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Azarius Kratom

Address: PO Box 3458
1001 AG Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Ph: +31 (0)20 489 79 14

Payment Options: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

Overview Of Azarius

Azarius is based in Holland. This vendor initially started as an information website, and to this day, they are committed to providing the public with relevant information with regards to their products. This factor reflects transparency, which is highly appreciated in a market like Kratom. They entered the market for Kratom a while ago, and since then, have gained quite a positive reputation in the Kratom world. But keeping all this aside, we need to consider more important things, such as; the quality of the products, evaluate the prices offered, and shipping, etc. This article will be focusing on such matters.

Key Features

1) Different Forms Of Kratom Offered By Azarius

Kratom is offered in these forms, mainly; Tinctures, Extracts, Powder, Capsules, Resin, Tea Bags, and compact bar. This aspect is very attractive as it allows the option to consume Kratom in different ways. There are many strains of Kratom offered, such as; Maeng Da Kratom, Thai Kratom, Kratom Bali, White Vein, and Red Vein.

For the compact, only one size is available, which is 3 grams. Capsules are available in the following quantities; 2, 4, 10, 25, and 30 counts. For liquid extracts, customers have the following options; 1, 5, 10, and 30 ml. There are also powder extracts, which is available in the following quantities; 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 25 grams.

When it comes to powder, the options are; 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 grams. Moreover, one has the choice between shredded and powder. For tea bags, only two options are available; 5 and 10 bags. The size of tinctures is 10 ml. For resins, only two sizes are available, 5 and 15 grams.

2) Lab TestingLab Reports

Azarius have disclosed no official lab tests or any information concerning this. However, they have an active Test Team. In this program, they allow ordinary people to sign up and test their products. This procedure allows them quick and direct feedback. It also helps them to work to make their products better continuously.

3) Quality Of The Products

Their quality of the products may be bought into question, especially considering how they have not disclosed official lab tests’ information. However, this can be compensated by their Test Team program. Their commitment and confidence in products also highlight that they do provide high-quality products.

Moreover, the positive reputation of the brand and the good reviews by customers further reinforces that. Farming and manufacturing methods also ensure top-notch quality. For example, for Jetpackkratom, the relevant team’s primary purpose is to separate the Kratom from the essential substance, so that the product retains its natural-ness.

4) PackagingAzarius

The products packaging is quite simple and attractive at the same time. Plastic bottle and packages are mainly used. This feature allows the products to be easily handled and transported.

Azarius also offers discreet shipping; the product will be packaged in such a way that the privacy of the customer is maintained. Moreover, the only labels attached are the recipients and return address.

5) Shippingshipping-and-delievery

The processing of the order may take some time. Shipping is only available for European countries. However, it won’t ship to a country, in Europe, where the relevant product is illegal. For different countries, different options are available. There is the option of Priority shipping (which takes longer than 1 – 2 business days). And the second option is Premium Shipping, which takes around 1 -2 business days. This option is available for selected countries only, like Croatia, Estonia, etc. For every country, the charges of these options vary.

6) Kratom Alternatives Offered By Azarius

The main focus of this brand is not Kratom alone; hence, you will find many alternatives here. Firstly, there is the category of Salvia divinorum and extracts. The prices in this category range between 6 euros – 50 euros. There are many forms available in various quantities; powder, extract, leaves, and compact bar. Secondly, there is the category of Kanna. There are many forms available, such as; powder, seeds, extract, and e-liquids, etc. The prices in this category range between 1 euro – 40 euros.

Thirdly, there is the category of CBD. Aside from being available in the form of oil, CBD is also offered in the form of jells, powder, capsules, and liquid, etc. The prices are high in this category, ranging between 4 euros – 150 euros. There are many other categories, with each offering a different range of products. These are; LSA Seed, Magic Mushrooms, Formulas, Herbs, Tinctures and Cacti, etc.

Best Selling Strains Of Azarius

Many products, in Azarius, are popular. Firstly, there is the Kratom Bali. Reviews suggest that it helps with depression and anxiety. It also helps in making the user more active. Higher doses can help get the user a euphoric feeling. Kratom Thai is another highly-rated product. This product helps the user in getting good sleep. Aside from helping with depression and lifting the users’ mood, it also can be used as a sedative. The third product that is mostly bought by customers is Kratom Bali Resin. Not only does this product help in improving mental cognition of the users’ brain, but it is also convenient to consume.

Pricing Offered By Azarius Compared To Other Brands

The prices highlighted now will be categorized in different forms of Kratom offered. The compact bar costs around 9 euros. For capsules, the prices range between 7 euros – 159 euros. The extracts cost around 19 euros – 189 euros. The powder form of Kratom costs around 7 euros – 59 euros. The tea bags prices range between 19 euros – 28 euros. Kratom tinctures prices are around 14 – 19 euros. For Resins, the prices range between 14 euros – 20 euros.

Keeping the above information in mind, one can conclude that the prices set by Azarius are high. The same conclusion will be reached when comparing the prices with Kat Botanicals, a competitor. For example, Kratom in the powder form for the strain Maeng Da Kratom, in the size of 1 ounce (equivalent to 28 – 29 grams), by Kat Botanicals costs around 8 USD. The same kind of strain, in the same size, by Azarius costs about 18 euros.

One way to overcome this problem of high prices is to buy products when available on discounts. There is also the option of joining the affiliate program.

Social Media Presence Of Azarius

Azarius is extremely active when it comes to its presence on social media. The brand has accounts on platforms, like; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many brands, while having these accounts, don’t make an effort to update them. That is not the case with Azarius. Moreover, there is also the option of signing up for a newsletter and a magazine. These aspects allow customers to remain in touch with them. It will enable Azarius to stay relevant.

Shortcomings Of Azarius

Azarius has very few negatives, in general. However, a major one that can’t be ignored is the fact that no lab tests or information relating to lab tests have been disclosed. However, this problem can be overcome by the program called Test Team. This program allows the relevant authorities and customers to examine any issues or side effect. It will enable Azarius to receive feedback directly and to improve the product.

Another shortcoming may be that Azarius does not ship to countries outside of Europe. So, if you are living in the USA or a third world country, you might not have the means to avail all the advantages that Azarius offers, as a whole. Moreover, payment methods don’t include credit cards. This is disadvantageous to those who only use this method or prefer this method. However, this negative aspect can be overlooked, considering how many other options have been made available, such as; Bitcoin, Cash, and Money Transfer, etc.

There may also be the case that Azarius may be making false medical claims. This aspect can be seen by the fact that the vendor has highlighted the benefits of the products. And on each product’s page, they have also made a separate section for dosage. The same actions have been conducted on their blog.

However, one can conclude that Azarius can’t be held accountable as these medical claims are not extremely specific. Furthermore, in the section of “Disclaimer,” Azarius relieves itself of any liability whatsoever.

Our Verdict

While the negatives may be few, they are nonetheless, serious. But it should also be noted that the positives outweigh the negatives. Moreover, the overall quality of the brand and its standing in the kratom world certainly helps one feel confident about choosing Azarius as their vendor.

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