The best Kratom Alternatives are the ones that entirely or maximally mimic the effects of Kratom. These effects include stimulation, energy enhancement and at high doses pain killing action as well as sedation. Many drugs show these results, but no such drug is known which shows all the effects that are produced by Kratom. In the list below, you will find drugs that mimic one or two actions of Kratom, yet we call them the best Kratom Opiate alternatives.


Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid, also known as Phenibut has structural similarities to GABA; it happens to reduce anxiety and stress levels as well as boost energy levels. It has tranquilizing effects and thus it can cause sedation. First discovered in the Soviet Union, this drug has found its way as an anxiolytic, and it also benefits in improving sleep patterns and countering fear. Its use in the treatment of alcoholism, asthenia, stuttering and specific vestibular diseases is also becoming common. It causes muscle relaxation and brings about a healthy sense of calmness and well-being.

The drawback of this drug is that it comes with offensive addiction potential and that quitting this drug can result in severe withdrawal symptoms.

phenibutreviewKava Kava

Scientifically Kava Kava is called Piper Methysticum. This drug has several alkaloids that are responsible for the sedative and hypnotic effects. Different strains produce a different type of results. The effects include euphoria, a sense of relaxation, and one becomes more socializing. It also helps in reducing insomnia. Kava helps in alleviating stress and also acts as an analgesic. It serves as a muscle relaxant by reducing muscular tension and cramps. It also helps one with mood swings.

One should be careful while using Kava with alcohol and other medications as Kava potentiates the effects of the alcohol. It shouldn’t be consumed in large doses as it can lead to hepatotoxicity.

kava kratom combinationPassion Flower

Passion Flower is Known as Passiflora incarnata in scientific terms, this vine has been used medicinally for years. It has the action of potentiating GABA system in the CNS, like that of benzodiazepines but it doesn’t cause addiction. It helps with opiate withdrawal symptoms, alleviates anxiety, insomnia, asthma, ADHD, hypertension, chronic pain, seizures and other ailments. It is a remedy for hysteria and conditions related to panic disorder. It can also be used in patients with chronic tension headache as it helps in the relaxation of muscles. It also prevents virility in males who consume significant amounts of marijuana on a regular basis.

The use of passionflower should be avoided for more than one month, and pregnant ladies should abstain from it. Its side effects include dizziness, confusion, altered states of consciousness and vasculitis. It interacts with other drugs and may show up increase calming effects with benzodiazepines.

passion flowerL-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is the precursor of catecholamines which include dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These chemicals are present in the brain. Taking L-Tyrosine can influence the synthesis of these neurotransmitters and help in combating stress, in which the levels of these neurotransmitters are depleted.

L-Tyrosine is known to enhance memory and attention. It can be used in patients that have ADHD. It extends wakefulness and improves cognitive performance even during sleep deprivation. Since it helps in the synthesis of catecholamines, it has a role in neuroprotection. It has another form that is  N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT). It should be avoided in patients with a migraine as it can exacerbate a migraine by producing tyramines.

As an alternative to Kratom, it can be used to alleviate stress-related disorders and to boost mood as it is responsible for increasing levels of dopamine in the brain pathways.

l-tyrosineMucuna Pruriens

Also known as velvet bean this drug helps in the improvement of mood as it is a source of L-DOPA (Levodopa) which is a precursor to dopamine and other catecholamines. Dopamine is responsible for motivation and mental alertness.

mucuna-pruriensOther catecholamines like adrenaline and noradrenaline have effects on concentration and elicit flight and fight response. In simple words, Mucuna Pruriens reduces stress and anxiety levels. It uplifts your mood and reduces lethargy. According to users, Mucuna can be safely taken with other drugs that include caffeine. However, the regular use of mucuna is prohibited as it can cause receptor down-regulation or desensitization, which will ultimately worsen your mood. It may also disrupt your sleep as it keeps your brain active. It can also increase your libido and may also increase orgasmic potential in men and women.


A hormone, made by the pineal gland in the brain, helps in controlling your sleep and wake cycles. It is bought as a supplement to treat the seasonal affective disorder (SAD), jet lag, insomnia, chronic cluster headaches, etc. It resembles Kratom in a manner that it resolves insomnia. If mixed with Kratom, it potentiates the sedative effects of Kratom.

Taking melatonin doesn’t replace all the effects of Kratom so we can say that it is not excellent as an alternative but it is better than many. Its use is safe in small doses, but its consumption is prohibited in pregnant and nursing women. Its side effects include vivid dreams that could also be nightmares, sleepiness, morning grogginess, hypothermia, etc. If you feel drowsy after consuming melatonin, you should avoid driving.


Imodium or Loperamide is used as a medicine to treat traveler’s diarrhea. It reduces the peristaltic movements of the gut, which makes the stool less watery. It is also employed in conditions like ileostomy and inflammatory bowel disease. Loperamide crosses blood brain barrier in small amounts and acts on morphine receptors.

It has calming effects according to users on Reddit, but it doesn’t potentiate the effects of Kratom because it crosses the blood-brain barrier in a small amount. Its side effects are severe so the combination of Kratom and Imodium should be avoided. The side effects include dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness as well as constipation.

It may also elicit nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain at high doses.


Valium or Diazepam is a benzodiazepine that helps in alleviating anxiety. It also acts as a sedative and hypnotic. It’s remedial actions and anti-anxiety actions resemble that of the Kratom. Valium is also used to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and it is a potent muscle relaxant and an anti-seizure drug. Valium can be habit-forming, causing addiction. Combing valium with kratom enhances mood and helps combat with stress related disorders. The combination also gives euphoria and higher doses cause sedation. Thus it can be rightly said that valium can replace the sedative and euphoric effects of Kratom.

Avoid the use of valium if you have myasthenia gravis, liver disease, glaucoma, breathing problem, apnea or if you are pregnant or nursing women. Depressed persons with suicidal thoughts should also avoid the consumption of Valium.

valiumVitamin B6 Capsules

Vitamin B6 capsules are taken as a supplement. This vitamin is required to synthesize dopamine from L –Tyrosine. When dopamine levels are depleted or when there isn’t enough vitamin B6 and tyrosine to synthesize it then a person experiences depression. Kratom and vitamin B6 act as anti-depressants. However, some users on Reddit and drug forums were of the view that if you take vitamin B6 along with Kratom, you might suffer from panic attacks, tremors, and dizziness. Others claimed that it had almost no effect, while few said that Vitamin B potentiates the effects of Kratom. It is known that vitamin B helps you in counteracting headache and nausea. It also reduces stress levels and makes one happier and induces a sense of relaxation and calmness.


Known as Panax quinquefolius, Ginseng is a drug with a potential for medical use. It has proven to improve mood and reduce stress. It enhances mental function just like Kratom does. It improves performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease. It also improves cognitive performance. It also helps patients with ADHD.

Ginseng is a known anti-inflammatory drug and also has anti-allergic properties that can improve conditions like rhinitis and other upper airway inflammatory diseases. It also helps in weight loss as it boosts metabolism. It also treats sexual dysfunction and improves libido. It has used in promoting immune system, improving lung functions, etc. It has certain side effects. It may cause insomnia and menstrual changes, headaches, and dizziness, etc. When mixed with Kratom it energizes and relaxes one. It also boosts energy and produces euphoria. It can rightly replace Kratom as it enhances mood and causes a sense of well-being.

You can consider the above mentioned Best Kratom Opiate Alternatives in case you do not have access to Kratom, or it has been banned in the place where you are living.


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