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Over some years, the use of alternative medicines is on the rise. In fact, people like to have Kratom as a medicinal supplement that offers numerous benefits.

Moreover, it assists to uplift the mood and promotes the quality of life. Without any doubt, the well-being state of an individual directs him to contentment and happiness. Therefore, the Kratom alternatives can win the heart as well as the situation.

What Is BLISSx?

BLISSx, being one of the common nootropic formulae that can suit your motivation levels and daily health issues. Besides, they come up with the innovative supplement that can induce euphoria.

BLISSx, claims that it delivers a wide range of health benefits that combines the advanced nutraceutical revolutions. But is it helpful for you or one must not intake this alternative? The only way to discover is by trying and judging every aspect of the product. So let’s get it started.

What's Up With Their Product?

Beginning with their product and looking at their official website, led us to the belief that the company has so much to offer. So what’s the composition of their product?

They made use of the Angelica Sinensis root, Paeonia lactiflora root, Bupleurum Chinese root, Poria cocos fungus, Beta-(aminomethyl)hydrocinnamic acid (Phenibut), and Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome.

What’s more? Apart from the use of these ingredients, they used the Mentha haplaocalyx herb, fresh Zingiber officinale rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root, and rice. Nonetheless, BLISSx doesn’t have much in its catalog and it also lacks the different sub-types and any other deals.

On the other hand, they did mention the supplement facts, serving per container, serving size and ingredients. Most importantly, the mentioning of every ingredient makes the brand stand out from the rest.

Is The Website Good To Go?

Though the website seems decent and chic, which makes things easier for the customers. But the limited product or the single-page website might not grab the attention of the people. Of course, due to the limited type of product, one may not the positive vibes of the brand.

When we talk about the product, BLISSx ensured that they discuss the nature, type, and other factors. They stated that this can last long hours and can be beneficial to reduce the stress levels. They claimed that BLISSx guarantees the use of a science-backed formulation that can promote the health of a person.

Are Their Products Tested?

Nevertheless, BLISSx converses the use of natural and herbal ingredients but the customers may face some confusion. This is so because they did not cite anything related to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or FDA regulations.

They declared the benefits of the product on their website repeatedly however the lab test reports or any other validation is missing. In contrast, their products show decent quality which can be seen from the reviews of the customers.

What Payment Options Do They Offer?

To illustrate the payment options, BLISSx has two choices for the payment methods. Likewise, either one can recompense through the help of PayPal or else you can go for the credit card options.

On the other hand, they offer you the priority shipments as well as the flat rates for the usual ones. Due to these choices, one can plan things as per their preferences.

What Is The Pricing Structure?

Keeping in fact that BLISSx is the powerful Kratom alternative, thus they tried to offer the least possible prices. Since, the price of the product starts at $34.99, thus they appear quite reasonable.

One of the positive aspects that are there waiting for you, is the presence of a full money-back guarantee. In comparison with other brands, their prices are affordable. Best of all, there are no hidden tax charges but one must agree to the terms and conditions before buying the product.

What About Customer Reviews & Social Engagement?

If you like to read the customer reviews or feedback then the website of BLISSx contains the testimonials for you. Moreover, you can contact them via their website or via social media platforms.

Due to their brand image on Facebook and Instagram, is it convenient for the customers to stay in touch? This means that the vendor is active on social media sites and one can read the reviews and testimonials of the brand. Still confused about the product? Feel free to contact them as their customer service is right on point.

What We Did Not Like?

Despite it claimed to have all the pure and herbal ingredients, BLISSx has Phenibut which has a contradictory medical history. Because of the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, Phenibut seems to be inconsistent when it comes to legality.

Similarly, the use of Beta-(aminomethyl)hydrocinnamic acid in BLISSx makes it ambiguous in the eyes of several customers. Then again, they listed this chemical structure on their official website as well.

What Did We Like?

To summarize, BLISSx mentioned the ingredients and description of the product. Besides, they offer discounted prices and coupons to returning customers and other individuals. Following their customer services, quality products, and a simple website, they are working relatively hard. BLISSx has a standard cart system that will help you to choose effectively.

Moreover, the official website is easy to navigate and doesn’t comprise any tricks. The return policy is there to support the customers, in case of unsatisfaction, that is the full money-back guarantee.

Our Verdict

Above all, BLISSx is making its way to the industry and now it’s up to you to go according to your body needs. Furthermore, BLISSx gives a decent impression except for some minor features which need some improvement.

Other than that, the reviews of the customers are constructive and positive. They also hold an online reputation and the company looks nice. Although, it is important to check and verify anything before making the necessary decisions.

If you are a newbie, you must be conscious of what you’re doing and the thing that suits you. Last but not least, should we recommend it to you? For sure, because why not? Get back to us in the comments section!



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