The miraculous herb, kratom, with its amazing soothing and curing ability has helped thousands and millions of people. Contrary to popular opinion, Mitragyna speciosa is actually nature’s gift. The natural herb comes from trees of a coffee family typically found in the South-east Asian region.

However, the use of kratom is now both common and popular in the west especially the United States and Europe. Many people use this herb as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs to fight different illnesses.

No doubt, Ketum has amazing pain-relieving properties and that is why this natural remedy has become the number one choice of women suffering from menstrual pain.

With some incredible soothing and calming ability, kratom magically makes period cramps better and less painful. A user survey published in the Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows that out of the sample size of 2,700 Kratom users, 61% were females.

Are you wondering how cool your life would be if somehow you can get rid of period pains forever? Well, let us tell you about a God gifted herb ketum, which will make your menstrual pain more bearable and less annoying.

Kratom and Period Pain

Mitragyna speciosa possesses analgesic properties. In fact, before it became common in the west, many laborer and people with physically challenging jobs use to rely on kratom to relieve pain and fatigue. Women seek refuge in this amazing herb.

The intensity of menstrual pain varies from woman to woman and often menstrual cramps come with other related illnesses like nausea, migraines, back pain, anxiety, irritation etc.

Ketum seems to work efficiently and effectively with all such illnesses and on almost all women. Because Mitragyna speciosa also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, it is the easiest way to prevent pain.

Which Kratom Strain Is Best For Menstrual Pain?

Similar to cannabis or marijuana, there are many different strains of Mitragyna speciosa which vary in taste and effect.

Although all red, white, green, and yellow strains have amazing calming and pain relief properties, the best kratom strain to fight your period cramps is the solid red vein. The red-veined ketum is by far the most efficient and effective in dealing with menstrual pain.

Are you looking for the best red-veined kratom strains to fight your menstrual pain?
Well, worry no more as we have got some names for you!

1) Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali has excellent potential to lower your anxiety and stress. Its amazing calming and soothing properties make it very popular among women. The red bali also has amazing analgesic properties which will help you manage your period pains.

2) Red Indo Ketum

With its attractive and pleasant aroma, red indo has won the hearts of many. It is a mild strain with mind-blowing calming and relaxing properties. With its mild pain-relieving properties, it is ideal for you if you are suffering from mild to moderate period cramps.

3) Red Malay Speciosa

Red Malay is for people looking for long-lasting effects. The strain relieves chronic pain and aches and works magically to subside period pain. Though not as effective as Maeng Da in relieving pain, Red Malay is not sedative and helps you stay productive.

4) Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da is no doubt the number one choice of women. This strain has more alkaloids and analgesic properties compared to other kratom strains. In fact, research suggests that its alkaloids content is almost the same as morphine.

Though unlike morphine, mitragyna speciosa does not have adverse health implications. This strain is also effective in dealing with any sort of anxiety arising that comes along with period pains. The only downside of using this strain is that it is slightly sedating.

Have you tried other synthetic medicines or opiate pain relievers to deal with period pain?

Well, let us tell you why ketum is a much better alternative.

Why Mitragyna Speciosa is Better Than Synthetic Drugs?

Well, millions of women rely on synthetic drugs to reduce their pain and fight anxiety. As a matter of fact, all synthetic drugs have more side effects than herbal ones. Anything if abused or taken in abnormal amounts can be addictive and consequently have negative effects.

Many drugs if overdosed can end up killing you. As for ketum, it is not addictive as long as you do not start overdosing it. Till date, there is no case of fatality due to kratom overdose.

Though it is highly advised not to overdose it as it can lead to multiple negative effects on your body. Ketum has little to no withdrawal consequences. Meaning abruptly stopping mitragyna speciosa intake will not have any negative effect on you.

Are Synthetic Drugs Expensive Than Ketum?

Another problem with synthetic drugs is that they are expensive. Mitragyna speciosa, an organic herb, is extremely affordable and pocket friendly. Why choose the less effective yet pricey drugs when you have the amazing natural alternate.

Mitragyna Speciosa and PMS

The opioid system in our body is one of the key neurotransmitters. It regulates pain, mood, depression, and stress. The opioid system contains neurotransmitters called endorphins. This neurotransmitter actually activates opioid receptors in the brain and body which relieves pain. Endorphins are naturally produced by our body.

