There is something new in the market, and getting famous among people makes them feel blissful, increases focus and boosts productivity.

That is the “Feel Free plant-based wellness tonic.” In this article, we are discussing the concern about what this tonic is all about and what to expect, so keep reading.

What Is Feel Free Plant-Based Tonic?

Feel free and good is a specially formulated well-being drink tonic. It is an extract mainly composed of kava roots, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa ), and other ingredients.

The components of this kava drink are extracted from South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Kava is very popular in these areas and is used for its miraculous health benefits in their celebrations, rituals, and social gatherings.

This unique and smooth blend of kava, kratom, and other flavors makes it special and is gaining a reputation among other relaxing and focus-enhancing drinks.

Botanic Tonics – Company Overview

Botanic Tonics introduced this product for increasing productivity as a euphoric tonic and a healthy alcohol alternative. On its website, the company claims that they source the ingredients from regions where these plant-based ingredients are indigenous.

They also claim that they do third-party lab tests and do not add artificial sweeteners and preservatives to make their product all-natural.

To know further, it’s time to look at the ingredients.

Feel Free Plant Based Tonic Ingredients

Now, let us look at the elements of this cool blue bottle. The bottle has a specific ratio of 10 parts of kava along with one part of kratom.

Its per-serving bottle contains the following constituents:

  • Kratom leaves – 3500 mg
  • Kava roots – 1700mg
  • Vitamin C – 37 mg
  • Potassium – 169 mg
  • Iron – 0.3 mg

Kratom is a native plant of Southeast Asia and is used for its various physiologic effects, similar to tranquilizers and stimulants. The next major ingredient is kava, obtained from the roots of Piper methysticum; this herbal extract is taken as an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancerous, and dietary supplement.

Along with these constituents, it has other ingredients included, which increase its flavor and make it much better to consume, which are:

  • Pineapple juice
  • Coconut cream
  • Stevia leaves.

What Does Feel Free Tonic Taste Like

This tonic is very aromatic because of the earthy taste of ancient plants, with a refreshing and blissful flavor of pineapple juice, and is sweetened with stevia leaves to overcome the bitterness of kratom and kava roots. The mixture is somehow milky in texture.

The Potent Pros Of Feel-Free Tonic

There can be various benefits to your modern lifestyle. With its many advantages, it may become a choice to incorporate into your daily routine. These benefits include the following;

  • It contains adaptogenic plants, which are well grown and harvested and used for their charismatic benefits for thousands of years, which makes this drink all-natural and safe to use.
  • It may increase energy and vigor without agitation to make you ready to go to work.
  • This tonic may enhance your focus while giving you a joyful feeling throughout your day and night.
  • It can be a good and healthy alternative to alcohol.
  • Its liquid form may also uplift mood and relieve discomfort if suggested.

So the best part is that you can take this double action drink when the sun rises to work hard and when the sun sets down to feel relaxed and fresh again, which can make you experience only good vibes with this amazing blue bottle tonic, and you can enjoy it:

  • As kratom or kava comprised herbal extract during the day.
  • As a substitute for alcoholic drinks.
  • Or as an elated beverage while hanging out with your buddies. 

Possible Cons Of Feel-Free Drink

Like everything, this cool blue bottle has its side effects. Although many people find it beneficial for them, this is not true for all. Now let us get into the possible negative impacts of this drink:

  • Even though kratom has been used for its various health benefits for many years, feel free that tonic contains kratom, but it does not suit everyone.
  • You can not consume it before bed as it may disturb your sleep.
  • The feel-free plant-based bottle is quite expensive compared to other alcoholic drinks.
  • Added to it, the amount of liquid in it is also much less in quantity.

Reviews Of Feel Free Wellness Tonic By Users

There are many points of view about this tonic per individual’s experiences.

But most users find it a habit-forming drink and feel restless and uncomfortable without its use. They say that this drink is a marketing strategy that involves the sale of kratom in the name of kava and is expensive too.

Dosage Of Feel Free Plant Based Herbal Supplement

The dosage of feel-free plant-based tonic can be ¼ to ½ bottle for first-time users as most people feel its benefits with this amount. Its enjoying vibes may start just after having it and can be prolonged for many hours.

Still, you must shake its bottle before use and consult a physician or health care provider before taking it to enjoy its benefits safely. So it may make you more social and focused with a boost of energy.

Where To Buy Plant Based Feel Free Liquid Tonic

You can buy a non-alcoholic and refreshing wellness tonic from Urban Ice Botanicals for just $7.99. Urban Ice Botanicals sells its products online and in stores.

Final Thoughts

The discussion concludes that Feel Free plant-based tonic can be an effective wellness drink. But like any habit-forming thing, caffeine, alcohol, or Feel Free can be habit-forming too.

Also, this product has no evidence of addressing health issues like diagnosing or treating any health issues. So, you can think about its use after the consultation with a healthcare professional, and it’s better not to consume more than a bottle per day and a half bottle at a time.



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