Kratom is a hot topic of discussion in herbal solution forums. Scientifically called as Mitragyna speciosa, the popularity of Kratom is not only because of its medicinal value but the overall experience.

Naturally, it is enriched with alkaloids which give high opiate and dose-dependent stimulant-like properties.

Additionally, Kratom helps to increase energy level and help in pain.

It is a part of traditional Indian and Thai cultures for hundreds of years. For this reason, it is considered as an ancient herb.

Since last decade, Kratom users are increasing worldwide. North America and Europe are the most influential areas where Kratom is used as recreational and pain management drug.

Also, its effects help in opiate withdrawal. There are many strains of Kratom available, each of which has its own unique properties.

Some of them are popular by evaluating strength, quality, effects, duration and personal preference.

How are kratom strains different?

The effect of Kratom varies in each strain, depending upon their locations. It is a tropical evergreen plant native to South Asia.

Some of the major areas of Kratom cultivation are Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.

Every country will follow a particular geography and climate which slightly changes the composition of Kratom.

The change in Kratom strain shows different effects which determine the potency of each strain.

Choosing among different strains of kratom

Choosing one out of all-powerful and efficient strains is a tricky choice. It is a personal decision to select one, and the best solution is to give each strain try, one by one.

If anyone is looking forward to using Kratom for a particular purpose e.g. analgesic effect, he must select the strain with highest analgesic ability.Kratom Strains

Naming Kratom strains are just to help in identification and classification.

All the strains are useful and powerful. Some of them are powerful in different capacity while others specialize in more.

Premium, enhanced and the super variety of all strains are available. If you like any strain and want an even more powerful effect of it, you can select a higher version of it.

These names indicate which Kratom to try. Colors in Kratom names also represent their abilities.

Red Kratom is used to help for mental stress e.g. anxiety. White strains are usually pain relieving. Green strains are mild and general, they are famous for providing euphoric experience to the user.

Based on this information, anyone can make a wise choice among all beneficial Kratom strains.

Considering a personal choice, some strains are more active than others. It is a matter of human body and its systems.

All people aren’t same, and not everyone faces same effects of the same thing. Still, there are some strains which show higher effects among the majority of people.

Here is a list of five Kratom strains which can never disappoint you. If you are a regular user, these strains will enhance your experience with Kratom. If you are a beginner, your whole year will become euphoric with these strains.

  • Maeng Da Kratomkratom-dosage-teaspoon

By far, the best and supreme quality Kratom is Maeng Da. It is a native of Thailand and Malaysia. Among all Kratom strains, it is the most attractive and vigorous.

Maeng Da has the highest level of alkaloids in it which increases its potency.

Due to higher activity, even a small amount 1-5 grams of this strain will induce same results as you will experience from 5 grams of other Kratom strains.

  • Red Bali KratomBali-Kratom-strain

If you want a real euphoric treatment, Red Bali is the answer. It is native to Borneo and not Bali. It was initially a native of Borneo for long, and the farmers had to come to Bali to sell it.

Bali being a trade hub had more options for a good business.

That’s why it is called Red Bali Kratom. According to user reviews, Red Bali makes your mind and the whole body relaxed.

The effects are unmatched to other strains for mental relaxation. It is helpful to reduce anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders and concentration problems.

For beginners, it even works in the 2mg dosage. The experienced users have used up to 10mg.

  • Green Borneo KratomGreen Vein Borneo Kratom

Kratom strains are known for specific properties. There is one strain which has two equally valid properties.

This is none other than Green Borneo Kratom which provides you remarkable energy uplift and relaxation. It provides incredible relief in pain, improves mental focus and relaxes the body.

  • Ultra Enhanced Indoultra enhanced indo kratom

Ultra Enhanced Indo is the most premium type of Kratom strain. It belongs to Indonesia and is widely appreciate by the users.

All other Kratom strains are active too but what makes ultra enhanced Kratom different is its composition.  It has an extremely high amount of alkaloids.

Ultra Enhanced Indo is a section of the best and enlarged leaves which have most alkaloid content in it.

UEI Kratom starts working at 0.5 g on-wards. It helps to dissolve anxiety disorders and contributes to gain confidence in public. It also improves focus and helps in body pains.

  • Super Green Malaysuper green malay kratom

Super Green Malay is a mild yet effective type of Kratom. It is a native of Malaysia which is famous for its prolonged effects.

It is a mild sedative, analgesic and antipyretic herb which works in small quality.

For an adult person, 1-3 grams of it are enough to induce results. Even in minor quantity, it starts the euphoric feelings which make you overcome depression and stress.

Overall it provides energy to the body, reduces the stress and makes you feel better about yourself.

All these strains provide mutual benefits of Kratom. The dosage of each strain follows specific directions. Anyone can use any strain unless he is not underage or immuno compromised.



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