Not all cannabis users take a morning and evening dose to cater to their CBD needs. With the rise of the vaping culture, many enthusiasts now prefer to take multiple puffs in small doses during the day. Whether you are having a tough day at work or are trying to relax at home, you can use puff bars; CBD will quench your cannabis thirst and help you enjoy the therapeutic effects.

Using a pre-filled or disposable vape pen can easily help you reap maximum CBD benefits in a single puff, regardless of time or location. That is why vaping CBD is quite popular and the most preferred method of cannabis consumption. However, not all CBD vape pens are similar since numerous vendors and products exist. The chances of purchasing a substandard product are high if you are unfamiliar with the manufacturer or the best CBD products. Hence, you might not enjoy the cannabis experience you were looking for. 

You might ask yourself ‘’is there CBD in puff bars?’’ It’s okay for a beginner since vaping is typically linked to e-cigarettes, and CBD vapes are a distinct category of puff bars you must focus on. Thus, we have compiled a list of quality CBD vape pens you can add to your wellness routine. Since they are selected for their designs, quality, and simplicity, these puff bars are what you need to take your CBD experience to the next level. 

As stated above, CBD vape pens are available in pre-filled or disposable cartridges. Pre-filled pens come with a specific CBD dosage, while refillable pens allow you to reuse the cartridge and regulate the amount of CBD concentrate.


CBDfx is a popular vape pen using 100% hemp grown in the USA. It is rechargeable and disposable, containing 800+ puffs, offering convenience and flexibility. This reputable brand provides a potent and discreet vaping device that many cannabis enthusiasts prefer. Besides, this puff bar CBD offers long-lasting, consistent, smooth hits without charring or burning effects.

Its discrete size allows one to vape on the go, whether at work or home, without drawing attention. CBDfx vape pen contains broad-spectrum CBD liquid, certified and tested in advanced labs for quality and purity. Each pen is a 500mg CBD puff bar; no nicotine is in its contents, providing a wholesome cannabis experience. 

You can enjoy mint, strawberry, lemonade, and tropical breeze flavors to suit your preference. Regarding design, the pen is a true reflection of sleek design trends and cutting-edge technology. It is light in weight with a smooth and appealing form.

In terms of therapeutic value, the CBDfx vape pen is suitable for users battling chronic pain or various anxiety disorders because of its high CBD potency. It is among the best options for newbies and seasoned vapers. 


Another great option for vapers is the Koi CBD vape pen, a quality brand with a pure CBD isolate formula. It is a small, pocket-sized, disposable vape pen offering users a potent cannabis experience. The Koi hemp extracts are organic and sourced from the USA, making the product top-quality. 

Koi CBD provides an easy activation for users to vape efficiently with no weed or tobacco burning. Even if you are new to the vaping culture, you will get a consistent, safe experience. Besides, various flavors make this puff bar a favorite, even among picky cannabis lovers. Some of the flavors include tropical fruit, strawberry, and blue raspberry. 

This vape pen is effective and can be used by people suffering from pain-related conditions or who need uplifting effects during the day. You will get energized and become focused on your work if you add a puff of Koi CBD into your daily regimen. 

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD provides a wide array of hemp-derived products from top-rated brands in the cannabis industry. The extensive range of products includes the Diamond CBD vape pen, offering vapers a wholesome CBD experience with immense benefits. 

The strong cannabinoid formula in the vape pen offers potent effects to users. The puff bar has a stylish design. Besides, it is small and easy to use, which allows users to vape discreetly at any time. 

Diamond CBD is great for frequent vapers who take small doses daily. It provides a rich CBD content of 800mg per pen, which equates to 3.33mg CBD per puff. Thus, the pen is ideal for people looking for a fast-acting and flavorful CBD product.

Extract Labs 

Extract Labs vaping pens contain full-spectrum CBD from 100% hemp cannabinoids and a natural terpene formula. Its sweet aroma makes this vape pen a preferred choice for many CBD enthusiasts. You can choose among four tasty strains and multiple flavors to satisfy your CBD needs. 

This vape pen has a high CBD concentration of 1000mg per entire pen, providing users with immediate relief from pain and other disorders like anxiety and depression. Vaping Extract Labs products also boost creativity with their uplifting effects, making users more productive and energetic.

It is a small and convenient puff bar, making Extract Labs the perfect option for vapers who want an aromatic and effective CBD experience.

Final Take – Best Types of CBD Vape Pens

If you are a newbie and still wondering, “do puff bars have CBD?” you now have the information that vaping doesn’t involve e-cigarettes only. You can access various CBD products from different brands at to choose your preferred taste and content. Moreover, you can research extensively on the Internet to locate a “CBD puff bar near me” without the pressure of searching physically for local cannabis stores. 

Remember to check the company’s reputation, manufacturing processes, ingredients, and customer reviews before purchasing CBD vape pens to ensure you get the best product.



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