From being an ideal remedy for lucid dreaming of turning out to be a fashion statement concerning hairdos for Egyptian ladies, Blue Lotus is something out of this world!

Have you ever wondered how some sacred flowers have journeyed history and are famously used today for the medical benefits they provide? Among such ethnobotanicals, Blue Lotus is one of the unique flowers and can be your go-to remedy in numerous scenarios!

So are you all ready to know this sacred plant? From its beautiful history to consuming methods, you will get to know everything right here in this piece.

So let’s get straight into the much-awaited details!

What is Blue Lotus, and from where has it originated?

Blue Lotus flower belongs to the genus Nymphaea. Scientifically, it is recognized as Nymphaea Caerulea. Some other common names of this flower are Blue Egyptian Lotus, Blue Egyptian Water Lily, Sacred Blue Lily, or Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile.

If we consider its beautiful history, the flower originated from Egypt’s famous Nile River and some northern parts of Africa. The Mayans and Ancient Egyptian civilizations widely used it as a part of their cultural domain, and the flower is thought to have Godly associations.

The burial chambers of Egypt, which are pretty old now, are filled with artifacts, including Egyptian Lily’s carving and portraits.

Moreover, Blue Lotus is often seen highlighted with wine in old Egyptian paintings. According to these shreds of evidence, one can say that Blue Lotus has been a prominent part of Egyptian culture.

The most common uses were in sacred drinks, plant extracts, and religious ceremonies. Furthermore, the flower was a known party drug and was consistently used to trigger sexual desire and a relaxing mental state.

For more than a hundred decades, the native residents used this hallucinogenic-smelling flower on spiritual occasions to attain better consciousness. Later, at the beginning of the third century, they introduced it to the victorious Greeks, who exported it worldwide.

That was all about the history of Blue Lotus! Now let’s dig deeper and explore its chemical profile, how it interacts with brain receptors and the potential benefits of using it.

What chemicals are responsible for the medical benefits of the Blue Lotus?

Every medicinal herb has specific chemical agents that interact with our bodies to bring about the effects they are known to produce. Similar is the case with Sacred Lotus.

According to a study conducted in 2017, Lotus contains two essential chemical agents, known as Apomorphine and Nuciferin.

Now you must be wondering that what do these two alkaloids do?

  • Apomorphine: The alkaloid tends to bind with dopamine receptors in the brain and activates them. As it triggers dopamine, one feels happier and blissful.
  • Nuciferine:

There is little research on how nuciferine binds with brain receptors and what mechanisms are involved. But, it is responsible for the majority of the effects, like erectile dysfunction and sedation.

What are the uses of the Blue Lotus?

That’s the best chunk of this piece, and you would get surprised knowing what healing properties this herb embraces.

So let’s head over to the top-12 science-baked benefits of the Blue Lotus flower!

Gastrointestinal diseases

Whether it’s diarrhea or abdominal pains, the Blue Lotus is ideal for treating gastrointestinal diseases. Gastrointestinal issues can worsen your entire day. Imagine you are about to deliver a training session, and a sudden feeling of going to the toilet makes you pause the session. In cases like these, the Blue Lotus can be a fair deal for you.

Stimulation and Euphoria

The reason the plant became popular in Egypt is its immediate effects of euphoria. Many people also experience a mild stimulant-like effect that encourages socialization.

So if you have been a bit low lately, try this flower and land into a state of blissful feelings.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can be a real-time challenge for the sexual life of an individual. Blue Lotus also helps in erectile dysfunction, mainly caused due to depression.

The research claims that using Blue Lotus can help stimulate sexual. The alkaloid nuciferine helps with the stimulation. Moreover, The Egyptians also used it for libido.

Stress and anxiety

The Lotus has an apomorphine alkaloid that causes sedation, and you feel stress-free. The relaxation and soothing feelings take away all the anxiety and leave you with positive energy. Many users got rid of insomnia with Blue Lotus.

Menstrual cramps

Women always fear their period because the painful cramps in the abdomen and back area make them spend the entire day in their bedroom. A study suggests that Blue Lotus reduces menstrual bleeding and pain level in women.


The Blue Lotus helps keep the “silent-killer” diabetes and its complications like cardiovascular disorders under control. The chemical agents of Blue Lotus have insulin-like properties and help to promote balanced sugar levels in our body.

Anti-oxidant properties

Blue Lotus is also used as an anti-oxidant and removes the toxins from your body. It is a natural way-out to get rid of harmful agents residing inside your system.


The polysaccharides present in Egyptian Lotus have anti-inflammatory properties. Whenever you experience a burning feeling, swelling, or inflammation, try this flower and get rid of the uneasiness.


