Maeng Da Kratom – Provides Relief from Pain and gives Stimulation


One of the most well-known varieties of kratom continues to be the Maeng Da strain, even though very less known of its potency, effects, and origin. Though this strain used to be one of the most efficient, its potency when compared with other strains is not as enhanced or effective since this year. However, before consumers strike it off as useless, it still continues to be an efficient strain of kratom.  It still provides effective relief from pain and gives stimulation to those seeking these effects, and very few other kratom strains can provide both these effects in such an effective manner.

The Origins of Maeng Da Kratom

The appeal of Maeng Da Kratom is owed to its unique history which is very different when compared to other kratom strains. Sadly, very little information is available about its genesis or cultural usage throughout the times due to lack of information on the Internet.

Maeng Da kratom means ‘pimp’ in The Thai language, and was given its name less than two decades ago. It’s derogatory name speaks volumes about why there is a lack of research on it and why a lot of information about it has been hidden from the common consumer. This strain is also unique because it has been genetically modified somewhat to make it grow healthily in a range of different locations. The process known as grafting is what was used to breed this strain.

The common man’s Kratom

The desire to increase sales and revenue was the reason why farmers interested in botany. Within Southeast Asia started stimulating unique Thai strains by breeding uncommon qualities into them. The consumers are attracted towards kratom plants to make large quantities with increased potency within a short span on time.

The first strain of Maeng Da was produced in Indonesia and was made via selective breeding in order to ensure that the final strain of good quality. Due to grafting, large quantities can be produced, which is why it is comparatively cheaper and easier to find.

It is famously called the ‘working man’s kratom’ because the common man can easily afford it and consume on a regular basis.

In Southeast Asia, manual labor is cheap and abundant. People who perform heavy and often excruciating work, desire kratom. Kratom strains allow them to be stimulated, energized and awake during their work, making their labor an easier task.

The weather conditions in countries such as Indonesia are hot, humid and damp which make the working conditions extremely difficult for laborers who mostly work outdoors. These difficult conditions have enhanced kratom’s popularity and botanical farmers started utilizing grafting in order to blend artificial and natural selection methods to create the most powerful Thai kratom.

It is known as Maeng Da and is easily available not just within these countries, but all over the world. It can be used in powdered form or by brewing it into a tea, and should be bought only from trusted vendors.

Though Maeng Da has decreased in popularity since 2015, due to rising popularity of other kratom strains such as Borneo and Bali, it still continues to be popular amongst the workmen.

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