Maeng Da is one of the greatest strains of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). The working of Kratom strains varies from person to person. It has various factors to consider such as genetics, habits and tolerance level. The effects of Kratom also based on such individual properties. The most important character to determine these effects is an environment.

Kratom is rich with alkaloids and other bioactive compounds which vary in strains. Red vein, white vein, and green vein are three subtypes of the legendary Maeng Da which is famous worldwide. The difference in vein color determines the different properties of each.

If you are a long-term Kratom user, the effects for you will be different. For beginners, these effects are an entry to the world of excitation and cure. Mostly people doubt if Kratom works or not. Only the regular users of it can explain this.

Maeng Da, being one of the premium quality Kratom is the most preferred choice of users. Stress, social anxiety, panic attacks, pains, and euphoria are the few effects which Maeng Da can bring to you.

Three vein colors; white, green, and red indicate the potential of these effects in Maeng Da. These vein colors differentiate each strain for distinct property which is more higher than other vein types. To select the most appropriate strain for yourself, first, you need to study the difference between strains.

Types of Maeng Da Kratom By Color and Effects

Red Vein Kratom- Most Powerful Maeng Da?

Red vein among all Kratom strains is associated with energy and pain killing effect. The red vein Kratom leaves are natural analgesic which is helpful in medicine. These are alternate of painkiller drugs with no side effect. The long term Kratom users suggest red vein Maeng Da to be useful for chronic pain. It is even helpful for joint pains and arthritis. It has also usage for withdrawing the opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Red vein Maeng Da can be used in daily routine. As Maeng Da is the pure and efficient strain, it doesn’t need a higher dose for to induce effects. It can start working from as little as the 1g dose. Mostly people with constant pain use red vein supplements of Maeng Da strain. These supplements are readily available online and straightforward to use.

White Vein Kratom – Is It Effective?

On the other hand, white vein strain is equally helpful and popular as red Maeng Da. The best effects known for white vein leaves are the energy booster. These leaves are natural energy providers and are similar to taking a powerful stimulant. It is like you take a rich and strong coffee early morning which keeps your whole active day. Usually white, as linked with white color is considered calm and smooth. It was not thought to be having noticeable effects like red Maeng Da.

Studies and user reviews suggested that white vein Maeng Da is equally potent but in another way. It is mild by nature, but the prolonged effects are very energetic, stress releasing and refreshing. It is ideal for a person to kick start a hectic day. White Maeng Da is also helpful to cure sleeping disorders like insomnia.

Green Vein Kratom – The Myth

Third strain among Maeng Da Kratom is green vein. Green color veins are the natural color of al the plants. By online searches, green Maeng Da is the most underrated strain which was never thought to be effective. Usually, people believe that striking vein colors will be active as they are different.

A Kratom with green vein is just another plant which has no benefits to offer. Fortunately, these assumptions were proven rumors. In natural areas of Thailand, Indonesia, and surroundings, green Mane Da is considered actual Maeng Da.

Unlike the rumors, the green venation suggests it to be real and pure in its local areas of cultivation. It has multiple benefits such as stimulation, analgesic effects, and energy elevation. These effects depend on dose, weight, metabolism of the user and body-Kratom tolerance.

Types of Maeng Da by Origin

  1. Thailand’s Maeng Da is the original Maeng Da as it originates from the Thailand and its native islands. Wild Thai Maeng Da is one of the rare and most costly Kratom species found online. Thai leaves prove to be the best and are a much better than the farmed Kratom leaves which are first grafted into another plant and then grown into an adult tree. It is famous as White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, red Horned Maeng Da/ Red Maeng Da.
  2. The Indonesian Maeng Da has similar effects as the normal Maeng Da, but it is known to act quicker. It’s a cross between white Sumatra and Super Green Malay. As being naturally derived, it is always found in excellent quality and gives a perfect mood boost. The Indo Maeng Da Kratom has a unique taste and shows a right combination for relaxing and stimulating effects.
  3. The Malaysian Maeng Da has an ambient light green color and being organic, is always found as a fine ground powder. It has nothing out of ordinary other than the fact it tastes bit sourer. It has some slow and steady effects which outweigh the side effects. Proving the users with a calming effect on the muscles and the brain, this strain causes a noticeable itching which can be annoying at times. It is famous by the name of “mixed Maeng Da and white horned Maeng Da.”

Which is the Best Maeng Da Kratom?

A brief introduction of all three strains and their usage may confuse viewers. If all these Kratom strains are so useful, then which one you should use? Obviously, it is not possible to take all three at a time. If you are curious to know this, you must pen down why you need Kratom. The best way to select a perfect strain for yourself is directly associated with your requirement.

If you are a patient of chronic pain and you are taking a Kratom strain for highly powerful effects, then you cannot question its efficacy. A user must select the most appropriate strain for Maeng Da to serve him well.

  • If you want an energy boost which makes you active to perform daily life tasks, white vein Kratom is perfect for you.
  • If you are facing the problem with any body pain, red vein Maeng Da will provide the best results.
  • For calm, soothing and overall up gradation of the body, a green vein of Maeng Da Kratom is the most appropriate to use. Minor effects are common in all three strains such as social anxiety, stress, mood enhancer, insomnia, and immunity.

Recommendations to Use Maeng Da

  • Select the most appropriate strain for yourself.
  • Regulate a balanced dose as per requirement.
  • Always start from low dose if you are a beginner.
  • Never combine it with other plant extracts without proper knowledge.
  • Do not use Kratom if you are below 18 years of age.
  • Always take Maeng Da with water or juice and never with alcohol.
  • Do not exceed the prescribed dose.
  • Never use it with chemically modified drugs

Research and User Reviews

Feng Shui Kratom™ from the Florida Atlantic University report that Kratom, from the Pacific and southeastern region of Asia, is a compelling product for stress relief.

Kratom is comprehensively used not only in Asia, but in the whole world for its analgesic, anti-anorexic, and anti-depressant effects.

It has also been used widely for opiate withdrawals. Even a bare dose of Kratom can infuse potent stimulatory effects on a person.

They cannot be eaten directly, but are taken by mixing their dust powder into a liquid by making a tea from their leaves.

Dessa Bergen-Cico from the department of public health NY did a research which concluded that using Kratom in a tea helps in fully blocking opioid receptors.

It can be an effective substitute for weaning people addicted to opiates like morphine, oxycodone or heroin.

This treatment must be carried out in a step-down treatment manner.

The commonly used techniques which include pharmaceutical drugs take a long time to work and could lead to non-compliance of the patient.

On the contrary, Kratom holds a promise to eliminate opioid dependence within a limited amount of time.

According to research published in BioMed Research International, the role of Kratom in self-medication is not negligible.

Kratom is considered as a “cheaper alternative” to various treatments, like in opioid replacement therapy by the locals.

It is a plant which is traditionally used in Southeast Asia to improve work abilities in addition to supporting the conventional medicine and ethnicity.

Users on Erowid report that Maeng Da powder feels like a very relaxed sensation and has weed-like high effects.

It feels really enjoyable relaxation in the body and help in getting your mood better.

Another user report that Maeng Da increase the energy level and you feel less physically tired after a lot of hard work.

The Final Thoughts

All three strains of Maeng Da are effective in different ways. Each one of them has one distinctive powder which defines its usage. The choice of selecting red vein, white vein or green vein is personal. However many correlating factors must be noted before using any of these.

Overall, all three leaf types of Maeng Da are helpful to obtain required results. These results could be stress release, energy boosting, anxiety, pain management, stimulation, and euphoria.



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