Arbos Kratom is a Germany-based leading online kratom shop. It was introduced to the kratom industry with a vision to serve the community with the highest quality Speciosa products. For this seller, quality means serving the customers to meet their expectations to a great extent, and this is what this brand has been doing for a long time.

This is an evolving brand that is being appreciated by many buyers just because of the sincerity it has with its community. It never takes the product quality for granted and considers the customers’ health as its uppermost priority.

What Does The Inventory Carry?

The overall inventory is divided into two major categories. One category carries different colored veins, whereas the other consists of different accessories. You can choose your favorite products in 4 different colors (white, green, red, and yellow) available at this online store.

Green veins carry various items like Green Sulawesi, Super Green Elephant, Great Green Melawi, and Green Borneo. Red Vein has three products like Red Maeng Da, Red Hulu, and Red Thai. Similarly, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, Super White Piasak, and White Thai are displayed under the category of white veins.

You can also find a 3 strain pack in this section to benefit from 3 different strains packed in a single coat. There is one more section, namely “Accessories”. It carries a 3ml measuring spoon, an electronic balance for precise measurements, and a flat brush. If you want to have detailed learning on kratom, this brand offers 128 pages eBook.

How Much Does Arbos Kratom Charge?

This brand charges extremely reasonable amounts for all the products. A complete pricing list is shown below.

Green Vein€18.35 – €97.0 (100g-1000g)
White Vein€18.35 – €97.0 (100g-1000g)
Red Vein€18.35 – €97.0 (100g-1000g)
3 Strain Pack€48.50
Measuring Balance€15.65
Flat Brush€1.49

Can I Safely Take The Products?

Arbos Kratom claims that it sells products free from additives and other dangerous compounds. It means that you don’t worry about taking its products as they are completely safe for your health.

Note: One thing you should avoid doing is overdosing.

Benefit From Mini Samples

Suppose you are looking to evaluate the product quality by investing a little amount. In that case, this shop carries different samples, including Red Thai, Red Hulu, Red Maeng Da, Super Green Melawi, Green Sulawesi, and Super White Piasak. Each sample has 5 grams of the product. You can choose any of them to start your journey.

Does This Brand Offer Discounts?

Yes, you can subscribe to their newsletter displayed on the landing page of their official website. You will start getting the latest updates on discounted offers and exclusive coupons.

How Should I Pay Them?

The good news is Arbos Kratom provides you with an opportunity to pay using different methods like credit cards, debit cards, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, e.g. USD coins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Bitcoin Cash, and Dai. In addition, you can also utilize SEPA direct debit.

Shipping Policy

The shipping is free for all orders of €50 or higher. If you live in Germany and have ordered something less than €50, you will have to pay €4.80 as the shipping cost. Once you clear your payment, Arbos Kratom ships your order within the next 24 hours, and you will receive it somewhere between 2 to 3 working days. Urgent delivery (within one day) will cost you €9.80.

Important Note: For international shipping, don’t forget to check whether or not kratom is legal in your city, county, state, or country. The cost will vary depending upon the destination.

Can I Track My Parcel, Once Shipped?

Once this seller sends your order to the logistics company, it will send you an email containing shipment details along with a unique tracking ID. You can use it to track your order any time you want. It keeps you updated regarding the expected time and date of delivery. If you cannot track your order properly, you can contact the seller directly for further details.

Can I Get My Money Back, If Not Satisfied?

When purchasing any item from this online shop, you get the right to cancel or return your order within 2 weeks. The time starts from the day your order is delivered. You can claim either exchange or a 100% refund.

Note: You must ensure that the product is safely packed and not be damaged during the whole journey while returning.

What Makes This Seller Credible?

Many factors (as listed below) play a key role in making this vendor different from all others.

  • Highest quality kratom products
  • A wide range of items
  • Additives free products
  • Supreme packaging
  • Quick and safe product delivery
  • Free shipping on all orders above €50

Is It Socially Active Online?

It has made its digital presence on 3 different channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is grabbing the attention of today’s world by sharing valuable information through these platforms.

Customer Reviews

A huge community of its buyers rates the products very well. They are happy with what they get from the seller and get in touch with this brand every time they need kratom-related products.

Final Words

Do you have a limited amount? Afraid of wasting it on experimenting with different vendors? Need authentic strains? Look no further and make your purchase from Arbos Kratom. You will be pleased with the results. Happy Shopping!



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