The brand is one of the most popular and highly rated kratom lab brands out there. Speculation is they use their own farm to harvest their herbs; we can’t know for sure as they’re very secretive about it, but that’s just a guess.

What Is 7-Ohm labs Krataom?

7ohm labs kratom is a new kratom company that makes excellent quality bulk kratom powder. They sell over 20+ different strains from Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia.

The brand 7-ohm labs kratom is owned by Adam Aro, an American entrepreneur who has been studying the health benefits of different plants for over 20 years.

The company 7-ohm labs kratom also sells extracts & tinctures which are all made from organic plants that are ethically sourced.

Company History

Adam Aro has been selling kratom under the 7-ohm lab brand since 2014. The company was started as a side project to his organic gardening business, which he has run for over 15 years.

Adam Aro has spent more than 20 years studying horticulture & botany. He got interested in herbs because of their broad spectrum of health benefits.

Through his experience with herbs, Adam Aro realized how much potential many of these plants have in treating different diseases.

As a result, he decided to start selling kratom because it helps millions of people in the US that need an opiate alternative. 7-ohm labs kratom works closely with growers in Indonesia & Malaysia to make sure their kratom is harvested at its optimal potency.

What’s The Difference Between 7-ohm labs & Other Kratom Companies?

7-ohm labs make kratom products with all organic ingredients, without using alcohol or artificial flavors.

Their powder has a fine texture that dissolves instantly in hot water. It also has a fresh, herbal aroma & taste.

Some of the kratom strains sold by 7-ohm labs are very rare (e.g. Horned Red Dragon Kratom). You can’t find these anywhere else on the Internet. They also offer discounts for bulk orders & free shipping within the US.

Why Buy Kratom From 7-ohm labs?

7-ohm labs kratom has a clean track record of selling 100% authentic, organic kratom powder at affordable prices. Their customer support is excellent & they have fast shipping times to most places in the US.

Types of Strain They are Selling

Some of the strains they offer include:

Sumatra 2017- Price $10.00

Sample 25 Grams

Small 100 Grams (+$10.00)

Large 200 Grams (+$20.00)

Pontianak 2017- Price $10.00

Sample 25 Grams

Small 100 Grams (+$10.00)

Med 200 Grams (+$20.00)

Hulu Kapuas 2021- Price $10.00

Sample 25 Grams

Small 100 Grams (+$10.00)

Med 200 Grams (+$20.00)

Malaysia 2016- Price $10.00

Sample 25 Grams

Small 100 Grams (+$10.00)

Med 200 Grams (+$20.00)

Ketapang 2017 – High Mitragynine- Price $10.00

Sample 25 Grams

Small 100 Grams (+$10.00)

Med 200 Grams (+$20.00)

How Much Does It Cost?

The regular price of 7-ohm kratom powder is $10 for a 100g container. They often have special offers on kratom so check back often. The company also has a rewards program – customers get 0.25% back in points every time they order.

What Are The Shipping Charges?

7-ohm offers free shipping to all US states. Shipping usually takes about 2 days. They also ship to most other countries in the world. They ship to all US states (including Hawaii & Alaska) and almost all other countries in the world.

Are They Selling With False Kratom Names?

No. They sell genuine Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) powder, which you can find on the official website. They use the same name & image for each strain of kratom. Also, they use the same name & color for each of their extracts (Red Vein, Green Vein, etc.).

What About Customer Reviews?

There are hundreds of positive reviews for this company. Customers are happy with the fast shipping times, great customer support & quality of the kratom powder they sell.

Customer Review on Social Sites:

(On the official website)

“7-ohm is my favorite kratom vendor by far. Their customer service is brilliant and their product is top-notch.” -Mareesa “Their Maeng Da powder is among some of the best (and most potent!) I’ve ever had. The potency of 7-ohm’s powders sometimes surprises me.” -Brad

(On Reddit)

“7ohm Kratom is one of the best I have ever ordered from. The Maeng Da sample was as advertised and potent as they come, the Horned Red Dragon was so good you could almost taste it in your mouth when drinking it in water”. -cptn_flo “Packaged wonderfully and it came with a very comprehensive testing certificate that was clear and easy to read.” -with shark

(On Kratom Forums)

“They have top-notch, high-quality kratom powder & they ship fast. I’ve been buying from 7ohm for almost 2 years now & their service is excellent”. -truffle “I’ve ordered from them 4-5 times & I always get the Maeng Da. It’s very potent. Shipping was right on point”. -Raincrystal

(On Reddit)

“7ohm is legit good kratom. The maeng da was very potent and had a great relaxing experience.” -taco thanks “I’ve ordered from them several times, always satisfied. If you’re thinking about buying just do it, the customer service is fast and friendly.”  -5hundo

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Is their kratom lab tested?

Yes. All of the 7-ohm kratom powder is lab tested for quality & safety.

Does 7-ohm offer discounts?

Yes. They often have special offers on kratom. Check their official website for discounts & voucher codes. They offer a 10% discount on ALL orders of 3+ containers of kratom powder.

Does 7-ohm Offer a 100% Money-back guarantee?

Yes. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders. The policy can be read on their website. Their Return Policy page states that they will accept returns for damaged, defective, or incorrectly shipped items. Refunds are issued immediately upon receiving the returned item. They do not issue refunds for change of mind.

Is It GMP qualified or not?

Yes. 7-ohm kratom is made in an FDA-certified lab under full GMP compliance.

What Payment Methods They Accept?

You can pay through:

  • Credit / Debit Card invoice via Email.
  • Check, Money Order, Cash
  • CoinPayments
  • Cash on Delivery – Curbside Pickup by Appointment

Is it 100% organic?

Their kratom powder contains only pure Mitragyna speciosa leaves and is completely organic.

Do they have a physical store?

No, 7-ohm Labs is an online shop only.

Are they trustworthy?

Yes! Their site is SSL-secured (the little padlock on the bottom of your browser). The payment pages are completely free of malware or viruses. All the information you submit on their site is safe and private.


7-ohm kratom has a very informative website with detailed information about all the types of kratom that they offer. The company offers free shipping to US states & 30-day money-back guarantee. Customers are also offered a 10% discount on all reorders of 3+ containers of kratom powder. The kratom they sell is manufactured in a cGMP certified lab under full GMP compliance and contains no fillers or harmful chemicals. Click here to visit the official website of 7-ohm Kratom.



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