests to check for contaminants or impurities which puts us in the doubt for the quality and for that, you then have to rely on the word of mouth of the previous customers who have tried and tested these products.

This website is more suitable for customers who are interested in bulk buying since the vendor deals with wholesale products.

The shipment methods are not mentioned anywhere on the website so if you want to know about the shipment methods, it is better to ask the vendor first before making a purchase.

Customer Care

The good thing about this vendor is that it makes sure that it is always available for any queries or questions asked by the customers.

The vendor has also provided its telephone number where you can directly call to gather information or you could email them at

The team at Botanical Boulevard welcomes any question regarding their products and in general and asks its customers not to hesitate in any case because they are here to help as well as make your shopping experience from them easy and efficient.

Final Verdict

Botanical Boulevard may or may not be your go-to store for online shopping of Kratom due to its product restrictions and wholesale selling, but in terms of quality of products and guarantee for return, it creates a safe spot for authenticity.

So if you’re interested in good quality and wholesale purchases of Kratom, you might want to consider this vendor. If you’re looking for small scale orders with prices less than $30, this might not be the option for you.



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