Dry throat and continuous cough make an individual entirely restless, and one cannot focus on anything. Egyptian Lotus tea helps to feel a sense of warmth in your throat and eliminates cough.

Lucid Dreaming

According to a Reddit user review, the flower helps with insomnia, and you experience seeing more vivid, colorful, and life-like dreams. Ancient Egyptians also used the Lotus drink for lucid dreaming practice.

Skin and hair

Several countries use the seed extracts to prepare skincare products as it acts as a natural moisturizer and helps people with dry, flaky skin. Moreover, it also prevents the recurrence of pimples and acne. Besides skincare, the flower is also used in hair care products as a conditioner.

Other benefits

  • The Blue Lotus flower is said to have ginseng that acts as an anesthetic agent.
  • The plant leaves are used for pain-relief, thirst, hemorrhoids, and bleeding from internal organs.
  • The receptacle for the seed cleans the mouth and blood.
  • The filaments are natural. They improve the complexion, help in oral ulcers, and eliminate the tendency to abortions.
  • The leaf-stalk helps in lactation.
  • Honey from the Lotus flower is very nutritious and contributes to fight eye diseases.

What are the Blue Lotus side effects?

Blue Lotus can have mild side effects that prove to be harmless for a majority of people. However, in smaller-moderate doses, the plant is quite beneficial. But when taken in large doses, it can lead to the following:

  • Hot flashes and mild jittery feelings
  • Hallucinations and hypnosis
  • Nausea
  • Disorientation
  • Vomiting

How to use Blue Lotus?

You can use a Blue Lotus in numerous ways. People have been eating the plant to keep alive that Lotophagi tradition in “The Odyssey.”

Blue Lotus tea, cocktails, and wines

People often brew it into tea or add it to different cocktails, wines, and liquors.

Note: It is not wise to mix the flower extract with alcoholic beverages because there has been no research recommending that it is safe to have such a mixture.

To make Blue Lotus tea, follow these four simple steps:

  • Take 3-5 grams of Blue Lotus dry flowers
  • Add this measured dose to 1-2 cups of boiling water
  • Let it steep in the water for 10-15 minutes
  • Now strain the entire tea and enjoy the happiness-filled sips


In addition to ingestion, you can also smoke this Egyptian treasure. However, make sure that you mix the petals and bulbs as the ingredients spread over both these components. You can even use it as an herbal combination to feel peaceful and euphoric.

Note: Smoking the herb may initiate psychoactive effects. Hence be careful!


Many individuals find the fragrance of the flower quite stress-relieving. That’s why its aromatherapy is quite famous. In aromatherapy, the fragrance runs down to the receptor cells through the nasal passage, and as a result, the subsequent effects emerge


Blue Lotus essential oil is often used in massage centers to promote calmness and relaxation. It enters your body through the skin and brings about legitimate effects.


The dry flower is ground to form a smooth-textured powder, and later, it is infused in a vaporizer and inhaled.

Is it legal to use Blue Lotus?

As far as the United States is concerned, one can freely use Blue Lotus as it is not a controlled substance. However, it has not been accepted for consumption by humans, but the cultivation, sale, and purchase are legal.

Stores commonly sell incense and weaker teas, but they should abide by the regulations.

Louisiana is the only state in the entire country that has issued new laws about Nymphaea Caerulea, which are mainly passed to discourage human consumption.

While the flower is globally legal, Russia, Poland, Romania, and Latvia have banned its usage altogether. It has been done to prevent the scandals of synthetic marijuana.

A life-changing User Experience of Blue Lotus

Blue Water Lilly of Nile has been an ultimate therapy for a user who had lost all his hopes. Read on to find out how this flower brought that beautiful life of a user back to him.

“I came across the Blue Lotus flower for the first time on my trip to Thailand. I was very much fascinated by its medicinal value and the way the residents raved over it. A few years later, I lost my job, and because of that, I became socially aloof. I did not know what to do and severed all connections. I felt blue all the time and stayed upset in the four walls of my house.

Once while surfing the web, I came across an article on the Blue Lotus flower and got reminded of the magical effects. I ordered the product and started using the petals in my tea. I felt relaxed, and a sense of euphoria took me over after ingesting it.

I reunited with my long-lost friends and tried out the resin extract from the plant as suggested by one of them.

I occasionally smoked it in the proportion of 10:1 resin extract according to the customer reviews on the drug forum and felt really awesome. I also started feeling good about myself and applied for interviews at several places. My hard work paid off, and today, I have a job. I owe a bit of my success to this wonderful flower.

