Nowadays we have quite a few new Kratom strains in the market. Sometimes it gets difficult for us to rely on these new strains as the internet is not informative. Considering this, we have decided to try the new Kratom and discuss with you the new strain properties and effects. Aceh is a new Kratom strain in the market. For many, it is an unknown strain. When I first saw it, I was reluctant to buy it as there were no reviews on it and I didn’t even know if it was an authentic strain. Nevertheless, I decided to try it and surprisingly I found it quite enjoyable. Let’s have a look at Aceh Kratom Indonesia.

Do we often think what is the name suggesting? As with many Kratom strains, the name of this strain derived from the region it is grown in. Aceh is one of the many provinces located in Indonesia, known for having many ethnic groups. It is a province rich in natural resources, and it came into headlines when Tsunami hit it in 2004.

Aceh has a tropical climate with plenty of rainfall throughout the year. The temperature remains moderately warm to hot throughout the year favoring the growth of plantations. The ideal weather, soil rich in minerals and adequate rainfall favors the growth of Kratom plant.  

What is Aceh Kratom Indonesia – Explained by Kratom Guides

Aceh Kratom is grown in Aceh, Indonesia. It comes in three variants; red, white and green. Recently, the yellow/gold variant has been introduced in the market too.

The Red Aceh Indo Kratom is a stimulant strain that produces energetic feeling on ingestion. It improves concentration and sharpens cognitive abilities. It also causes euphoria and makes one feel more confident. It also helps relieve stress and worries. The dose of this strain of Kratom is taken minimally as it is a strong Kratom strain. At high doses like the other Red Kratom strains, Red Aceh Kratom causes sedation.

The White Aceh Indo Kratom is a very potent Kratom strain that mainly produces energy and yet causes intense relaxation. This strain is known for potentiating calmness. It is a strong Kratom strain that contains a high content of Kratom alkaloid, 7 Hydroxy-Mitragynine. It increases productivity and increases attention span.

The Green Aceh Indo Kratom is known to have a mix of stimulating and relaxing properties. It has milder effects as compared to White and Red Aceh Kratom Indonesia.

The Yellow Aceh Kratom is the perfect to produce calmness. If you are worried or stressful, this is the one that will help you. It helps relieve anxiety.

The different colors of Kratom strains are due to the central vein present in the leaf of the Kratom plant. This color doesn’t mean that the Kratom powder is Red or White. Aceh Indo Kratom comes in different forms. It is mainly in the form of powder, but people also take it in the form of capsules, tinctures, and extracts.

Why Are So Many New Kratom Strains Emerging?

We have recently seen a trend of new Kratom strains emerging in the market, often making us wonder why?

For centuries we have observed the familiar strains of Kratom in the market, and people stop taking an interest in things until something new is introduced with greater diversity.

This is one of the reasons why farmers are experimenting with growing Kratom in new places and finding favourable climatic conditions.

And no matter even if the effects are same, I know it tastes different, and it gives a distinct tinge of effects when it grows in a new place.

So, one can rightly say that is a marketing strategy, and on the other hand, it is an expansion of Kratom vegetation to make ends meet, to support the ever-growing Kratom business and meet international supply needs.

Is Aceh Indo Kratom Different From other Kratom?

The locality or origin of plant matters. The type of soil in which Kratom plant grows imparts its characteristics in the plant. Kratom grown in Aceh is richer in Mitragynine and other alkaloids which makes it extremely potent with excellent efficacy. Nevertheless, it has almost the same effects as the other Kratom strains, and it is equally potent.

Are the New Strains Causing Any Legality Issues?

Basically, the expansion of Kratom business is a bit alarming for the authorities as it is hard to regulate so many Kratom vendors located in many different areas.

This forces the authorities to issue frequent warnings and be stricter about the dealings related to Kratom business. However, it is not posing any serious threat to the legality of Kratom.

Recently, we heard the news of FDA trying to ban Kratom in Utah, on the basis that they aren’t aware of the processing of Kratom in Asia, and the association of Salmonella with Kratom.

However, just recently a bill was proposed at the State Capitol to keep Kratom legal in Utah. The law clearly specifies that only pure forms of Kratom without any additives will be permitted. Other adulterated forms of Kratom will stay illegal.

Where You Will Find Aceh Indo Kratom For Purchase?

You can buy Aceh Indo Kratom from many online vendors, but only a few are reliable and authentic brands. Make sure you don’t purchase it from vendors that make claims that this Kratom is for the treatment of cancer or depression.

Kratom may have beneficial effects but no research so far, no study has proven its efficacy in treating specific disorders. Below you can find a list of reliable Aceh Indo Kratom vendors;

Authentic Kratom

At you can purchase variants of Aceh Indo Kratom at very affordable prices. 1 oz Kratom is available at a discounted price of $10.49. This vendor also provides free same day shipping. They also offer specimens of new Kratom strains for testing. Their customer service is up to the mark.

Leaf of Life Botanicals

Fantastic packaging, perfect customer service, smooth and fast shipping, this is what Leaf of Life Botanicals offer to loyal customers. This vendor sells all varieties of Aceh Indo Kratom. 1000 grams of Kratom powder is available at a rate of $99.99. You can purchase products from them here

Kratom OG

This is a very reliable vendor. Kratom OG ensures to provide customer satisfaction by delivering fresh products shipped in sealed airtight packages. They sell finely grind Aceh Kratom (1000 grams) for only $89, way cheaper than the other brands. You can buy Kratom from them over here


The new strain, Aceh Indo Kratom is generally considered an expensive strain by the users as seen from reviews on Reddit. However, users have also reported that it is very potent and exciting. There’s a lot to discover about this strain of Kratom as yet, as many vendors recently introduced it.

One thing that needs to be done to prevent Kratom from banning is to ensure that vendors won’t sell it to minors. A recent news report that around five people were charged in New York for selling Kratom to children (below the age of 21). Kratom vendors have started sensing the danger and already have acted not to sell any Kratom products to minors.



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