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With the current market trends and the presence of various online vendors, people feel it hard to find authentic Kratom products. You can see different Ketum sellers who are trying to set up their businesses in different countries. This leaves everyone in doubt due to the excessive competition and credibility of the brand.

Termed as a wholesale distributor, Blissful Botanicals specializes in natural and innovative products. Since 2010, they offer retail and bulk goods and are quite recognized because of consistency and quality. So, the question is, whether this brand is legit or not.

Why Should You Choose Them?

While talking about their products, things seem quite decent on the surface. Starting from their website, it shows a good range, slicking site and a nice pitch. What should one hope from this brand of Mitragyna speciosa?

Offering a wide variety of different types, Blissful Botanicals provide liquid extract tinctures, extract, powder, capsules, and herbal teas. They have the Green Maeng Da, Green Vein, Enhanced Tincture, Gold Series Ultra Enhanced, Borneo blend, Herbal tea, and much more.

Wondering about the quality of products sold under their label? A decent layout of their official website and affordable pricing list means a lot when the product is right on point.

What Makes Blissful Botanicals Stand Out?

Keeping the international standards in mind, this brand ensures the compliance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Following the Food and Drug Administration, they also adhere to international standards.

Each of their product is tested – based on heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants. To have a proper packaging process, they also have a food-grade processing facility while they work in collaboration with several laboratories. What’s more?

They guarantee that the goods are trusted, and clean and they ensure the validation and authentication of the products. You will be amazed after finding out the aspects of their brand, without any doubt.

The interesting factor is that they label all their products. Informing the customer after your products and being honest, is what we call professionalism. What do you think?

How Do They Manage Things?

Being the wholesale distributor, this company sells its products to the brick and mortar stores. By not selling to the public and restricting the sales, they like to safe the individuals. Having no fillers or synthetic ingredients is one of the major features of Blissful Botanicals.

Made up of added preservatives, their herbal liquids help the customers in different ways. This company believes in strong customer relationships and they do so, by offering consistent and potent thang products.

If you are not satisfied with their product, you can avail of their offer of a 100% money-back guarantee. They like to have pure associations with their customers.

What's Up With Their Customer Services?

As far as customer service is concerned, they lack their presence on social media platforms. You can have some issues when it comes to checking the review and feedback of the customers. Though they did mention the “Contact” option however the issue remains there. Most importantly, Blissful Botanicals has an attractive website that is easy to use.

Therefore, you can effortlessly navigate your way throughout the store and select the products which you like to have. To have the prompt response, they have their customer representatives out there to solve your concerns. Paying attention to their “Cart” and store locator options can help you to understand their thang products.

How Do They Handle Their Business Operations?

In reference to their payment options, you can pay via different cards except American Express. Blissful Botanicals warrants that the payments are safe. Using AES-256 encryption and socket layer technology (SSL), they safeguard the safety of your payments.

From implementing additional information to following the PCI-DSS requirements, their business operations work up to the expectations.

To have a hold on their business operations, their website provides two options. Either you need to register for the wholesale prices or go for the login method.

What Else?

Concerning the prices and payment methods, Blissful Botanicals did not indicate or talk about the prices for the public. Moreover, they tried to implement the Personally Identifiable Information’ (PII), as mentioned on their official website. They look after the privacy and security of the customers by employing the Malware Scanning.

Then again, they implemented the California Online Privacy Protection Act by which this company secures the customers. Knowing their rules and regulations, Blissful Botanicals does not discuss the prices or shipment procedures.

As they are not open to the community, therefore their website lacks sections like shipment procedures, detailed blogs and any other in-depth information about Kratom products.

Did We Miss Anything?

Honestly, Blissful Botanicals align their operations by using the individual batch testing procedures. They do not make false claims about their products. Furthermore, this wholesaler did not highlight frauds or cheesy advertisements on the website.

Coming back to the topic, one must know about their plant-matter testing and other routine tests. What the customers might not like? Blissful Botanicals restricted their products for the public and it may cause chaos and some problems among the usual customers.

The challenge will affect the customers and they might not be able to make the most of it. Maybe, they will face a tough time to thrive and stay in the kratom industry.

What’s Our Take On This Brand?

From this review, one can now completely understand and know the things about them. Blissful Botanicals can be recommended for their quality products, GMP aspects, routine batch testing along with others such quality factors.

For interested people, you can end up registering for wholesale prices or log in as a member. The vendor is doing his best on so many levels, and this can attract other customers soon.

Blissful Botanicals is concerned about the overall quality of life and they seem interested in making things work for you. Thankfully, you can have a legitimate Kratom brand with an extensive selection. Want to try it? Because its Recommended!



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