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Amazing Botanicals
Address: 8570 Stirling Rd 102-350,
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United States
Website: https://amazingbotanicals.net/

The Kratom industry is close to oversaturation with the demand increasing every day. However, at the same time – this is causing many substandard vendors to show up that make bogus claims about their products and hence harm both the integrity of Mitragyna Speciosa as well as the health of their customers.

It is imperative to properly sift through different vendors before coming to a conclusion. For this reason, we are here to review brands objectively to help you with your decision.

Amazing Botanicals has tried to make its name self-explanatory to its quality. But the question is: Are their products as amazing as the name suggests?

The brand started as a small business in 2014 by an artisan Tank Richardson and has been growing immensely since then.

The brand has been working for the past six years to ensure that the Kratom they are selling is of the highest quality and satisfies the needs of their customers.

From the sourcing to the packing – Amazing Botanicals leaves no stone unturned in the supreme quality of their products.

What Are Amazing Botanicals Selling?

Before we move to the more intricate part of the review, the basic question in every customer’s mind is: what do Amazing Botanicals sell? Kratom is a diverse product that can be powdered, crushed, converted to tinctures and capsules, etc.

Every customer has their own preference for the form of Kratom they prefer to use. Hence, a good vendor always has a wide range of products on their website to satisfy the needs of the entire spectrum of customers.

Amazing Botanicals has some of the best strains available on their store in both powdered and capsule form. The vendor is also selling a range of CBD oils and tinctures along with Kratom extracts that are both potent and of amazing quality.

The brand is selling the three primary veins of Mitragyna (green, red, and white) along with gold vein and yellow vein strains.

It has the customer favorites like Malay, Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Horn, etc. as well as hybrid strains and blends for sale allowing you to pinpoint the strain that would fit your requirements. They also have Hemp pre-rolls for people that smoke the hemp plant.

Are The Products Lab Tested?

Amazing Botanicals

This is perhaps the most important factor when buying organic products like Kratom. Buying untested products can have many negative side effects like nausea, wobbles, dizziness, etc. Making sure that the Mitragyna you buy is lab-tested from a third-party lab is imperative.

Amazing Botanicals knows the importance of safe products. They test their products from a third-party lab to ensure there are no contaminants in the Mitragyna.

Furthermore, they also test the concentration of alkaloids in their products. Alkaloids are chemical compounds responsible for the associated benefits of Mitragyna Speciosa and a higher alkaloid concentration means higher potency of the ketum powder.

However, the brand does not have the lab reports on display at their site which is a point of disparity.

Price Range Of The Products

When buying online, not only do the customers look for the best products in terms of quality but they also search for products that are light on their pockets.

In the world of Mitragyna – a high price tag does not equate good products. Furthermore, high priced brands fail to develop a loyal customer following because most customers cannot afford to buy high priced products regularly.

Amazing Botanicals have a wide range of products available for a generally good price. Their mission statement includes the aspiration to sell quality products at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from the fruit of nature that Kratom is.

The price ranges at Amazing Botanicals start from just 8.99$ for 30 grams of most of their strains. This price gradually increases with the increase in product size.

The brand also sells bulk kratom in kilo form starting at $89.99 per kg. Their extracts and CBD range is also light on the pocket and start around $12.99. This lets the customers make repeated purchases with the brand and therefore become loyal customers.

Is The Vendor Active On Social Media?

In the age of the World Wide Web, having a social media presence is imperative. Having a presence on social media is the number one way to become a more recognized vendor in the market and attract more customers.

Creating a business account on Instagram and putting out advertisements on Facebook helps increase the reach of a brand. It also makes the vendor easier to contact and hence, more reliable.

Amazing Botanicals has a social media presence on all the leading forums but they lack in activity.

The brand has a limited number of followers and does not make major announcements on its social media platforms.

Compared to their extremely professional website, their social media accounts do not hold up to par.

Is Quality Guaranteed?


The team at Amazing Botanicals go to the utmost lengths to ensure that the quality of their products meets the standards. The vendor is extremely confident in the Kratom they put on the shelves.

Therefore, they guarantee the quality of their products by giving you a 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can return it and get your money back.

Furthermore, in case of a wrong order or damaged product, the vendor offers replacement upon return.

This not only helps in building the trust of the customers but also lets you buy your kratom without worry or second thoughts about the quality.


1) Sourcing

This is one of the prides of Amazing Botanicals. They have partnered with a supplier in Thailand to source the best Mitragyna from.

They source all their kratom for reputable farmers. This maintains the quality and consistency of the Kratom you are buying.

2) Deals

The brand has a number of deals on its products along with a loyalty club. You get 10% off on your purchase if you are part of their customer club. This helps increase the number of customers and the number of purchases the customers make.

3) Website

Amazing Botanicals has been working for the past 6 years to ensure their quality. During that time, the vendor has grown with the times and is currently one of the most trusted Ketum brands in the market. This can be seen from the website.

They have an extremely professional web store with categories made for separate products. Furthermore, they have a separate FAQ page that answers any questions the customers may have.

4) Approachable

Many substandard brands in the market do not have an approachable customer service team. Furthermore, they are not honest in terms of quality, and in case of bad products, they become impossible to reach by the customers.

The same is not the case for Amazing Botanicals. They have made it easy for customers to contact the brand and furthermore have an approachable team to listen to whatever queries the customers may have.


There is no glaring drawback with the brand however the absence of lab reports on their web store as well as the lack of activity on their social media platforms. These factors can lower the credibility of the brand if they are not rectified.


The brand checks all of the basic factors you need in order to make sure that the vendor is credible and trustworthy.

If you want to make a purchase and are wondering whether or not Amazing Botanicals is worth it, you can buy your products without a second thought.



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