Akuamma plant scientifically referred to as Picralima Nitida consists of numerous Akuamma seeds, around 5-10 cm wide embedded in a pulp.

They mainly found in deciduous forests with a wide distribution in tropical Africa with plantations also located in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Angola, Nigeria, Zaire, Cameroon, and Tanzania.

Extracts of the leaves, seeds, or stem bark are all intensely bitter and can be used in the preparation of several fever and malaria medicines as a quinine substitute.

In Central Africa, Akuamma seeds utilized for the treatment of primary hypertension, malaria, and jaundice.

The crushed seeds consumed for stomachache and pneumonia.

Extracts of the stem bark and seeds can be given for sexually transmitted diseases and as a vermifuge.

The plant contains a complex mixture of indole and dihydroindole alkaloids like alstonine, akuammiline, akuammidine, akuammine, akuammicine, echitamine, picraline, picratidine, and picraphylline.

The plant extracts also show local anesthetic, opiate receptor, antihypertensive, and sympatholytic properties.

Alstonine, found in the seeds and fruit rind, is known to have anti-psychotic effects too.

Crushed seeds can also be used as an ingredient for arrow poison. The seeds work on kappa receptors to produce potent analgesia. Akuamma is used for mood enhancement.

The most significant alkaloids in Akuamma seeds are Akuammidine and Akuammine.

  1. Akuammidine
    Akuamma seeds powder consists of 0.56% Akuammidine. Structurally, it resembles Yohimbine and Mitragynine. It is used as a hypotensive, skeletal muscle relaxant and local analgesic agent. It is three times more effective than codeine when it comes to local analgesia.
  2. Akuammine
    Out of all alkaloids, Akuammine is present in the most abundant quantity in Akuamma. It shows a high affinity for Mu-opioid binding sites. However, it is an antagonist for mu-opioid receptors with pK(B) of 5.7 against enkephalin. It is an agonist for all other opioid sites with potent sympathomimetic and local analgesic action.

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