However, women’s menstrual cycle alters the levels of hormones. Thus, levels of endorphins can reduce a week before women’s menstrual cycle, a period often called premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The PMS causes pain, bloating, insomnia, bad mood, etc.

Kratom, an herbal source of opioids, can help uplift your mood, relieve pain, and soothe your nerves all at the same time.

Are You Feeling Low and Unproductive?

Well, a lot of women feel that menstrual pains affect their mood negatively. The unbearable pain not only lowers morale but also drains your energy. The pain definitely comes with stress and anxiety. Thanks to ketum and its amazing properties, you can energize yourself, uplift your mood, and boost your productivity on the toughest of days.

Which Ketum Strains is Best to Stay Energized, Fresh, and Productive?

1) White Sumatra Ketum

The white sumatra vein boosts stamina and energy. The strain is perfect to uplift your mood on a rainy day. It alleviates depression and anxiety, treats insomnia, and is also effective in managing pain and inflammation. The combined benefits of white Sumatra make it a very attractive choice for women suffering from menstrual pains.

2) Red Borneo Ketum

Though not very effective at pain-relieving, red borneo is used by many to stay happy and contented. Red borneo is famous to improve focus and cognitive ability. At low doses, it can keep you happy, focused, and productive. At high does it can even induce a rush of Euphoria.

3) Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is also used by many women as along with reducing pain and anxiety, it acts as one of the best anti-depressants. The aroma of red bali is pleasant and comforting while the strain is best for women seeking to keep stress and discomfort at bay.

What Dosage Should I Use to Deal with Menstrual Pain?

Mitragyna speciosa is a wonderful natural alternative if you need instant relief from menstrual pain. However, it is important that you know some basic things like its dosage and combinations. It is advisable to not to combine this herb with synthetic drugs as there is very less research on the negative effects of kratom when mixed with other substances. Mitragyna speciosa alone is safe and is not fatal even if overdosed.

However, overdoing it can have some negative consequences and that is why you need to start off using ketum with a small dosage. To be honest, the potency and strength of kratom not only varies from strain to strain but the impact also varies from person to person depending on their immunity.

]Nevertheless, if you are a new user, start from 1-2 grams of ketum. Regular users of mitragyna speciosa generally take around 5 – 8 grams. Anything above 10 grams is not recommended and may have harmful effects on your body.

How Long Does It Take for Kratom to Vanish Your Period Pain?

On multiple websites sites and threads online, many women praised the speed at which ketum worked. One user suffering from tremendous stomach cramps said that she drank kratom tea before leaving work and 10 minutes later the pain subsided. Typically, the effects of mitragyna speciosa will kick in within 35 to 40 minutes.

How To Take Ketum for Menstrual Pain Relief?

The cool part about taking mitragyna speciosa is that you can take it in a number of ways. Nowadays, ketum is available in powdered, liquid, and capsule form. Many women mix the kratom in their morning tea.

Thus, by the time they start off their day, ketum kicks in and keep the annoying pain at bay. Mitragyna speciosa capsules are also very common among women, especially the working ones. The benefit of kratom capsules is that they are portable and easy to consume.

At the same time, capsules take less time to kick in. Thus, having kratom capsules in your pocket or purse will come in handy next time period pains go out of control. The only potential downside of capsules is that they are expensive when compared to powdered mitragyna speciosa.


Is Ketum Safe To Take With Periods?

Absolutely yes. Mitragyna speciosa is used by many women around the globe. It is safe as long as you do not abuse it. Take it in a moderate amount and start by taking small doses. If you feel that the effects are too strong trying to lower your dosage or changing your strain.

Can Kratom Make You High?

Mitragyna speciosa is not psychoactive i.e., it cannot get you high. However, at higher doses, it can induce euphoria. Some strains also have sedative properties at higher doses. Thus, it is important to take in moderate quantity.

Is Ketum Useful To Deal With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Well, period pains can get a whole lot worse due to complications like Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Inflammatory disease, etc. These can cause severe pain and irritation. At this point, it is highly advisable that you consult a doctor. However, Ketum is an excellent option to temporarily subside pain and calm your nerves.

What Are The Symptoms Of Menstrual Pains?

Menstrual pain or cramps usually occur in your lower abdomen. The pain varies from person to person and depends upon a number of factors. Symptoms of period pain include aching sensation and pain in thighs, stomach, and lower back.



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