Some people call kratom a “magical herb”. And it truly is.

But what if I told you that there are companies out there that make this magic even better?

One such company is called Blue Magic Kratom. It’s goal? To make your kratom experience jump from good to extraordinary.

If you’re interested to know more about this amazing company, and where you can buy its products, read on!

What is Blue Magic Kratom?

If you know what MIT45 and VivaZen Kratom are, you know what Blue Magic Kratom is.

It’s a name given to various proprietary kratom blends. Blue Magic Kratom is a well-reputed and famous kratom company.

In 2015, Ross and Nate Jaramillo teamed up as father and son with their family friend Kyle Bratlien to begin distributing kratom from their garage in Temecula, California.

The boys had a knack for blending various strains to make unique products that customers loved.

Soon, the owners found their company to be rapidly growing and realized they had to upgrade their facility to cater to the ever-increasing customer demands.

They first moved to a 2500 square feet warehouse. In a short span of five years, the company grew to five distribution centers totaling 45,000 sqft. (approximately) with hundreds of distributors.

Blue Magic Kratom is brought to you by Hundreds Brands. Our mission is to provide trusted premium quality supplements to individual, wholesale and retail customers across the globe.

Owners & Founders:
Ross Jaramillo (Father)
Nathan Jaramillo (“Nate” Jaramillo)
Kyle Bratlien (Family Friend)

What Products Does Blue Magic Kratom Offer?

Blue Magic Kratom Product

Initially, the company launched Maeng Da and Bali blends. Today, it offers Green Malay, Red Vein, Red Dragon, and Trainwreck kratom blends in addition to the Maeng Da and Bali blends.

Blue Magic Kratom is mainly famous for its kratom capsules. A lot of kratom users don’t like the hassle of handling powder or leaves. They want a simple, straightforward way of using kratom, and capsules are very good at that.

If you’re a fan of capsules, you’ll love Blue Magic Kratom. All its kratom blends are available as both capsules and powders.

Out of all its blends, Blue Magic Maeng Da seems to be the most popular. It’s made out of a mixture of red, white, green, and yellow strains. The goal of the blend is to provide users with a well-balanced experience. That’s what blends are for.

Blue Kratom Maeng Da is designed to provide you with three major effects. These are relief from pain, peace and tranquility, and mood improvement.

If you take the blend in high doses (which is not recommended if you are a beginner), you’ll probably feel its euphoric effects too.

Blue Kratom Bali is aimed at enhancing your mental performance and making you more alert. It will be helpful if you need energy and concentration to conquer long days and challenging jobs. You might experience euphoria too.

If you are a very anxious person or suffer from mild pain from things like exercise, the right blend for you is Green Malay. It will calm your nerves down and make your pain go away.

And if you suffer from severe and chronic pain, then you should go with Red Vein kratom. It will soothe your pain and help you sleep better. It’s one of the kratom strains that are thought to be helpful in insomnia.

Red Dragon is another excellent blend if you’re looking for peace and tranquility, and it’s a great alternative to Maeng Da or Green Malay.

And finally, to put your curiosity to rest, Trainwreck is an enhanced version of Maeng Da. So, if you’re looking for extra-strong Maeng Da effects, this is the strain for you.

Because the company has done so well, it has recently launched some CBD products too. These include gummies, oil drops, face creams, body creams, and bath bombs. They also offer Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens (AlphaOmega Delta 8).

The bath bombs have a great variety. They come in different types like coconut almond, radian rose, mermaid kiss, and charcoal detox.

You should check out these products if you are a CBD fan.

Customer Feedback and Kratom Safety

Blue Magic Kratom lab-tests its products for various things. These include mitragynine levels, additives or preservatives, fillers, heavy metals (which are toxic to your body), and several microorganisms like Salmonella.

Microorganisms like Salmonella can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, so it’s crucial that kratom companies make sure the bugs don’t contaminate their products. So, I think it’s safe to assume that Blue Magic Kratom will be safe to consume.

Keep in mind that Blue Magic Kratom is a member of the American Kratom Association’s website. This means they are following good manufacturing processes.

However, given the company’s crazy success, their kratom must be high-quality and safe.

One area where the company has received significant praise from its customers is the ability of its Maeng Da kratom to help in alleviating opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Customers recommend higher doses of Maeng Da to reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms. But, if you are a casual user, you should be careful with the dosage.

If you are opiate-naive, it’s recommended that you start with 0.25 to 0.5 grams of Maeng Da, three times a day. Exceeding that dose can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner.

Where To Buy Blue Magic Kratom?

Blue Magic Kratom has a website

Their products were initially meant to be sold in smoke shops. So, you can find Blue Magic Kratom in most smoke shops.

Some online websites sell Blue Magic Kratom as well, and a lot of people have switched to them because they are cheaper than smoke shops. works directly with Blue Magic Kratom. So, it’s probably the best online website to buy the company’s products. Blue Magic Kratom is one of the most popular products on this website.

You can buy 500 Blue Magic Maeng Da capsules for $77.99 on

But if you’re looking to save some money, try Here, you can buy 500 Maeng Da capsules for $69.99.

Both these websites sell other Blue Magic Kratom products too, and if you’re interested, go check them out.

If you want to save even more money, visit Right now, there’s a sale on Blue Magic Kratom capsules on this website. You can get 150 Maeng Da capsules for only $19.99 instead of the usual $22.99.

But the sale is going to end soon, so hurry up!


I hope I’ve given you adequate information about Blue Magic Kratom.

Blue Magic Kratom is the name given to various proprietary blends. The California-based company is owned by two brothers and their friends.

Blends by Blue Magic Kratom have grown in popularity at a startling rate.

So, make sure you give the company a chance.



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