If you’re a regular Kratom user, you may be familiar with the concept of potentiating the effects of Kratom by using it with other substances. 

There are many ethnobotanicals that can help you level up, whether you’re just getting started or looking to get your groove back. Two compounds, Kratom and Agmatine, can help enhance vigor and rejuvenation.

Agmatine is a neurotransmitter created naturally from the amino acid arginine. It is widely used for its neuroprotective benefits, such as improved cognition, learning, and memory. Agmatine is also believed to improve athletic performance.

Using a combination of Kratom and Agmatine can increase the pain-relieving effects of both substances in your body. But the effects can be harmful if both are taken in high doses or more frequently.

This article will discuss in detail the benefits of using Kratom and Agmatine and address the possible interactions of both substances.

What is Agmatine, and How Does it Work?

Agmatine is a metabolite of amino acid L-arginine. It is found naturally in our bodies and occurs in the highest concentrations in our guts.

According to Examine.com,

“Agmatine is derived from L-arginine through decarboxylation (the removal of a carboxylic acid group). It is stored in neurons and is released during neuronal activation. Agmatine is considered to be a neurotransmitter and neuromodulator.”

Though limited research is available on its mechanisms, there are a few known ways it acts on the body.

  • It regulates nitric oxide levels and hence controls the blood flow.
  • It acts on NDMA and nicotine receptors and inhibits their activity.
  • Agmatine can also inhibit serotonin and calcium channels in the body

What are the Benefits of Using Agmatine?

Agmatine naturally occurs in neurons and can have several important benefits. Here are some:

Improves Muscle Performance

As highlighted above, agmatine regulates nitric oxide synthase (NOS), which is the enzyme that produces nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide regulation plays a vital role in pumping your muscled with blood during workouts.

By boosting nitric oxide levels, agmatine improves vasodilation and provides muscles with a pump during weight training. This can help improve the delivery of nutrients that your muscles need while working out.

Role in Cardiovascular Health

Agmatine can also benefit your cardiovascular health by protecting its function. A study shows that it can help reduce the effects of ischemic heart disease by regulating blood flow.

Due to its vasodilatory properties, agmatine can help maintain healthy blood pressure, creating an anti-hypertensive environment to protect your heart from diseases.

Neuroprotective Effects

There are various neurological conditions where agmatine can be of help. Because agmatine can act as a neurotransmitter, it offers therapeutic benefits in acute and chronic neurological conditions through neuroprotection.

Perceived Pain

You perceive pain when a stimulus activates your pain receptors and creates a sensation of pain. Everyone perceives pain differently, and agmatine can help reduce the level of perceived pain in your body. Research shows that agmatine has the potential to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. 

Mental Clarity

Some studies support the use of agmatine for improving mental health and clarity. Researchers believe that it can act as a neurotransmitter and respond to receptors to regulate mental stress and discomfort. 

Agmatine can also play a crucial role in helping us cope with day-to-day stress by improving overall well-being. This can potentially enhance focus and increase motivation to perform well.

  • Agmatine can do this by:
  • Improving endurance and stamina
  • Increasing energy
  • Enhancing mood 
  • Improving mental clarity and cognition

Kratom and Agmatine interactions

Using both these substances for longer durations or high dosages may cause adverse effects on your body. Agmatine works on various receptor systems in the body where kratom may interact with its actions. 

Not just agmatine, Kratom may also interact with other aminoguanidines like:

  • Creatine
  • Arginine
  • Triazabicyclodecene
  • Saxitoxin

Is it Safe To Take Kratom and Agmatine Together?

There is not enough research available to judge the safety of agmatine when used with kratom. So far, there are no known adverse effects. The effects of agmatine have been studied on humans where dosages of up to 2.6 g a day were used, which resulted in no ill effects. 

Since agmatine is naturally found in the body, it doesn’t belong to the realm of random chemicals that we may expose ourselves to. But this does not guarantee its safety when used alone or alongside kratom. As per anecdotal reports, it is considered safe to use with kratom. 

That said, it is best not to mix agmatine with other substances haphazardly since agmatine potentiates many other drugs and regulates chemical dependency in the brain.

How to Take Agmatine to Potentiate Kratom?

If you want to add a boost to your kratom experience, using a combination of agmatine and kratom can likely benefit you.

Before stacking both these supplements, it is imperative to select a dose that’s right for you. It makes sense to work your way through a fair amount of trial and error before you get the hang of it.

Start with a small dosage. You can choose to take cycle dosages where you can skip the compounds for a few days in between to avoid dependence.

After selecting a dose, use agmatine on an empty stomach before having kratom. This helps your body metabolize the amino acid and start its action, so you can experience the magic when kratom hits.

You can also rotate your stash and use different kratom strains with agmatine. For instance, you can pair White Vein with agmatine on Monday and Tuesday and use Green Vein on other days of the week. This will also help you experience the varying effects of these strains.

It’s all about finding your sweet spot and choosing a dose that works best for you. Though it’s important to keep in mind that exceeding the dosage can lead to tolerance, and it’s always best to consult your physician before doing so.

Does Agmatine Help To Taper Off the Effects of Kratom?

Apart from using agmatine to enhance the effects of kratom, this is another area where agmatine can help. Users who want to reduce their kratom tolerance often look for substances to help them taper off its effects. Many have found that adding agmatine to their daily routine has helped them combat kratom tolerance

To explain how you can take agmatine in managing your tolerance, here is a thorough explanation submitted by a Reddit user:

“My preferred method is to pick one day a week where I drop my dose by a significant amount. On these days, I will increase my agmatine dose by a bit and add some black cumin seed to the mix.

I find that when supplementing with agmatine, it really only takes a day (or two max) for the body to adjust to the new dosage. I also will sometimes cycle off the agmatine the day before a dosage reduction.

However you do it, the idea is to minimize discomfort, if you even have any. After a day or two, you will be calibrated to the new kratom dosage (and you’re still taking your agmatine maintenance doses).”


Agmatine offers potential benefits in many areas of body health, including cognitive, neurological, cardiovascular, and overall performance and health. When used in tandem with kratom, it can boost the energizing and relieving effects of the herb and even reduce kratom tolerance.

Whatever supplement you choose to use with kratom or in place of it, remember to keep your health in check and consult with a physician to decide what works best for your body.



  1. How do you wean off Kradom after being on it for over a year, heart, and anxiety level has so much increased need to get off it. I take 4 to 7 tablespoons a day and I feel like I can’t live like this anymore.


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