If you are exhausted or have a particular ache or just want to get high, you should use kratom leaves. As it can be difficult for many to stomach this bitter taste, here are some great dessert recipes to help you acquire, and enjoy the taste of kratom.

  1. Yoghurt mixed with kratom gives a great dessert. Instead of using plain yoghurt, buy a small container of your preferred flavoured yogurt and mix a tablespoon of kratom in it.flavoured-yogurt-kratom
  2. Kratom tastes great with fruit juice. Grapefruit and limeade are great options along with sweet, citrus flavoured drinks like lemonade as they take the taste of kratom away and its acidic nature helps metabolize kratom. However avoid the fake juices with high fructose corn syrup as they are not healthy. If you have acid reflux, its better avoiding this method.grapefruit-limeade-kratom
  3. Try mixing some ice cold applesauce (with cinnamon in it) with a tablespoon or two of kratom in it for a refreshing and delicious dessert. You barely notice the taste of kratom here as cinnamon is also a great kratom enhancer.cinnamon-applesauce-kratom
  4. Mix pudding or ice cream with kratom. Of the two, pudding tastes better than ice-cream. However, it’s better to make your own pudding as if you use a premade version, the gritty texture of powdered kratom can be rather noticeable. Regarding ice cream, the soft serve ice cream, or ice cream that is melted first is a better option; just make sure you choose the right flavour.pudding-ice cream-kratom
  5. Kratom with jello. Just lightly bring the kratom to a boil in water (don’t over boil as you will only destroy the alkaloids) and strain this kratom-water through a filter and leave in the fridge to cool. Now boil more kratom (the same will do) in another pan with fresh water and filter out the kratom residue. Then use this hot water infused kratom as you would use hot water to mix jello powder. Once the jello powder dissolves, add the first batch of cooled kratom water to the mix. Stir and let to set in the fridge to harden.Kratom with jello
  6. Coffee Jello. Put kratom leaves or powder in a saucepan over heat, and combine with a cup of clean water. Bring it to a low boil and let it cook till the water reduces to half the volume you had started with. Take the saucepan off the heat and when settled, pour the liquid into a bowl to cool down. Add another cup of water to the saucepan and boil it to half the volume. If the first batch of kratom tea has cooled down, pass through a strainer into another bowl and once cool, sprinkle a quarter of an ounce of unflavoured gelatine on the kratom liquid. Check the second batch of kratom liquid and if it’s reduced to nearly the ideal volume, pour into a bowl and strain out particulates. Put this clear liquid in a fresh saucepan with 1/3 cup of sugar and 2 tbsp instant espresso powder. Boil until the sugar crystals dissolve and pour into the bowl containing the kratom liquid and gelatin powder. Everything is whisked until the gelatin dissolves and then, add a quarter cup of coffee liqueur to the mixture and whisk again. Let it cool for 15-20 minutes and once cool and sufficiently liquid, pour into shot-glasses and keep in the fridge for 2 hours.coffee-jello-kratom
  7. To make kratom pies, boil fresh leaves for several hours and then let the leaves steep further till the water is evaporated off. The black, tar-like paste that remains is dense without excess water content and malleable enough to be poured into metallic moulds or left to dry in a lump. You can soften the pie by heating it up for 10 seconds in the microwave, steam it or even use a toaster oven and eat with honey or any sweetener to sweeten the taste of the kratom pie.kratom pie
  8. You can cut this resin or pie into small pieces to swallow or powder the resin in a coffee grinder, to stuff into capsules.
  9. Kratom resin suckers are just pieces of the resin pie which you suck on till it completely dissolves in your mouth.


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