The customer reviews and information shared by them also proved to be extremely helpful to me. Thanks to Blue Lotus for all the therapy. I feel overwhelmed whenever I look at that beautiful blue flower.”

Are you excited to know where you can purchase the high-quality Blue Lotus flowers? But before we head over to the authentic online vendors for Blue Lotus, it is essential to consider this check-list!

  1. Do not confuse Blue Lotus with the national flower of India and Vietnam – Nelumbo Nucifera. However, both flowers are pretty similar but have a clear difference in effects, properties, and physical nature.
  2. Never purchase from a vendor who is not GMP certified.
  3. Always read about the essential ingredients of the product and make sure you are purchasing pure lotus.
  4. You can always count on user reviews, as they come from people who have trusted the vendor and tried the products.
  5. Always take the consent of your health care professional before you start using the flower. It may interact with the medications you are using.

Top-5 vendors that sell high-quality blue lotus products

1. Herbs Tomb

Herbs Tomb is known for selling top-grade ethnobotanicals in Portland. They have a wide variety of Blue Lotus products that are quite affordable and are potent enough to deliver miraculous effects.

Here’s a quick review of products and price ranges:

Blue lotus dry flowers$10.00 – $140.00
Resin(Currently, the product is out of stock, and the price is not visible at the site)
Powder$9.00 – $120.00
25x Extract$10.00 – $120.00

2. Zamesia

Zamnesia is a leading Europe-based business, enthusiastic enough to bring supreme-quality ethnobotanicals for the customers. The vendor covers a good range of blue lotus products that are fast-acting and 100% pure.

The table below shows the products they sell and their subsequent prices:

Blue lotus dry flowers€7,95 for 10 grams
15x Tincture€16,50 for 15ml
20x Resin€7,95 for 1 gram
20x extract€9,95 for 1 gram

3. Phyto-Extractum

At Phyto-Extractum, you can grab pure Blue Lotus products that are lab-tested for quality control and are 100% GMP certified. With an outstanding reputation, the vendor will definitely meet your standards.

Check out the table below to have a look at the products and their prices.

Blue Lotus Flowers$14.95 for 1oz
Blue Lotus 30x Extract$7.45 for 1 gram
Blue Lotus Tincture$14.95

4. Kratora

Kratora turns out to be another trust-worthy vendor for Blue Lotus. With careful harvesting and close monitoring from refining to packaging, they do not leave any stone unturned to produce 100% organic products.

At kratora, you can buy high-grade blue lotus products; check the table below to find the details.

Blue lotus flowers$11.99 for 1oz
Blue lotus powder$11.99 for 1oz
Blue lotus 50x extract$7.99

5. Shaman’s Garden

Many individuals use ethnobotanicals for better well-being, rituals, and meditations. Shaman’s Garden is a New Zealand-based vendor with all sorts of Blue Lotus products available for you.

Following are the details of their products:

Blue Lotus Flowers$11.99 for 1oz
Blue Lotus Absolute Oil$79.99 for 5ml
Blue Lotus Stamens$21.99 for 1oz
Blue Lotus Resin 25:1$9.99 for 1gram

Final Thoughts

The Blue lotus flower is an essential part of ancient Egyptian history and was used in various religious and cultural ceremonies. More recently, the herb has gained enough recognition in the USA because of the ultimate health benefits it provides.

Although it faces certain legality issues, it is entirely legal in the USA. To experience the best results, always start taking the flower in minor doses and always consult your doctor for the best advice.


What is the ideal Blue Lotus dosage?

To have the best experience, you should take 2-5grams of Blue Lotus. Remember, extracts have a higher concentration of alkaloids. Hence, take half the amount of your regular dosage for extracts.

Is Blue Lotus legal?

Apart from Russia, Romania, Louisiana, Latvia, and Poland, Blue Lotus is legal worldwide.

Are there any Blue Lotus side-effects?

The side effects appear when you take highly concentrated and heavier doses. With doses below 5gram, the individual experiences no side-effects.

However, common side effects include nausea, vomiting, jitters, hallucinations, and disorientation.

Where can I buy Blue Lotus online?

Some leading online vendors to purchase this sacred herb are:
– Zamnesia
– Kratora
– Phyto-Extractum
– Shaman’s Garden
– Herbs Tomb

Does Blue Lotus make you “high” ?

Yes, according to a few user reviews, it does initiate euphoria and make you feel high.



  1. “Blue Lotus flower belongs to the genus Nymphaea. Scientifically, it is recognized as Nymphaea Caerulea.” WRONG

    Blue lotus is scientifically recognized as Nelumbo nucifera. It is a completely different plant than Blue LILY. Please stop misinforming people.


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