Ultra Enhanced Indo, commonly known as UEI Kratom is one of the strongest strains available. For evaluating Kratom strains, it is famous as “The Gold Standard.”  Its usage follows a different pattern as that of other strains. This article will enlighten the methods and dosage to try UEI Kratom for a beginner level and regular Kratom user.

What is an Ultra Enhanced strain?

Kratom extract is a concentrated form of the plant which is used for oral use. An enhanced version means that it has been infused with higher alkaloids, using the large size premium quality sources. For Ultra Enhanced Indo there are approximately 1500 additional alkaloids which are added to make it more powerful. An enhanced strain is effective even in small quantity and has stronger effects.

The enhanced UEI is made by boiling big size Kratom leaves and then the mixture is cooled followed by evaporation of water. It is then filtered which leaves behind a thick, concentrated extract which is molded to make any form of products. UEI s is the rarest strain of Kratom.

How to take UEI Kratom?

There is no as such any formula or recipe to take it. By user reviews, it is suggested to start with a little amount. UEI Kratom has 5x more potency than any other Kratom strain.

  • Chewing Leaves

Chewing the Kratom leaves is a direct way to obtain its benefits, but UEI Kratom is not advised for direct usage.  By using specialized tools, an enhanced strain of Kratom is available in the market for purchase. However, natives to Kratom plantation areas still prefer to chew the finest and largest left which somehow gives them an “enhanced” effect. This enhanced effect is not the same enhanced effect which people experience by adding extra alkaloids as available in UEI form.

  • Take Supplements

UEI Kratom is available in capsule form with different potency. You can take a preferred dosage and consume it daily.

  • Dosage Determination

For general usage, the potency of UEI Kratom should not be forgotten. One has to be very precise in quantity since it can initiate undesired effects when consumed in high amount. Nausea and dizziness are the common symptoms of overdosing. UEI Kratom can exhibit effects in a lower quantity as that of 1 gram only. For beginners, it is suggested to start with 0.5 grams which are followed by another 0.5 g after 20-30 minutes. The interval method makes your body comfortable with the Kratom effects which are new for it.

  • Using Powder Extractultra enhanced indo kratom

The extract is available in powder form. It can be purchased and stored for long. For daily use, powder UEI Kratom is preferred by most of the people. However, Kratom tea can be made as per personal choice. 1-3 g Kratom powder is an average dose. Taking 3-4 g of UEI Kratom powder would induce high effects. Many of the experienced people also reported using 5-10 g which is not advised to follow on a beginner level.

  • Make Kratom Teapassion-flower

Making Kratom tea is different than regular tea which you take. For 2 cups Kratom tea, 2 cups water is required. You can use 1-5 grams for a higher tea and 5-10 grams for additional effects only if you are used to it.

One tablespoon lemon juice is an optional choice. It never changes the taste of Kratom but helps to enhance it. Boil water in a clean pot on a medium-high stove. Add 3 g Kratom powder (for average use) in it.

Use a wooden spoon and mix it continuously to avoid lumps. Kratom catches fire when left on sides of the pot. Mixing needs attention so that Kratom infuses well in the water. Mix lemon juice after a few boils.

An average time to follow is 15-20 minutes with stirring now and then. Once you turn the stove off, tea is set to cool down. You can use ice cubes to make it cool faster or wait to cool on its own. Once it reaches a normal temperature, it is ready for consumption. You will experience the effects within 15- 20 minutes of tea.

Maximum effects are observed in 30-45 minutes and they slowly fade after 2-4 hours till they completely vanish. You can re-take it after 4-5 hours to get the effects again.

  • Mix UEI With Non-Enhanced Strains

Due to the higher effects, many people prefer to mix it with other strains. This mixture of Kratom strains reduces the risk of tolerance which is highest otherwise. UEI is a little expensive and potent so mixing it with an inexpensive, and mild strain will be economically better, also, it will induce better and stronger effects without the risk of over dosage.

What should you expect?

UEI Kratom induces severe effects which no one should use for experiments. Underage and novice users should not use it at all. For those who are new to Kratom can try non-enhanced strains before trying this super fast enhanced strain. The effects which you will feel after taking UEI Kratom will have a full spectrum.

The analgesic effect of it is the most prominent among rest. Other effects include stimulation, concentration, stress release, and euphoric feelings. The only precaution is to buy it from a trusted seller.



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