Are you tired of the endless search for the perfect Kratom product and brand? We have got your back! We understand the desire to get the most out of your hard-earned money, and we know that it has become increasingly challenging to discern the exceptional from the subpar. However, we know a brand that sells top-notch Kratom shots. It is none other than OPMS Kratom shots.

What makes these shots stand out? What are OPMS Kratom shots benefits? How are they obtained? We have it all covered. Let’s begin exploration!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree that is grown widely in Southeast Asia. Its leaves carry therapeutic properties. It has been in use for years, but lately, it has gained a lot of popularity. The maturity of these leaves determines vein colors.

About OPMS Kratom

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, aka OPMS Kratom, has been in the market since 2010. It gained attention for two reasons. Firstly, it uses a unique cold water extraction process, and secondly, all its products are totally natural. Also, its liquid and Gold products undergo a delicate and careful extraction process to preserve the potency of alkaloids.

What Are Kratom Shots?

To understand shots, we need to know about Kratom liquids. Kratom liquids are produced when Kratom is extracted with particular additives in the liquid state. For this, Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, or powder is used, and it is alkaloid-rich. Passing through the process, the final products are known as tinctures, teas, extracts, and shots. Kratom shots are similar to the energy shots you often come across in the market. You will find them in small, single-use bottles. To prepare shots, you have to add some additives. Therefore, these shots can’t be called 100 percent natural.

OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Shots min

What Is OPMS Kratom Shot Range and Benefits?

Well, it has divided its products into two categories; Gold and Silver. These categories include tinctures, shots, capsules, powder, etc. Talking about shots, there are two popular shots they offer, OPMS Gold Kratom shot and OPMS Black liquid Kratom shot.

OPMS Gold Kratom Shot Benefits

This is an award-winning shot and has been made using ethically sourced Mitragyna Speciosa. It has balanced alkaloids and doesn’t give too much bitter taste when consumed. The reason it is liked by so many people is that it is obtained using high-pressure and cool water techniques. Therefore, more than usual alkaloids have been extracted through this method. It is available in 8ml bottles. This liquid shot has plenty of benefits to offer and some of the reported benefits are that users feel comfortable and at ease and it also uplifts their mood by giving relief from discomfort.

OPMS Black Liquid Kratom Shot Benefits

This one is a sibling to Gold Shot Kratom, and it is new to the OPMS family. It is considered even more potent and longer lasting. It is also available in 8 ml bottles. However, newbies must refrain from getting their hands on it because it is very strong.

The benefits reported by users include relief from tensions, discomfort and improvement in blood pressure and sexual performance.

OPMS Kratom Shots Ingredients and Specials

These shots are rich in alkaloids because usually the alkaloids are flushed out during the extraction process but OPMS uses a unique extraction process that preserves alkaloids. These liquid extracts are heavily bioavailable extracts. Its Gold extract is made up of Green Maeng Da Kratom. Moreover, it tests each batch against impurities like salmonella, E coli, molds, heavy metals and more and sterilizes it. 

What makes it further special is the fact that it does not contain any synthetic alkaloids or ingredients. Usually, companies put synthetic 7-Hydroxymitragynine but for OPMS, this isn’t the case.

What Makes OPMS Liquid Kratom Shots A Top Choice?

Consuming OPMS Kratom shots is a reliable way to experience Mitragyna Speciosa because they are potent and can be easily consumed. They carry a precise amount of Kratom and can be taken as a single shot. Let’s discuss what makes these shots a top choice.

  • It only uses ethically sourced and pure Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • OPMS products are available everywhere, be it smoke shops, gas stations, or online.
  • It uses a unique extraction process that ensures that all the benefits of alkaloids are preserved, making the final product alkaloid-rich. 
  • As these shots are in a liquid form, they are quickly absorbed by the body. So, you get to experience the effects fast.
  • These shots are available in such portable and handy bottles that you can have them on the go. 
  • Although the results and effects vary from person to person, these shots offer relaxation and overall well-being and enhance the mood.

How Are Liquid Kratom Shots Range Produced?

In the same way like tinctures are produced, these Mitragyna Speciosa leaves go through an extraction process, and as a result, they turn into liquid form. This exceptional extraction process makes OPMS Kratom stand out from the rest in the Kava and Kratom industry. It uses cold water and high pressure to preserve the alkaloids. However, they claim that their shots go through lab testing but it is not proven because they have not shared the reports on their website.

OPMS VS Other Brand Shots

As discussed earlier, there are many factors that distinguish OPMS Kratom from other brands. Now let’s discuss what exactly are these differences that make OPMS stand out from the rest.

OPMS KratomOther Brands
Extraction ProcessCan be added to tea or administered under the tongue because the taste may be strong for some usersMostly use hot water and alcohol
EffectsStronger effects because it is not mixed with artificial substancesNot as strong because it carries artificial substances
Suitable UsersNot suitable for new users because it is strongNew users may also use
Consumption MethodYou can take a small amount because it is potent enoughCan be taken as it is 
DosageYou can take small amount because it is potent enoughYou may need to consume more amount 
PriceIt is expensive because even its single drop is more potent than othersThey are cheaper but you may have to consume multiple doses


Reading about the OPMS Kratom shots benefits and all the other details, it seems like a good option for Mitragyna Speciosa lovers. It is an excellent choice for those who want to try a potent dose. It focuses more on quality and offers limited products, and it wins the race due to another factor as well which is the unique extraction process.

Hopefully, now you can better analyze whether you should opt for this brand or not. If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends.


Are Kratom Shots Legal?

If Mitragyna Speciosa is legal in your state, then these shots will also be legal; otherwise, you can’t use them. Moreover, in some states, they are not illegal but regulated, so you need to check the laws and regulations of your state before buying such products.

How Fast Do Kratom Shots Work?

As they are in the liquid form, they get absorbed in the body fast and have fast onset effects. Therefore, they are the first choice for those who want immediate benefits. 

Are OPMS Kratom Shots Pure?

The Mitragyna Speciosa used to prepare these shots comes from a natural source. However, additives are always added to prepare shots. So, you can’t call them all-natural.

Can I Use Kratom Shots For a Longer Time?

Not at all. It is recommended to use these shots only after consulting a doctor and for the time period which the doctor sets. Otherwise, long-term use can be harmful.

Can Kratom Shots Be Combined With Other Medications? 

Not only shots but all other Mitragyna Speciosa products must not be combined with other medications.



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